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Higher Education for Mentally Handicapped?

peteshaw Perhaps not computer science, but a related field? (86 comments)

There are many different roles with the computer field. You say you lack the ability to do even basic math, but also that you are very bright.

I infer that by this you mean that your intelligence lies outside of mathematical skills. Strictly speaking, computer science can be similar to a math degree, and you might not want to go that route.

In business, however, not everyone is a computer scientist. In my experience, that type of a degree is more suited to scientific, engineering, and generally abstract types of programming. This is usually (but not always) associated with some mathematical skills, and a Com Sci degree would help.

In business a huge percentage of the undertaking of software development centers around tasks outside of this. For instance, project planning, requirements gathering, testing, and technical writing are all tasks that are integral to software development, but not neccessarily related to math or 'hard' CS skills.

You could try pursueing a Business Degree, an Informations Systems degree, or even an English degree.

Good luck to you

more than 10 years ago


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