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180k-Year-Old Mutation Allowed Humans To Become Vegetarians, Move Out of Africa

phloe Striking similarity... (342 comments)

to another article about E.Coli bacteria in a lab evolving the ability to absorb citrate instead of just glocuse:


more than 2 years ago

Man Physically Assaulted At McDonald's For Wearing Digital Eye Glasses

phloe true Parisian French... (1198 comments)

Two quotes:

"... in order to give our children the opportunity to learn true Parisian French..."
"...my wife and children and I went to McDonalds..."

he had it coming :/

more than 2 years ago

South Korea Plans Hashtag-Inspired Skyscraper

phloe "Dutch" as in "Danish"? (117 comments)

BIG are danish... not like the cake (which is a lie anyways)

more than 2 years ago

New Particle Identified At LHC

phloe Re:Wonder if... (164 comments)

... damn forgot to log in :/

more than 3 years ago

Learning JQuery 1.3

phloe Re:JQuery vs. MooTools (153 comments)

The author is very subjective considering his affiliation with mootools. Give it a read.

about 5 years ago

Music By Natural Selection

phloe OMG?? (164 comments)

Did I just get Rick-rolled?!?

more than 5 years ago

Far-Fetched Time Travel Concept Receives Private Funds

phloe Spooky action and entagled pairs... (505 comments)

...what did he need the money for again?

oh, right - to travel into the future - 30 seconds a time I bet.

more than 7 years ago


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