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The Fight To End Aging Gains Legitimacy, Funding

perkr Re:"Scientists and thinkers"?? (569 comments)

Is that Religion of Singularity-talk for "unable to get papers published in peer reviewed journals"?

Why troll? Parent got a good point. How accomplished are these scientists? Is what they are proposing at all plausible, do they perform experiments and get them peer reviewed and published in respected journals?

more than 6 years ago



Best iPhone apps: Office and personal productivity

perkr perkr writes  |  about 6 years ago

perkr (626584) writes "Both InfoWorld and Time Magazine have picked ShapeWriter's fast text entry software as one of their favorite iPhone apps. Now it is available as a free download for everyone using iPhone, Google Android, Windows Mobile and Windows XP/Vista in the first instance! From Time Magazine: "A hidden gem, this little app allows you to circumvent the iPhone's standard hunt-and-peck fingertip typing — a major iPhone-user gripe." From InfoWorld: "ShapeWriter's free WritingPad text input technology offers a different take on a soft keyboard. Instead of typing, you trace word shapes with your finger..""
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Consultant Exposing Embassy Email Investigated

perkr perkr writes  |  more than 7 years ago

perkr (626584) writes "The Swedish IT consultant Dan Egerstad, who revealed that poor embassy security practices makes it possible to use TOR to collect confidential embassy information, is now undergoing an investigation by both the Swedish police and the Swedish Security Service. All of his computers have been confiscated by police, stalling his IT consultancy business. Neither the prosecutor, nor the police, has commented on whether he is suspected of having commited a crime."

perkr perkr writes  |  more than 8 years ago

perkr (626584) writes "MIT Technology Review has an interview with Bjarne Stroustrup, inventor of C++, on what he thinks of the current state of programming. He says that "looking at average pieces of code can make me cry". He thinks better education of programmers, and better development processes should be the solution."

perkr perkr writes  |  more than 8 years ago

perkr (626584) writes "After yesterday's election to the Swedish parliament it is clear that The Pirate Party will not get any seats in the Swedish parliament ("Riksdag"). In Sweden a party needs at least 4% of the votes in the country, or 12% of the votes in an election region, to get any seats in the parlament. DN is the largest news paper in Sweden and the article lists the estimated percentage of votes for minority parties in the election (actual results for parties that did not qualify to parliament will be released on Wednesday). The Pirate Party were optimistic before the election, having 1.5% in a pre-election poll and a large number of active members compared to other parties. However in this election, politics revolved around employment, copyright and patents issues did not make it into the top-10 list of the average voter's concerns, reported the Public Swedish Service Broadcaster (SVT) yesterday night."


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