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Generic PCs For Corporate Use?

phreak03 Re:Virtual Machines (606 comments)

I know a local fortune 500 company that tried this at one of their two buildings here at their corporate campus a couple years ago. Well, they are back to a desktop at every cubical now because they found if something happened, like a switch went down, suddenly all 100 - 200 terminals on that floor was down and no one could do anything until it was back up. With desktops, they may not be able answer emails, but they could at least still use office and get something accomplished if the network went down. You take 100 employs making 20/hr sitting and doing nothing for 2 - 3 hours and you've bought yourself the cost of the PC's.

To be honest with you in my office and most offices I work in, if they loose local switching they loose phones, and access to all applications and databases. At this point you should pretty much send everyone home. Citrix,Vmware View, and windows terminal session broker all support HA/Fault-tolerant clustering options on the back in. Throw in a duel controller replicated SAN and you can push 5 9's of fallibility all the way down to the desk. Get 2 hour replacement support on switching or standardize and keep a spare. Virtual desktops reduce management, and downtime ins a massive way. I used to work in a SMB with 60 task workers, who after we went to virtual desktops with no-moving-part thin clients I had so little support work to do that I quit, and recommended that I not be replaced.... Its true RDP sucks for a lot of things, but if you have sufficiently fast storage on the back end and use modern protocals like PCoIP, HDX, or the up and coming remoteFX you can have a true desktop experience (I even played starcraft 2 over RemoteFX).

more than 4 years ago

Cisco To Challenge iPad With Cius 'Business Tablet'

phreak03 Re:This seems likely to go badly, or at least unwe (217 comments)

There's an app for that... Wyse Pocket Cloud does vmware view (PCoIP) quite well, and we are testing it for a client. They get a thin client that has crazy battery life in a nice touch screen form factor (and it works with keyboards just fine...). As a wireless thin client the iPad beats quite a lot of the competition in terms of ease of management, battery life, form factor and cost. We are putting them into production for a client and strangely they make sense. As for the whole USB port/hub/lots of things to go with it, if you need those just use bluetooth but really if you need them you should be deploying a notebook. BTW, no one uses NX and X11 for a "Business tablet" however i'm certain there are already apps that will speak those. It is a myth that apple has no inroads in the corperate market, I'm replacing blackberry BES servers for iphone/Exchange active sync left and right. C level execs demand that their iPhone work.

more than 4 years ago

PGP Ruled as Relevant For Criminal Case

phreak03 I've met the same fate (675 comments)

My schools ITS department went after me for using blowfish encryption, and W.A.S.T.E on the network...
was fun using the glass house analogy with the schools administration.. fortunetly nothing ever became of it, hmmm now that i remember it, it was my posting on slashdot also that they tried using as "evidence" against me... sigh.... i hope this post dosn't end up getting printed out and stuck in a file of mine somewhere

more than 9 years ago


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John Vs. The Prism Chipset

phreak03 phreak03 writes  |  more than 10 years ago Ok Gang, So I've been useing mandrake for ohh say... since 9.2 came out... been enjoying it real nice. Well I move off campus into an apartment and actually have to use my wi-fi card.... PROBLEM, mandrake 10.0comunity dosn't seem to like it.. I get terrified and have to boot windows to even be able to search for an awnser.. I try PClinuxOS as an alternative temp solution (WAY too buggy, but still nice). I end up going back to an old flame of mine... Fedora... I had heard both bad and good about Core 2... The truth is, its both... I can allready tell its about as buggy as mandrake 10 Beta 2, but it shows promise, just like that great beta did, and after about an hour, i got the wi-fi working (it still thinks its a standard eathernet connector somehow though).
I'm going to Try to Journal my experiances going from KDE mandrake 10.0 comunity, to Fedora 2 and its less exiteing world of nome.

I've desided against APT, and will stick with YUM+ a list of nice repositories, i got over at
I'm going to miss The URPMI, and the PLF mirrors... Sad times these are...
But I hope to learn the ins and outs of redhat, and maybe i'll get my ass up and work on RHCT one of these days...
Check back/ AIM:daphreak07 for updates (icq 17654783)



phreak03 phreak03 writes  |  more than 11 years ago

Ok. With things starting to Get heavy thought I'd throw out some thoughts on BIC

Rhetoric- My inspiration for waking 3 days out of the week,

World Cultures- Depends on the reading, but so far I've been able to keep up, just worrying how hard this midterm is going to be

Examined Life- Minus The entire physical dimension It has proven to be some interesting reading.
Maybe it's just that I see the physical dimension being "the female perspective and problems of college" more than anything else. (feel free to reply and flame me on that comment)
O yah and last thursdays Lecture I was downright disturbing..... where do people come up with these questions?

*weekend update*
I got back from out of town Saturday night (SIC EM BEARS!) to discover that I was banned by Resnet yet again. Silly Resnet you guys need to find a new way to ban people that works incase there is someone who really should be banned out there.

Saturday party ranking- FIJI heard it was pathetic, and the Cops showed up despite no one being there - 1 out of 5 -
PHI CHI- Had fun, drank some mighty good root beer, danced with friends, avoided weird people, and saw some fellow BIC'rs
Random smaller parties, well by 2am everything was winding down or over.

If anyone's up for a midnight movie some time on the weekend call me, and we can go to a little theater that's always open ;)


Flame On

phreak03 phreak03 writes  |  more than 11 years ago

*** FLAME ON***


*** FLAME DOWN -2***

well, now i'm going to flame about less angry things.

1. Women- who understands them, I can only pretend to

2. Spawn campers- yes this low life scum deserves to be thrown in a giant Lamma pit.

3. movies- is there anything unpredictable anymore, thats worth paying money to see? until then, it'll be divx screeners for me

4. Music- can anyone make a decent free easy to use mp3 ripper for PC? i think not, i hear apple will port Itunes soon

5. My XBOX- besides the new star wars game, will there ever be any decenent games for it, or should i just continue to use it to threaten to throw at people, and play the ocasional divx.

6. Hard drives- even if you have just shy of 300gigs of space, you will fill it up, why don't they just make drives that continously find ways to expland, or better yet, a file system that can find things on something that big in a decent abount of time? is this too much to ask?

*** FLAME OFF***


Summer update

phreak03 phreak03 writes  |  more than 11 years ago

well gang, its been a long summer so here is the rap up, and feal free to post your Flames in response as i know you will all hate me.

went to DC (looking for sister an apartment, but ended up spliting and touring)

Went to GLorieta, New Mexico beautiful mountains, sub-80 degree weather, no humitity, i was in heaven

Went on cruise around Hawahii, Discovered that there isn't much to do on a cruise besides get drunk, eat too much, and party in Hot tubs. saw too many disturbing things

Went to Colorado, on a road trip with my sister the Femi-natzi, one of her friends (Jr. Femi-natzi), was interesting, went backpacking with a group from Baylor, had an awsome time, debated staying on mountain or dealing with sister again (was tough)

and mixed in the middle of those there was 3, 1 week, lan parties (BF1942), and i got a new Acura tsx (black)

Not bad Ehh?


what have i become

phreak03 phreak03 writes  |  more than 11 years ago I just commited my first karma whoreing, yes maybe i am become a troll, on the subject of IPv6 i copy-pasted some info before the flamewars and soviet russia jokes began today, i was imidiatly labled a karma whore, but was give points, and told i was a "good troll" lol whatever that means, in other news i discovered that my only friend is a guy who did a 1/2 page rant on how stupid automatic ice makers on refridgerators are.... is anyone out there, anyone?


yet another "dangerous mind" confused and on the run

phreak03 phreak03 writes  |  more than 11 years ago What is wrong with the education system today, the title of this mini-essay I'm convinced that there is no one over the age of 17 in a school today that has the slightest conecpt of computer's and technolodgy beyond pentium 4 > penitum 3 (and this is negotable) Why is it, that whenever all the computer start pages get changed to the evil xupiter spyware site and i install adaware on ever computer, i get blamed for 1. Installing the xupiter, and 2. installing some other program that when i admit i am responsible for, is uninstalled and blamed for the problem I atend a small private school, but our local school district seems to worse. They combine the stupidity of my school's staff, with the dilbert like behavior of trolls that hide behind a phone system. My mothers school is the least prefered in the school district and uses mac still (all other shcools have used dells for 2 1/2 years) i like macs and all, but these are 233mhz G3's running Mac os 8.0 (yah, they never even did the point release updates for security) so all some l33t haxor 13yr olds has to do is look up ip blocks that Tenet own (isp service all texas schools use) , and scan, cuz the IT trolls i'm convinced Fix nothing. I would explain to My schools administrator, or board the reason that we don't need a 1200$+ crappy server, with raid 0 on 5400 IDE drives, and a P4 2ghz to run DHCP, and a small database, for the grades of 300 students (its win2k, and i doubt they even bother to install service packs, cuz all other computers run win98se no updates) I have repeatedly pointed out the dangers of not running auto update, but all their small brains can do is think that somehow i'm threatening them, and give me mysterious calls in class to make fake claims that i've hacked some passowrd in some office computer and messed it up. (think it was a bad PSU, but you know my psycic haxor powers are beyond understanding) anyone else's school buy crap machines for way too much, and run IE 4? anyone else feal they are mislabled a haxor for trying to fix what is wrong around them? anyone hate xupitor as much as I do? anyone want a proxie that tunnels past BESS filtering? icq me 17654783, or post a reply here

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