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Diners Tend To Eat More If Their Companions Are Overweight

philmarcracken Re:America = snowball (126 comments)

Good news, physical exertions are majority used to build muscle(including smooth muscle of your heart).

You can't blame a lack of physical activity when the average BMR(sitting in bed all day) is 6500kj(1550~kcal) and the average recommend dietary intake is 7500kj(1800~ kcal). So bodyheat is claiming the vast majority of every human beings energy output, keeping us at 37c.

During exercise, a well known a side effect is heat generation, this increases the efficiency of that output. Cardiovascular exercise is lauded because doctors the world over read the number of deaths caused by heart disease, something which is cut by at least 50% with regular heart pumping activity.

So whats the main problem? The walls between 'entertainment' and 'food consumption' are being crumbled, thats all. If you're finding food to be your main activity, you're definitely gaining weight. Look at artists those fuckers are poles and its not just all the meth, they barely eat.

about 4 months ago

Elon Musk: I'll Put a Human On Mars By 2026

philmarcracken Why exactly... (275 comments)

Achievement Unlocked: Landed on Mars

It's like one of those tutorial achievements you unlock for having a pulse. What in the wide world of fuck do we gain from that red dustbowl, exactly?

about 7 months ago

Study: Rats Regret Making the Wrong Decision

philmarcracken Regret? (94 comments)

Something something that tasty looking cheese.

about 8 months ago

Comcast CEO Brian Roberts Opens Mouth, Inserts Foot

philmarcracken Govermental oversight (343 comments)

Just like water and power, internet needs regulation on a governmental level; a service utility provided at a fixed wholesale cost which the government
takes its share to maintain a standard contention ratio that ISPs can retail their services on top of.

Connectivity should not be left in the hands of corporations with shareholders to please.

about 8 months ago

Dump World's Nuclear Waste In Australia, Says Ex-PM Hawke

philmarcracken As an aussie (213 comments)

I agree with him. Those areas he mentioned are north of bumfuck egypt and have absolutely no value whatsoever.

Even if you were to build a bigass tower for collected solar power the distances are so great the transmission losses, even with stepping down the amps/increasing volts wouldnt be worth doing.

about 8 months ago

87-Year-Old World War II Veteran Takes On the TSA

philmarcracken News for nerds (218 comments)

Stuff that mattressssssss

about a year ago

Aussie Company Planning To Use Drones For Textbook Delivery

philmarcracken Great news! (178 comments)

1. Order $80 textbook
2. Buy $20 longrod fishing net
3. Capture $1000+(??) textbook-carrying drone
4. Anime style flashbacks to buying the net
5. More flashbacks
6. Even more flashbacks
7. Filler
8. Lengthy battle with subordinates
9. No clear victor.

about a year ago

Obama Seeks New System For Rating Colleges

philmarcracken Re:Forget ratings, measure ROI. (302 comments)

True, but it is quantitative which allows for a better measurement of how well the course material is delivered which rises the qualitative 'status' of the institution.

And if its status or reputation is high then its overall perception value is higher regardless of how it tries to game the ratings.

about a year and a half ago

20 People Shot With BB Guns At LG G2 Promotional Event

philmarcracken Re:Uhh... (151 comments)

You can have as many smartphones... as you can eat

about a year and a half ago

Australian Government Releases Report Into IT Price Fixing

philmarcracken Re:the cause (125 comments)

u havin a giggle m8

swear 2 god i will init 0 u m8 i swear on my mums lyfe

about a year ago

Australian Bureau of Statistics Doesn't Like Direct Downloads of Census Data

philmarcracken Re:Bit torrent (136 comments)

As an Australian, nobody really cares about census data.

However 'Australia' is some nerdy buzzword for americans so these submissions get through.

The weather report is more interesting.

about 2 years ago

USPS Discriminates Against 'Atheist' Merchandise

philmarcracken Well.. (1121 comments)

..Not everyone is atheist. Least of all in the United States.. I always thought such people were a minority there.

'Surely the majority will look favorably on this brandname.' Way to rock the boat. What do you mean phil, should the minority just roll over and take this discrimination? No.. but i don't think this is the way to go about it. Baiting religious folk into these pitfalls seems quite petty to me. You could have chosen any of a hundred names for your product.

There was a yoyo craze when i was in primary school, everybody had to have a 'brain' yoyo.

Would you choose that name during a zombie apocalypse? I didn't think so.

about 2 years ago

Oculus Rift Loses Doom 3 BFG Edition From Launch Package, But Gains TF2

philmarcracken Re:It's a VR helmet. (69 comments)

Indeed. My friends are always trying to find little things like this that are my 'saviour'(i have severe right shoulder bursitis, can't grip and move things without pain).

I've tried evolent vertical 4 with no success. Everything else i've seen is either wireless and garbage or is unsuitable for gaming.

If they happen to make a simple pad and a special glove that works with that pad, maybe... but my gaming days appear to be over.

about 2 years ago

Australian Prime Minister's Spoof "Apocalypse" Speech Goes Viral In China

philmarcracken Erm.. (225 comments)

As an aussie. This was not funny the first time. And not funny the second on /.

Im just glad she listened to the right people when it comes to fiber.

more than 2 years ago

Australian ISP Wins Case Against Movie Studios

philmarcracken Finally (155 comments)

I'm gladdened that the courts saw the logical fallacy of allowing one corporation legal rights to force another corporation to lose profits through direct cost or degradation of service based on a failure to adapt to market changes.

While i agree there is value being lost through piracy it just seems the courts were the easier path to take instead of adaptation and new delivery methods. That might require some planning and work after all.
I'm in 100% agreement with Gabe Newell from Valve that piracy is largely a service problem.

But since these fellows at the RIAA and the MPAA seem hell bent on using the copyright laws like a club to beat the ISPs and potential customers over the head with in order to get their way, will anything change?

more than 2 years ago

Australian National Broadband Network Releases 3-Year Plan

philmarcracken Re:Judgement (121 comments)

And private industry has historically been less effective in Australian telecommunications due to the dirty great monopoly of Telstra - which is just being replaced by the dirty great monopoly of the NBN.

Telstra was a monopoly in both the wholesale and retail sector. With this they could simply move the wholesale costs of services for competitors to just below that of their retail service offerings with their retail arm having to pay none of the wholesale costs, just overheads of a traditional retail business.

This is the current 'price squeeze' under investigation by the ACCC, again.

The NBN is a wholesale only network.. I fail to see how they could abuse a monopoly position in this manner... other than perhaps rising wholesale prices directly but lets be honest the government isn't as greedy as Telstra which, is saying something. Additionally every RSP that's using the network will make a fuss if the price rise was unjustified.

more than 2 years ago

Successful Test Flight and Landing for Xombie Rocket Lander and GENIE

philmarcracken Initial Fuel Cost? (65 comments)

Isn't the main aim of these type of rockets with no multi-stage deployment to be cost effective at launching?

Why are they launching from a static position when generating that kind of lift will cost the most.. What about building a railgun type launching platform into the ground to avoid some of the massive fuel costs on the initial burn?

Yes im aware theres no matching launcher on the moon but the gravity there is alittle bit kinder so im guessing the initial fuel costs are much less.

more than 2 years ago

The Engineer Who Stopped Airplanes From Flying Into Mountains

philmarcracken Re:As opposed to? (237 comments)

*airplane :/

more than 2 years ago

The Engineer Who Stopped Airplanes From Flying Into Mountains

philmarcracken As opposed to? (237 comments)

'the most common cause of fatal airplace accidents.'

As opposed to all those other times it was Mad Murdock's fault?

more than 2 years ago

An Easy Way To Curb Smart-Phone Thieves, In Australia

philmarcracken 'Cell Carrier' Network (234 comments)

Considering the dominant carrier in Aus has been Telstra for the last 10 years in which time it has enjoyed a monopoly under - wait for it - former US CEO leadership then losing potential revenue from bricking stolen phones was simply an oversight.

Anyone who lives here knows that Telstra would never knowingly pass up an opportunity to do business unethically.

more than 3 years ago



Australian Telstra Monopoly Dead

philmarcracken philmarcracken writes  |  more than 4 years ago

philmarcracken (1412453) writes "The Senate recently passed a bill through the Lower House for the separation of Telstra's retail and wholesale arms and now that same bill has just scraped in the Upper House; 30 to 28. The deal is worth $11 billion AUD for Telstra and is welcomed by them despite Coalition opposition. This paves the way for the governmental body NBNco to use Telstra's existing assets and expedite laying fibre optic cables to the larger population densities."
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