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Back To Faxes: Doctors Can't Exchange Digital Medical Records

phrank Complex Standards (240 comments)

Health Level Seven (HL7) and especially the Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) are insanely complex.

about three weeks ago

Ask Slashdot: Best PDF Handling Library?

phrank Haru (132 comments)

libHaru is a free C library (install libhpdf-dev in Debian) which supports generation, annotation, compression, encryption. See

about 2 months ago

Ask Slashdot: What Games Are You Playing?

phrank King's Bounty (669 comments)

The 1990 version with it's pschedelic colours and meditative gameplay is highly addictive.

about 8 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Do You Use Markdown and Pandoc?

phrank Joe with Trac Syntax Highlighting (204 comments)

I take notes using the syntax of my employers wiki which makes it easy to cut and paste from my $EDITOR="joe". My custom syntax highlight file might not be perfect, but it certainly makes the text more colourful: trac.jsf

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: Are We Witnessing the Decline of Ubuntu?

phrank debootstrap (631 comments)

This, but don't bother with installing on usb media. Instead, create a new partition for Debian. You can even share /home if you keep it on a separate partition.
Installing Debian is even possible from within Ubuntu. Just apt-get install debootstrap and follow instructions.

1 year,25 days

Introducing the NSA-Proof Crypto-Font

phrank Re:Easy to crack? (259 comments)

Steganography is the right tool for obscuring the use of cryptography, if applied correctly. If not–by using a weak algorithm, none at all or well known kitten images–it can be detected easily, of course. Just collect the low bits and apply natural language statistics or some basic cryptoanalysis.

Probably the NSA can in fact break any cipher. Why else would they employ so many brilliant mathematicians?
If I were an agency, I would prefer the easy route and make myself comfortable inside everyones keyboards.

about a year ago

Enlightenment Terminal Allows Video Playback, PDF Viewing

phrank Terminals with graphical capabilities... (114 comments)

...have existed for a long time. For example the DEC dxterm supports escape sequences for drawing line, box, circle and oval primitives.
Nonetheless I am really impressed by this newfangled Enlightenment thingy. Image previews in file listings are useful. Also horizontal and vertical splitting.

about a year and a half ago

My favorite resolution for the new year:

phrank Re:QWXGA (266 comments)

Source Code.

about 2 years ago

LiMux Project Has Saved Munich €10m So Far

phrank LiMux documentation on Youtube (219 comments)

As a munich resident i follow news coverage of the LiMux project from the beginning. About two years ago there was a documentation on TV (in german): LiMux - Freie Software für München
I am not sure, but I think, that guy with pink hair is a Debian maintainer. Probably, such projects succeed or fail with the competence of a few individuals, if they get the required backing. Also this weekend, a Debian bug squashing party is held in Munich.

about 2 years ago

Student Publishes Extensive Statistics On the Population of Middle-Earth

phrank Narrative Chart on xkcd (218 comments)

XKCD #657 came to my mind.

I wonder if anybody has done something similar for A Game of Thrones?

about 2 years ago

To Encourage Biking, Lose the Helmets

phrank Re:My daughter suffered a TBI (1651 comments)

Helmets simply are not capable of preventing the brain from impacting the inside of the skull as a result of rapid deceleration.

Really? Isn't the purpose of styrofoam the prolongation of the deceleration phase?
Have you ever knocked over a hard disk standing on a stone floor? Or on a desk? On a carpet?

about 2 years ago

To Encourage Biking, Lose the Helmets

phrank Re:No helmet (1651 comments)

Your best friend died in a tragic accident with a truck. Wearing a helmet *might* have prevented a deadly injury. Oftentimes children look anywhere but forward, especially when learning to ride a bike, therefore it is a good idea to put a helmet on them. But always remember: Helmets do not prevent accidents, they sometimes alleviate the consequences.

about 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Should Developers Install Their Software Themselves?

phrank Re:I used to think yes, but not so much (288 comments)

I used to be a developer, then I installed my software to production, and now I do tier 1 support. It's a vicious circle.

about 2 years ago

xkcd's 13-Gigapixel Webcomic

phrank Childhood memories (193 comments)

When I was a bit younger, I used to draw labyrinths in MS Paint, zoom in and try to find the way out, sometimes cheating with Ariadnes red 1 pixel line. Well, I was never good at football.

more than 2 years ago

Linus Torvalds Says Linux 4.0 Could Be Out In Three Years

phrank Re:Does it matter? (174 comments)

Yes, version numbers can have a meaning, if they are used coherently. Please consider

more than 2 years ago

Of all my locally stored data, I encrypt ...

phrank Destroy the key. (261 comments)

Just for fun, I set up my system so, that it boots and reads the decryption key from a USB-stick. The key, of course, is GPG-encrypted, in case I lose the stick. The stick itself is small enough to bite on it and swallow the pieces. The harddisk contains no partition table and no headers, just seemingly random data. It meant a lot of fiddling with dm-crypt and a keyscript, but now my data is really secure. As long as the computer is powered down. And no one installs a key logger. Or uses some exploit to install a trojan. Or whatever.

If my plan works out, they, whoever they might be, have no reason for torture. On the other hand, if I was them, I would torture me anyway. Just for fun.

more than 2 years ago

C++0x Finally Becomes a Standard

phrank Re:Why this name? (398 comments)

The D programming language exists and worth a look:
I could not find any P, only P#.

more than 3 years ago

The world will end ...

phrank Re:Long time (585 comments)

The human race is here to stay. We're pretty hard to kill and quite adaptable. But the conditions of our survival depend on our management of ressources. Maybe there will be some New New New York at some point in time...

more than 3 years ago


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