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Virgin Promises 100Mbps Connections To UK Homes

pierreact France... (247 comments)

There's a while we got this in france... at least something good here...

more than 3 years ago

A Look Into the Chinese Hacker Underworld

pierreact So what? (198 comments)

http://www.cpusa.org/ Leaving in a communist country doesn't prevent from beeing capitalist... And actually... china is getting to be the most capitalist country :P

more than 4 years ago

Pat Robertson Says Haitians Made a Pact WithThe Devil

pierreact Ceiling cat... (92 comments)

Dear ceiling cat, I pray you to protect us from some's stupidity. If you need some help in this mission, I'll also pray the spaghetti monster.... Amen.

about 5 years ago

GNOME Developer Suggests Split From GNU Project

pierreact Re:Because? (587 comments)

Actually (and this is my point of view), Extremism always make smart people take off. Stallmann is an extremist and I lost "faith" in this guy since the freebsd episode where he just got into a totally IDIOTIC and ridiculous thinking. If gnome splits off GNU, depending on the license then adopted (which I think will be good anyways, because they are smart) I certainly will feel better. Leaving GNU doesn't make you an MS bitch, it just make you out of a "I got a bigger one" war. Sorry Stallman, After FreeBSD's episode, I'll never consider you as smart anymore, you proven the contrary.

more than 5 years ago

WPA-PSK Cracking As a Service

pierreact Re:Nice for English people (175 comments)

Rest of the world? You mean.... There's something else than USA??!! That's news... I'll tell this to my american friends.

more than 5 years ago

The Perl 6 Advent Calendar

pierreact Re:PERL went the way of the dodo... (160 comments)

"morons are now hacking away in Ruby and Python"... Oh man. Ruby is great for this kind of stuff, so is, as I heard (ruby user here) python. I used to use perl for those tasks but I found it too messy when writting large programs and ridiculous when it comes to OOP (colors and tastes...). ruby fits my needs, the code is clear and short, it's very maintainable... All I need it here :) I'm happy with it and oh... I used it to automate a 30 nodes cluster all the way. Moron, maybe but the shit works very well in the long run. ;) have a sweet day.

more than 5 years ago

Do You Hate Being Called an "IT Guy?"

pierreact Oh my... (736 comments)

You have to figure out most people out there just have no idea what C++ is compared to installing an anti-virus, we live on a different planet, deal with it. How you'd call an inhabitant of mars? martian? wether it's a worm of some evoluated lifeform won't you? for them it's the same. Plus... you're in IT... didn't you study for that? /me points to a therapist

more than 5 years ago

Texas Creationist Museum Facing Extinction

pierreact Re:Creationism in Europe? (824 comments)

Brazil is like that. Crazy people here, when I told about evolutionism, they looked at me like an idiot...

about 7 years ago



Paying a recruitment agency to find a job?

pierreact pierreact writes  |  more than 5 years ago

pierreact (983133) writes "Hello,
I'm french and I'm looking for a job in uk.
Many position advertisements lead to some recruitment agency.
Unfortunately, after a month and half looking for a job in the uk market, it feels like it's pretty difficult to have them present you for a position, even if you fullfill the position. Sounds like they sometimes just don't look at your resume (I worked a lot on this resume and had it finely grained and checked out by my sister who got an HR MBA...)
Moreover, it sounds like if they present you for an opportunity and you fail at a phone interview for some reason, they won't present you anymore.
Now the fact is, like many people, I NEED a job and I really want to relocate in UK, France got all fucked up, too much taxes, people now very agressive...
I'd even give some money to be presented for jobs I know I match for.
My question is, since I'm certainly not the only one having this feeling, is it a common thing done? Do some people pay recruitment agencies to get "preference" or just to be presented on more opportunities giving the guarantee they'll give back a payment after, say 2 months or 3 months in their new job?
I'd hate to heart "yes" but I don't beleive in santa claus since so many years that it just wouldn't surprise me :P



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