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Slashdot Redesign Contest Continued

phavens So Far... (60 comments)

Only one design has made me go hmmmm. Neeld Tanksley's: http://mofus.com/slashdot/HomePage.html I like how clean it looks, and with the creative flair that makes it look like a decent site redesign. A little tweaking in the story area could be done, but over all it looks the best.

more than 8 years ago


phavens hasn't submitted any stories.



Time Passing

phavens phavens writes  |  more than 11 years ago Damn it been a long time since posting. I just wanted to write to say that the last few months have been very busy and that the search for knowledge never ends.


Birthday goodies

phavens phavens writes  |  more than 11 years ago It my birthday this Saturday and already the goodies are rolling in. It's nice that people are gifting me... but one of my biggest gifts is spending the week with a Brother-In-Law.... my son Joseph. Try as I might I miss him, and I realize this doesn't make sense since he has spent a couple of nights at the Mother-In_laws... but I think it's the fact I'll be a week without him (including my B-Day) and well.... Damnit Jim I miss him.

But on the other hand it does make it easier to get things done without hime under foot...
Maybe I just miss him under foot.....


Good bye and thanks for all the fish

phavens phavens writes  |  more than 11 years ago Well I guess one of the biggest (in the amount of traffic to a journal) people here at /., decided to take perhaps a permanent hiatis from posting, after posting a picture and saying bye she wrote her last journal yesterday. He posts have added so much that sure she certainly will be missed.

There are few here I can think of that consistantly provided good views on subjects. We can take a lesson from her, Post offten... and only the good posts. :-)>

$$$$$exyGal - Have a good one. Don't forget your towel.



phavens phavens writes  |  more than 11 years ago I'm noticing I have written more on Fridays then any other day... hmmmm... I guess that's the day that work automatically winds down (or you ignore) and you get ready for a relaxing evening. And I'm wondering what the average /.er has as plans for the weekend?

I'm going to see the new movie Tears of the Sun , and a little playing of Battlefield 1942 or more then likely Desert Combat (that why the stats say I've haven't been playing in days ;-)>).


Thank God It's Fucking Friday

phavens phavens writes  |  more than 11 years ago Only a couple of hours of work left and then I get to forget about it for 2 whole days. With the quality of movies out there ok but not enough for me to kick out $9 for a movie I may not get to watch because of my 2 year old... unless I get a babysitter which will just increase the cost of the whole evening. And my wife is working so I can't have a "great" evening because there is nothing worse then a jealous unhappy wife.

Picked up "The Tuxedo" the other day and watched it last night. Good movie... I love Jackie Chan Movies but this one didn't stand out all that much. It was one of those he's done better, he's done worse moments. I do have to say that he is a veery gifted actor who continually he amazes me with both he acting abilities and his ability to move. A LOT of his stunts just consisted of moving at the right time in the right direction and I can't think of too many Actors out there right now who can do it and sell it like he can. For example rent (or buy like me) Drunken Master and ask yourself how someone can be that loose. ie how can anyone act like that and not be falling down ALL the time.

I'm going to be doing a bit of looking around and trying to find a movie to watch (Maybe Empire of the Sun though I really need to give my dad his copy and get my own if I can ever find it.) ANy suggestions? Oh well I can always just play Battlefield 1942 or the Desert Combat mod... BTW - If you play and get TK'd by "Specialist Havens" I'm sorry I try not to do that. Also if you want to see how you've been doing there is a site called BF Stats that seems to have bots collecting data on how you're playing for a database. Interesting but it only tracks Battlefield 1942 games and only on certain servers.


A case of the Mondays...

phavens phavens writes  |  more than 11 years ago Well I had a good weekend where I celebrated my sons 2nd Birthday... In doing so you go ahead and do your best to spoil hime the best you can, and since we got our return back welllll :-)>

So to get to the point taken. We went out and bought a Sony Handcam. Which one you ask? THE ONLY DAMN ONE AVAILABLE. What is it with stores only ordering something maybe once a year and once sold out, keeping the diplay units up and not restocking?

I went to Walmart in Napa and out of 8 possibles that had only a few of one of them (The Sony Handycam 108). Now of the 8 I was only looking at the two Handycams they had, a 108 and a 308 and they were selling them for $300... both of them. (Excuse me $.50 difference with the 308 being cheaper.) And then we went to Target in Napa. Only three options... NONE IN STOCK. The sales person informed me that it had been that was as long as he could remember. Ok wanting to get one for the party the next day we went to the Walmart in Vallejo. Here they had a wide slection of them including the 108 ($250), the 308 ($320), and also the 608 ($360) that had the ability to plug directly into a computer via USB (not sure but hoped it was USB2). Now of course I wanted the best one I could.. so I asked what ones they had in stock. And you guessed it.. the 108. And deciding I was frustrated with the whole process and at this point willing to be happy with saving $50 and get the heck out of there.

Now I like the camera and it worked very well for the party... I'm sure that I'd miss the features that were in the other models more. Why is it that they advertise selling the damn things and don't carry them?


The time we waste on the bosses clock

phavens phavens writes  |  more than 11 years ago I was here "working" away and I realized that like a number on /. I spend an inorbitant amount of time not doing what is on my job description (mind you I have friends whose job descriptions I'd love... ie. Video Game Testers). And I was wondering what are the some of the things other /.ers do?

P.S. Beside trolling for CmdrTaco dupes.


Video Games - Evil or Useful

phavens phavens writes  |  more than 11 years ago As I was planning to play some Battlefield 1942 today I started thinking. Over my life-time I've played on just about every platform (Yes I own pong somewhere), but after all the horror stories I started wondering if Video Games should be considered good.

I will admit that when I'm playing my son has gotten into all sort of mischif and it's hard to split my attention. But at the same time, I don't consider it bad in itself. But as my 2 year old son here is running around the aprtment with an old joystick of mine going "pew pew". I worry about it influence.

What are your thoughts?


Who reads them

phavens phavens writes  |  more than 11 years ago

I've debated on writing in this journel for a while. Mind you there are plenty of topics I'd like to talk about... Moderation, Meta-Moderation, Trolls... Interesting Posts getting labeled as Trolls. That sort of thing, but I'm curious about who really goes through the trouble to read the Journels... and perhaps more importantly. Who bothers to respond. Journels are supposed to be the soapbox on which we can voice our opions... or let you know about something cool that the Editors didn't pass on.

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