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After Aaron Swartz's Death, the Focus Now Falls On the Prosecutors

phunster Carmen Ortiz and Stephen Heymann are the criminals (430 comments)

Carmen Ortiz and Stephen Heymann should at the very least be prosecuted for misconduct. If in fact the evidence points to that they piled on the charges to enhance their own political careers, after they are dis-barred, they should be prosecuted for murder.

about 2 years ago

FTC Whacks "Rachel From Card Holder Services"

phunster How I stopped the calls from Rachel & her coho (289 comments)

I would always press one. Get a telemarketer on the phone, tell them I'm drowning in credit Card debt and don't see a way out. Let them give their rap, and give them a generated fake CC number. Of course the CC number would check out but the expiration date would not. I would tell them that I had the card in front of me and everything I had given them was correct. All of this of course waisted time they could have spent ripping someone off. It didn't take long before the calls stopped coming.

The other thing I like to do with telespammers is answer "Name of Town, Police Department, Officer Smith, How may I help you." That never fails to get you off a list. Of course it's a bit discombobulating when it turns out to be a legitimate call.

about 2 years ago

Icons That Don't Make Sense Anymore

phunster Re:floppy disc (713 comments)

This line escpecially resonated with me, "Actually, modern interfaces are confusing as hell because user interface design has become so screwed up"

more than 2 years ago

Have American Businesses Been Stranded By the MBAs?

phunster Re:You need different kinds of people (487 comments)

The original post is about how the bean counters have taken over businesses and are doing a bad job. Linux is not a business, Linux is the kernel, everything else is an add on, INCLUDING the GUI. Your comparison of businesses with employees to a project built by volunteers doesn't hold water. You then bring up game players, huh?

Bill Gates (geek) started and built Microsoft into what it was when Steve Ballmer ( bean counter) was handed the reins. That is more to the point of the article.

Larry Ellison (geek) whatever else you might think about Oracle, he has built it into quite a business.

Let's compare apples to apples.

more than 3 years ago

Why Google Wants Your Kid's SSN

phunster Re:TL;DR Version (391 comments)

You are wrong, the 14th amendment grants citizenship to those born in the U.S. From the Wikipedia article:

In the case of United States v. Wong Kim Ark, 169 U.S. 649 (1898), the Supreme Court ruled that a person becomes a citizen of the United States at the time of birth, by virtue of the first clause of the 14th Amendment, if that person is:

        * Born in the United States
        * Has parents that are subjects of a foreign power, but not in any diplomatic or official capacity of that foreign power
        * Has parents that have permanent domicile and residence in the United States
        * Has parents that are in the United States for business

The Supreme Court has never explicitly ruled on whether children born in the United States to illegal immigrant parents are entitled to birthright citizenship via the 14th Amendment,[5] although it has generally been assumed that they are.[6] A birth certificate (a.k.a Certificate of Live Birth for children born in certain states) issued by a U.S. state or territorial government is evidence of citizenship, and is usually accepted as proof of citizenship.

more than 3 years ago

The Inner World of Gov-Sponsored White-Hat Hacking

phunster Re:Black hat not White (146 comments)

Richard Nixon said "If the President does it, it is legal." We all know how that worked out for him. It sounds like you are substituting "government agency" for "President." No one is above the law, not a President, and not a government agency. Black Hat is Black Hat no matter who is doing it, or who they are doing it for.

more than 3 years ago

Former Soviet Republic of Georgia To Become IT Tax Haven

phunster Re:So now our jobs go to Georgia? (153 comments)

Thats basically what happens when countries lower their taxes corporations go there. It seems to be something that the current administration doesn't seem to understand, if we're charging higher taxes, higher labor costs, for essentially the same service why not move elsewhere? Most businesses would want to stay in the US but when the US seems to be raising taxes for successful businesses, is there any reason not to move?

Whether we like it or not we live in a global economy. We know that When other countries give breaks like that, in the current system, it is at the expense of one or many countries. And is especially egregious to the employees.

Countries develop embryonic industries by giving them extraordinary breaks, they all do it. When other countries respond with equal or better breaks, we get trade wars.

Regrettably, as important as IT is, it is but one of thousands of industries. It gets lost in the cloud, while other segments get help.

This has nothing to do with administrations and everything to do with those who've got the most money to spend on politicians.

It isn't any administration, the current global economic system is brutal on employees everywhere. Our politicians are like the morons who do the same thing over and over again and expect different results when it comes to economic theories. And it's really hurting millions perhaps billions of people.


more than 4 years ago

Intel Shows 48-Core x86 Processor

phunster Code Name is Offensive (366 comments)

Intel an American company, with the American economy in the shape it's in, I am offended at the codename Bangalore.

more than 5 years ago

Fedora 12 Released

phunster Re:Will this become RHEL/CentOS 6 (236 comments)

In short no. The RHEL 5 series (CENTOS too) is based on Fedora 6, so I doubt that Fedora 12 is the basis for the upcoming RHEL 6.

more than 5 years ago

IBM's Answer To Windows 7 Is Ubuntu Linux

phunster Re:Can't Lock Linux Down (863 comments)

There are indeed a lack of external programs to lock down the desktop. That's because that kind of thing is built into Linux. ACLs, permissions, SELINUX and on and on.

If you favour Windows, that's fine, to each his own. But please don't spread the MS cool-aid without actually knowing what you are talking about.

more than 5 years ago

NASA Has the Lost Tapes

phunster Moonwalk? (256 comments)

Clearly the first moonwalk was done by Michael Jackson, we saw it live on television

more than 5 years ago

Sun's McNealy Wants Obama to Push Open Source

phunster Re:Capitalism vs. Communism (176 comments)

I have to disagree with you. The examples you give are all commercial entities, except of course for small towns which are government entities. Much of America is already running Socialistic enterprises. Lets start with police departments, they are paid for with our tax money and they protect us. When you call the police, they don't ask for a credit card number. Further, all of these alarm companies profit from the existence of police departments, when the alarm goes off the police respond not the alarm company, yet the alarm company profits. Fire departments they don't bill you for responding to a fire at your home or business. Schools again socialized, yes you pay taxes, but the government provides the schools, the teachers, the school itself, athletic fields, etc. Not convinced, what about all the the rural electric companies owned by local and regional governments. I could go on and on.

The point is that much of what we do in America would be called Socialism if it didn't exist and was proposed today. I think the real problem is that so many people are stuck giving "ism" names to things they don't even understand, and then favoring one "ism" over another regardless of its utility to the problem at hand.

more than 5 years ago

Enterprise Software Sales Dried Up In September

phunster Re:How much were you making in 2003? (173 comments)

Wait a gosh darn minute. You mean the bailout was only for $700, no wonder it didn't -- Oh, you meant $700 Billion, never mind.

more than 6 years ago


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