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Advice for Linux on a Laptop?

pfelelep Re:Linux on a laptop (276 comments)

A highly customizable UI is not necessarily a benefit. I sometimes happen to think about the end-user ease of use, but it doesn't seem to be the case of some of the slashdot crowd, who can't seem to account for different uses than theirs. A standardized (if not locked-up) UI is a good thing for the basic end user.

Dear God, if you had happened to actually read the whole article, you would have noticed that the guy actually thought about buying a MacBook.

Some people prefer the pain that it is to reboot to Windows or use another machine for performing such common tasks as using photoshop and powerpoint... Some other prefer OS X to Linux for its ease of use, standardized UI, and excellent popular software availability.

macs run osx AND windows AND linux, so my post is absolutely in topic. finally, if my comment is so useless, how useful is yours ??? my guess is that you are just another frustated mac-hating windows & linux techie... c'mon buy a mac, stop pricking us and finally use a really decent computer !

more than 8 years ago


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