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DOJ Accidentally Gives Lawyer Wiretap Transcript

phathead296 Re:What's the problem? (319 comments)

The FISA court is slow and hardly secret since people seem to find out when a warrant has been issued by the FISA court.

The problem is the idiots like those at want the government to know about future terrorist attacks, but don't want us to do any intelligence gathering to find out. This is a new war. People aren't trying to invade our country with tanks while wearing uniforms. They are entering the country posing as normal people and then hijacking planes to blow up buildings. You can't find these people without spying on their phone calls back to their terrorist overlord.

You can't have it both ways. We either risk another huge terrorist attack on our soil or we spy on international phone calls.

BTW, thanks to everyone who modded the grandparent troll. Your intellectual dishonesty has shown why "mob rule" is a bad idea.

more than 7 years ago


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