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URL Shorteners Get Some Backup

pimpimpim Re:Problematical (224 comments)


more than 4 years ago

Google Releases the SDK For Version 1.6 of Android

pimpimpim Re:Already using 1.6 more or less. (69 comments)

I thought that cupcake was 1.5? That's what I am using now I suppose, my last update was about a month ago. Do you know anything about when the official 1.6 OS will be rolled out?

about 5 years ago

Most Detailed Photos of an Atom Yet

pimpimpim Re:Unscaled photo link (229 comments)

True! Since photos are a pattern created by photons striking a surface, and in this case we talk about electrons, the thing we see here should be called an electrograph. Duh.

about 5 years ago

Apple Announces iTunes 9, "LPs," Video Camera for the iPod Nano

pimpimpim Re:App Store Games (521 comments)

Also, who want to invest expensive game developer time in a gaming system where your game can be almost arbitrarily pulled from the market at any given time. Risky business.

about 5 years ago

Cryptographic Tools To Keep You Hidden On Facebook

pimpimpim Re:Or... (148 comments)

I originate from the northern part of Amsterdam, where it is common behaviour to shout these things over the mobile phone or loudly discuss it with your friends, especially while in public transport. Seriously, some time ago the whole bus was informed about whether or not one of the girls should have an abortion or not. Privacy, who gives a shit anymore.

about 5 years ago

Does Your College Or University Support Linux?

pimpimpim Re:Move to Finland (835 comments)

Universities in Germany are also quite Linux-friendly. Most IT websites about e.g. WiFi login info will give you the linux instructions too. If they ever get the chance to install Linux themselves, they'll use SuSE, because of its German roots. That wouldn't necessarily be my first choice ;) But I'm glad I get preinstalled linux on my workstation anyway. The good thing is that universities at this side of the ocean don't depend so much on donations from / contracts with industry. And as far as they do, the industry is more likely to be a local one and not Microsoft or Apple. Unfortunately however, lovely SAP is a local industry :p

about 5 years ago

How Hollywood Tie-Ins Saved Lego

pimpimpim Re:I really like Legos (193 comments)

Actually they now have some grown-up collector sets. The Eiffel tower, a Beetle. I found them in a recently-opened special Lego store in Frankfurt

about 5 years ago

C64 Emulator Finally Approved For iPhone

pimpimpim Re:Rubbish. Users need to learn (214 comments)

Android proves you can do it differently. Every app comes with a list of things it needs access to, you can judge by yourself if you want that. The 'tech savy' users can select the 'install also non-market apps' option in the configuration menu and install anything they meet.

A G1 without simlock can be bought at Amazon for 300 eur now, I bought it there, I didn't need to "root" my phone, I can install what I want.
So, my Phone is a bit bulkier than the iPhone, but it has an actual keyboard, it can do SSH via connectbot, I use a laptop-umts sim card, so I can legally use it as a modem via Proxoid.

I have a bit of doubt concerning privacy of the tie-in of my mobile phone behavior and my browsing behavior, but I have absolutely no regrets for skipping the iPhone and not going the Jobs way here.

Oh, and you can swap the battery yourself.

about 5 years ago

Steve Ballmer Directing "House Party 7"

pimpimpim Re:The Catch (359 comments)

I have no mod points, and you're an AC anyway, but that's a pretty good comment.

Makes me wonder... Wasn't MS supposed to have the best marketing department ever? What happened to it?

BTW as far as the blue screen jokes go, they're pretty old and unnecessary. Windows' main problem these days is not stability, it's about getting a f-ing clue on what people actually want from an operating system. Seems like they're steadily sailing in the wrong direction.

about 5 years ago

UK's Oldest Computer To Be "Rebooted"

pimpimpim Re:What? (153 comments)

> this is a complete and when restored potentially working computer

You just gave a very correct description of the one-year-old 1000-node cluster I am now using at work :(

about 5 years ago

A Video Ad, In a Paper Magazine

pimpimpim Re:So this (295 comments)

And as a side advantage, you can drop in 15 mins late at the cinema and still be on time for the movie! In germany they even turn on the lights between the last ad and the start of the movie and sell ice. Some sort of long-standing tradition, I suppose.

Now what is bad is commercials inbetween movies on tv. I'd really rather pay to rent a dvd then to spend twice as long watching the movie, and seeing the same commercials over and over again. I get so very tired!

about 5 years ago

Classic Game Console Design Mistakes

pimpimpim 2009, and still we need a bloody dongle (185 comments)

My suggestion for the series: classic smartphone design mistakes: on the t-mobile g1, you need a humongous dongle with two mini usb slots (one for power, one for a headset), and two normal headset jacks. And with the battery life of the g1 you need to connect it to a loader as much as you can... Just search for htc yc a300 to see how ugly it is...

more than 5 years ago

Open Source Facing a Difficult Battle For Cloud Relevance

pimpimpim Re:Oh BS (141 comments)

I'm not even bothering to read TFA. If it's content even closely resembles the title of this topic, it cannot be anything else but bull. Probably about 99% of all current big internet services has started out as a small OSS project on as cheap servers as possible. As soon as you grow big enough, you'll do the hardware in-house. A good friend of mine started by himself two years ago and is now making his living (and paying others) out of selling python-based services on virtual servers. That is in essence what the cloud is about, and the best way to do this kind of stuff is using license-free software. No startup will even think about paying per-cpu license costs for software, let alone have the money for it. Closed source is dying, and they know it.

more than 5 years ago

Desktop As a Cellphone Extension?

pimpimpim Re:Cellphone, home phone, sip and the freebox (199 comments)

aren't they also the ones who offer additional tv packages with lots of anime series? Good to see that at least some companies understand the internet.

more than 5 years ago

Wind Could Provide 100% of World Energy Needs

pimpimpim Re:Geothermal is better (867 comments)

Don't worry, absolutely nothing can go wrong.
I lived close by the place and went to see it, most of the old houses have cracks from top to bottom, and seen by the dated marks on the walls the cracks were still getting bigger. According to the building engineers there is no risk of collapsing yet, but it just doesn't look all too safe. And the drills made here were just small-sized testing drills.

more than 5 years ago

Watch TV On Your Satnav

pimpimpim Re:Simple safety solution (225 comments)

Don't worry, the ferries will be ok. But what about furries?!

more than 5 years ago

EU Fusion Experiment's Financial Woes Get More Concrete

pimpimpim Re:Have become more difficult to overcome? (173 comments)

Hi feepness!

Thanks! You've given the best description of science I've ever read. Disclaimer: I am a scientist.

Seriously. A lot of the fancy topics are interesting because they are like a foggy mountain top, you know that there must be a mountain top, but you don't know the way, and you don't know what you will find up there, and which equipment you need to take along. This makes science different from engineering, where you at least would have a map of the mountain roads and altitudes etc.

As far as funding issues goes: what did the giant banking bailout of 2009 brought us for the future? That has cost us a multi-multitude of the ITER project and that money just disappeared into oblivion. With the ITER, even if it wouldn't work out eventually, we'd still end up with the new technologies and materials that were developed to build it.

more than 5 years ago

You're (Probably) Not Going To Be a Pro Blogger

pimpimpim Re:Building a website takes time (120 comments)

The guy behind seems to be making a living from his blog, if I remember correctly. He was one of the first to write about them, he goes to all the product introductions, and by writing in good quality he could also convince manufacturers to send him pre-production samples, etc. I tried to look up some info, apparently before he worked on a linux OS specialized for the Via EPIA line. That also means that he was probably used to not earn a lot :)

more than 4 years ago



Probable block of Google in Turkey

pimpimpim pimpimpim writes  |  more than 5 years ago

pimpimpim (811140) writes "CNN Turkey (google translate) reports an article in today's Turkish newspaper "Vatan", on the pursuit of the Atatürk Thought Association "Atatürk Düünce Dernei (ADD)" to block google. Reason would be that google makes available webpages that insult Atatürk. Youtube was recently blocked in Turkey, so changes exist that the same could happen to google. The only practical result of the youtube block was that the turkey public now uses special programs and websites to circumvent the block.

Couldn't find an english article, but here is a German summary."

british gov't rejects copyright extension proposal

pimpimpim pimpimpim writes  |  more than 7 years ago

pimpimpim (811140) writes "As mentioned by BoingBoing:
"...the British government has rejected a proposal to extend music recording copyrights from 50 to 95 years ...
This is the first time that I know of, in the history of the world, that any country has given up on extended copyright terms."


Link to Original Source

pimpimpim pimpimpim writes  |  more than 7 years ago

pimpimpim (811140) writes " (in german) reports that in the german state Nordrhein Westfalen an "anti-terror" law has been passed that will allow the intrusion of personal hard-drives over the internet by law enforcement. Probably this will be done by the use of trojans, that are to be developed by "police hackers".

No political party performed any significant opposition against the law, it appears that only one single person will try to stop the law on grounds of being unconstitutional. This can only happen after the law has been officially published and added to the state laws.

It seems that the people of Nordrhein Westfalen got a Christmas present they'll never forget, it will probably not take long before the record and movie industry will start asking for court orders and stop the "copying terror". And who knows who will legally spy on your harddisk next."

pimpimpim pimpimpim writes  |  about 8 years ago

pimpimpim writes "Vaporware no-more! The Optimis mini three is out! The first batches reached the people at art studio lebedev and real photo's are now available as well. A short hands on review can be found at gizmodo. The cute little thing is now for sale at thinkgeek. Many people thought that the company was never able to create a keyboard like this, as they until now only were able to show nicely photoshopped pictures, but they overlooked that the firm is actually the biggest russian design studio, and have made a lot of technical functional products already.

I personally don't have the money for that, but might consider the tetris kitchen magnets or nice smiley cushions from the same studio to my still my hunger for more reasonably priced geek stuff."


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