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Software Deletes Files to Defend Against Piracy

pilkul Re:Aren't there laws against this? (544 comments)

Because we have seen all of this before. In the software piracy community. I suspect that developers in general have worked up just about the same regard for software pirates as the software pirates have displayed for them over the last few decades.

Since when do software pirates hack into developers' systems and delete their stuff? Even in the rare cases like the famous HL2 hack at Valve, code was copied out not deleted.

These are people with the behavior patterns of small, scheming children.

Small, scheming children hoard everything for themselves, they don't share everything freely with the world. (Whether the things shared are "stolen" is a separate matter.) Developers like this one, with callous, selfish antipiracy measures are the only ones resembling children here.

it is that software pirates don't do a lot of deep thinking.

I see you don't either, since your comparison is baseless and driven only by your obviously deep-seated visceral hate of pirates.

It is thoughtless, cruel, and unethical, yet the benefit is so tempting that this same member is unlikely to be able to resist it without at least some soul-searching.

I make my living as a developer and I am not tempted to implement this measure in my software one iota. The fact that you do (and project your feelings onto others) is telling about how irrational and hateful you are in this matter.

more than 7 years ago


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