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Google Fighting Distracted Driver Laws

phobos512 Re:equal treatment (226 comments)

At least in California, it's already illegal to drive while very tired or to be distracted by kids. Because they're thinking of the kids, or something. No, they just wanted another revenue stream but don't let that stop you from believing it's for "safety".

about 7 months ago

Elon Musk, Tesla CTO Talk Model X Details, Model S Upgrades

phobos512 Re:Tesla naming like mercedes (155 comments)

And since I forgot to mention it, only in North America (and maybe China - but heck, they think Buick is prestigious over there) is Mercedes seen only as a prestige brand. In Europe, there are plenty of Mercedes rental cars and taxis. Inexpensive cars don't ruin a company's reputation - they provide capital to develop things like the next S-Class.

about 7 months ago

Elon Musk, Tesla CTO Talk Model X Details, Model S Upgrades

phobos512 Re:Tesla naming like mercedes (155 comments)

Mercedes has no X. That's BMW. They have the ML, the G, the GL, the CLS, the CLA, the A (non-US), the B (non-US), the C, the E, the S, the SL. Think that's all of em. They used to have an R class but they don't anymore (in the US at least - not sure if that was worldwide). They also used to have the CL but that's being replaced by the S Coupe. And there's the E Coupe which is really a C, and the C Coupe.

about 7 months ago

Death to the Trapezoid... Next USB Connector Will Be Reversible

phobos512 Re:Apple All Over Again (408 comments)

I've no use for a protocol droid. What I do need is someone who can understand the binary language of moisture vaporators.

about 9 months ago

Final Mars One Numbers Are In, Over 200,000 People Applied

phobos512 Re:Obligatory! (176 comments)

Hey, man, we're all on a one-way trip to somewhere, man. /said the hippie to no one in particular...

1 year,6 days

The Legal Purgatory at the US Border: Detained, Searched, and Interrogated

phobos512 Re: Fight it if you want to. (555 comments)

Erm, ok then Lara. Or is it, "Dr. Jones"?

1 year,14 days

Microsoft Office Finally Gets iOS App

phobos512 Re:what a waste of time (139 comments)

I can type just fine on my iPad...Maybe because for a while I used one of those 10" netbooks so I'm used to typing on a smaller device? Yes, the lack of tactile feedback can be difficult to deal with at first but you get used to it. The only problem I run into is that sometimes I hit M instead of the spacebar. But that's easy enough to deal with with autocorrect/spell-check.

about a year ago

Microsoft Office Finally Gets iOS App

phobos512 Re:No iPad app (139 comments)

Pretty sure MS makes their money when Best Buy gets the product from them (also not sure that there's a middle-man supplier to Best Buy but if there is, wow is that crappy supply chain management).

about a year ago

Japan Planning Exascale Computer For 2020

phobos512 Re: priorities... (38 comments)

Just a gentle wouldn't have the Internet if it hadn't been for the defense industry.

about a year ago

What Modern Militaries Can Learn From Battlestar Galactica

phobos512 Re:what? (272 comments)

I just can't see a US commander going "We DIE." Emphasis on the DIE. Plus they don't have those cool little (and incredible noisy) eye piece things. Though I guess they will over the next few years so, awesome.

about a year ago

Washington AG Slams T-Mobile Over Deceptive 'No-Contract' Ads

phobos512 Re:exactly the same as Blockbuster (371 comments)

They force you to pay for a new phone with a 2 year service plan whether you get one or not. So everyone gets their "free phone" (that they are already obligated to pay for), and they are also stuck with the same service provider for the next 2 years.

At least with T-mobile you can switch to another carrier. You can even sell your phone on ebay to try to recoup some of the costs if you don't want it anymore.

You do realize that you can buy unlocked GSM phones, purchase a SIM card from AT&T (and formerly T-Mobile) and use it without having to pay several hundred dollars up-front right? I've done that many times over the years. Ditto for purchasing a used or new CDMA device. You just call up the carrier and say you want to activate a device. You don't have to "pay for a new phone with a 2 year service plan whether you get one or not" as you say...

about a year ago

Should California Have Banned Checking Smartphone Maps While Driving?

phobos512 Re:Why do you question that ruling? (433 comments)

How about because there's no law to use your integrated vehicle GPS, radio, talk to folks in the vehicle with you, turn around to bat at the twins fighting in the back seat, etc., all of which are just as potentially distracting? The law is very specific in what is and what is not illegal. Enforcement outside the bounds of the law is not OK. As it's already been stated, the law was felt so initially specific to only speaking on a phone that they had to add another law to ban text messaging. That speaks to the specific intent of the law, not to ban complete use of phones, but only to ban particular functions.

about a year and a half ago

Getting a Literature Ph.D. Will Make You Into a Horrible Person

phobos512 Re:This is a warning many need to hear (489 comments)

Fairly certain it's not a question of affordability, and you're missing the point :)

about a year and a half ago

Fukushima Cooling Knocked Offline By... a Rat

phobos512 Re:No giant rats? (123 comments)


about a year and a half ago

Confessions of a Left-Handed Technology User

phobos512 As a fellow lefthander... (267 comments)

...I'm ashamed to be associated with this article/author in any way. I've been a lefty since day one per my parents - there was never any doubt. Was it easy growing up learning to write, use tech, etc.? Yeah, actually, it was. A child's brain is highly plastic. Additionally, my kindegarten and first grade teacher (same woman) was lefthanded so I had that advantage as compared to all the other unfortunates in my class hehe. And now that I'm an adult I do just fine. Yeah, I mouse with my right. And by some miracle I can actually use standard scissors - the horror! I don't think I've ever known anyone who couldn't. I do have a dexterity advantage in operating a motorcycle though as the transmission controls are fully on the left side. :D

about 2 years ago

LightSquared Says GPS Tests Were Rigged

phobos512 They're full of it. (186 comments)

LS is full of it. I used to do testing of this nature for the Navy. I know many of the people who would have done this testing for the USAF. Never in 6 years of working in that field did we ever require a contractor who had submitted equipment for test to do so with no knowledge of what the test would be. They are blowing smoke to cover their asses in the hope that "the right people" won't know any better.

more than 2 years ago

California State Senator Proposes Funding Open-Source Textbooks

phobos512 State subsidized? With what money? (193 comments)

And just where do these people think the funds are going to come from to pay for these books in this all but bankrupt state? Oh I know, let's raise the sales tax and vehicle registration fees again. What a joke.

more than 2 years ago


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