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Glibc Steering Committee Dissolves; Switches To Co-Operative Development Model

phoxix The icon is wrong (102 comments)

It should be GNU, not Debian. Glibc is very much a GNU project. How do people not know GlibC is a GNU project?

more than 2 years ago

Another CA Issues False Certificates To Iran

phoxix Stringent SSL verification process ... yeah right! (229 comments)

The idea behind the "Stringent SSL verification process" is that customers will pay a brand-name-trusted CA company to verify the SSL request is from who they claim to be.

Even at *TEN THOUSAND* USD/EUR/GBP/etc per fake certificate, the price is too good for countries like Iran, China, etc for engaging in MITM attacks.

The whole process is a scam outright....

more than 3 years ago

Samsung Hires Steve 'Cyanogen' Kondik

phoxix I hope they hire him for the right reasons ... (177 comments)

.... and have him help them optimize their ROM images and the experience presented. Lets hope they don't hire him to help them lock down their ROMs, bootloaders, etc some more ....

Think about it, who else would be better at locking things down than the guy who defeats such locks all the time?

more than 3 years ago

iPhone 4 News Roundup

phoxix Re:didnt original Mac have minimal multi-tasking? (568 comments)

MacOS classic had co-operative multitasking, and yes, it sucked. It sucked hard. It was a huge technical reason to dump the classic stuff and go with OS-X.

more than 4 years ago

HTC Walks From Palm Bid, Will Lenovo Step Up?

phoxix HTC isn't interested in Palm's patent assets? (97 comments)

With the impending crApple litigation, one could assume that arming themselves with some "patent investments" would be top priority for HTC.

That being said, I think HTC is fine making phones for Android and WM6/7/etc. In fact, I wonder if one day HTC will make Maemo/Meego phones...

more than 4 years ago

Apple's iPhone Developer License Agreement Revealed

phoxix Maybe its time ... (483 comments)

... to change Apple's icon to be borg like the way Microsoft's is ?

That 1984 commercial gets more ironic by the moment.

more than 4 years ago

Tech Companies Say Don't Blame Canada For Copyright Problems

phoxix Special 301 list ?? (104 comments)

I hope the Canadians put us on a "Special Douche Bag" list

Gotta love our ability to spit on our friends

more than 4 years ago

Why Has No One Made a Great Gaming Phone?

phoxix Because .... (303 comments)

You can buy a DS/PSP without a freaking multi-year ass-rape contract.

Buying a gaming console should never be a long term financial decision.

more than 4 years ago

Network Adapter Keeps Talking While a PC Is Asleep

phoxix Re:Microsoft using Linux? (188 comments)

"Researchers at Microsoft"..."have developed"..."running embedded Linux"

Um, was that a misprint or did hell just freeze over? Hasn't MS referred to Linux as a "virus", a "cancer", "un-American", a "patent violator", and "communistic"?

Microsoft Research helped create Xen virtualization for Linux ...

Hell they even *ported* Windows XP to Xen 1.0


more than 5 years ago

FOIA Documents Detail iPods Overheating, Catching Fire

phoxix So whats new ? (314 comments)

Do any devices burst into flames ? You bet

Will crApple cover up anything and everything even if that means tampering with the law and/or (American) constitution ? You bet

Will crApple's fanboyz rush to its defense needlessly, dangerously, and even willing to give up personal freedoms for Steve Jobs ? You bet

The real issue is why a tax-payer funded gov't entitity can be meddled around with a company like crApple in the first place. Anyone who has ever read the Consumerist knows that the CPSC has no teeth nor balls, but this is unacceptable and ridiculous.

more than 5 years ago

US, Russia Reach Nuclear Arsenal Agreement

phoxix Russia and the US have already done this before... (413 comments)

Its called Nunn-Lugar/CTR.

Basically the United States gave Russia a billion or so and tactical/technical/administrative support every year to reduce their weapons stock pile.

So even when Bush and Putin had their panties bunched up, great work was being done cooperatively by both sides. The program considered pretty successful by government standards.

I know, I know, the idea of good news from government is a scary one!

more than 5 years ago

Linux Patch Clears the Air For Use of Microsoft's FAT Filesystem

phoxix MSFT can't give out VFAT, but can give out C#/Mono (272 comments)

One has to wonder if these are Microsoft's actions around something as simple as VFAT, why the f*** would we trust them with C# ??

What am I missing here ?

Will Groklaw one day be reporting about MSFT v. SPI ?

more than 5 years ago

US Military Looks For Massive Spam Solution

phoxix In other words ... (228 comments)

The military will spend a few hundred million with clearly efficient and excellent vendors like Lockheed Martin, and all of their spam problems will be fixed!!


Here goes another few hundred million .... *sigh*

If we really believe in taxation without representation then my unborn baby should be able to vote already ...

more than 5 years ago

Baby Monitors Killing Urban Wi-Fi

phoxix Re:Channel 14 (348 comments)

Channel 14 is entirely illegal to use in the USA (and many many many other countries) because it exists outside of the 2.4Ghz spectrum that is allocated for consumers to go nuts on. So yes, you're Wifi will be awesome because nobody is using that spectrum .... but you'll really piss off the FCC, ask your local HAM why this is a bbbaaaddd idea.

That being said ...

Using channel 14 in the USA (and other non-channel 14 countries) can be done via a DD-WRT compatible router, and Wireless cards where you can change the CRDA to Japan (like Atheros cards that work with ath5k and ath9k on linux.)

The linux command to change your regulatory domain is:

bash# iw reg set JP

The issue with channel 14 is that it is reduced power, meaning in most cases you'll only get 802.11b speeds with it.

Now why something is critical as wifi has to exist with stupid consumer shit is the real crux of the issue ...

more than 5 years ago

Yahoo Pulls the Plug On GeoCities

phoxix While most here are going to rag on Geocities ... (427 comments)

I'd like to thank 'em giving even the tiniest bit of free webspace when nobody else did.

The reason we cann all remember Geocities was because there was neat stuff on it!!! Geocities was home to all the quirky people who had all sorts of goodies to post on the web, and no other means to do so.

more than 5 years ago

With a Computer Science Degree, an Old Man At 35?

phoxix Whatever your age is ... (918 comments)

... going to school and getting your degree is nothing short of an awesome experience. Best of luck to you!

more than 5 years ago

Fraudsters Abusing Canada's Do-Not-Call List

phoxix Simple solution ... (229 comments)

The CRTC should create a series honey-pot numbers, and give different combinations to those who purchase the lists. Scammers and those-who-sell-to-scammers would not be aware of which numbers are honey-pot numbers, and would call them anyways.

The CRTC could use this to easily weed out the bad from the good.

about 6 years ago

Stallman On the State of Free Software 25 Years On

phoxix Mandriva (367 comments)

Mandriva comes in two flavors: One, and Free. The Free version is just what it sounds like: 100% free software. No proprietary browser plugins, drivers, apps, etc.

about 6 years ago


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