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Ask Slashdot: Is It Feasible To Revive an Old Linux PC Setup?

pinkushun keen to see how this turns out. (176 comments)

I for one am keen to see how this turns out. Will you keep us updated if you do try to get the rig running?

Oh and for the record: if I was someone who strives to be the first to say "use a vm!", I would recommend qemu / kvm :)

about three weeks ago

2 US Senators Propose 12-Cent Gas Tax Increase

pinkushun Re:Yes, let's tax the poor (619 comments)

For comparison: here in South Africa it costs ZAR 13.83 per litre or 0.264172 gallons.
> ZAR 3.65 per gallon
> USD 34.34 cents per gallon (@1 ZAR == 0.094 USD)

That is 15.94 cents above the current US rate. You are closing in.

about a month ago

UN Report: Climate Changes Overwhelming

pinkushun Re:we're all effed (987 comments)

Another side effect not mentioned in TFA is that mosquito zones would increase, allowing them to reach areas previously too cold to breed. Combined with mosquito borne diseases, could lead to a most epically disasterous time.

about 4 months ago

Researchers: Rats Didn't Spread Black Death, Humans Did

pinkushun Re:Zombies? (135 comments)

"The presence of the virus on the victims' teeth supports Brooks' claim."

Coincidentally, the author of The Zombie Survival Guide shares the same surname... or not so coincidental?

Talk about a historical cover-up!

about 4 months ago

Linux Voice Passes Its Crowdfunding Target

pinkushun Re:Readership (57 comments)

You just made my day!

about 7 months ago

Linux Voice Passes Its Crowdfunding Target

pinkushun Re:Typical... (57 comments)

If the mag promises to cover various flavors across the gnu linux landscape, and the technologies and people surrounding it, then I would love to hear your reasoning as to how this is fragmenting the community.

about 7 months ago

South African Education Department Bans Free and Open Source Software

pinkushun Re:(sniffs cautiously) (185 comments)

Hey, no way to have an open mind without open software :P

about 9 months ago

Illuminating Window-Less Houses With a Plastic Bottle

pinkushun Re:Need to diffuse the light a bit... (240 comments)

Your optimism is noted but misplaced. PET plastics are recyclable but not biodegradable. The newer Bioplastics are however those are not readily used in production in any country where you would need to make a sun-light.

about a year ago

When it comes to (download) bandwidth needs, I require..

pinkushun Overachievers much? (279 comments)

Man I'm lucky if I get anything over 0.5MB. For that reason I have mostly forgot about streaming videos or music, and downloads are isolated to source code and the occasional distro every few months.

The result? I am infinitely more productive!

about a year ago

The CIA Wants To Know How To Control the Climate

pinkushun Re:Obvious (238 comments)

Exactly this. $630,000 that could be used to educate and bring awareness to the people. We are the ones targeted by products, and we have to make an informed choice about what is useful vs what is damaging. Isn't that also known as "geoengineering"? I believe it is, and on a global scale too.

1 year,3 days

Facebook's Newest Datacenter Relies On Arctic Cooling

pinkushun Re:Makes Perfect Sense (106 comments)

Very well, but at least dedicate the effort to a worthy cause like Protein Folding, SETI processing or even a Library-of-Congress sized recipe book - the idiocracy present on facebook can fuck off and die for all I care.

about a year ago

Debian Says Remove Unofficial Repository From Your Sources

pinkushun Re:BTW (159 comments)

Analogous to a Trying-to-post-first-so-I-don't-care-if-my-response-is-half-baked post.

So *not* informative.

about a year ago

Tests Show That Deadly New Flu Could Spread Among People

pinkushun Computer simulation shows this to be true. (185 comments)

I ran this simulation over a dozen times now, the results are terrifying. Try it for yourself, I believe it's called "Plague Inc" in the Android play store. Gulp!

about a year ago

Debian + Openbox = CrunchBang Linux (Video)

pinkushun Re:Well... (106 comments)

The dimensions of thumbnails are as pertinent as the file size itself. The clutter-free look is very attractive in a world where every other forum has animated gif avatars, large colored signatures and superfluous use of !!!!

It is akin to how people post to mailing lists with the entire thread quoted. It's just bad netiquette.

about a year ago

Debian + Openbox = CrunchBang Linux (Video)

pinkushun Re:Crunchbang is pretty decent (106 comments)

The cb-welcome script starts by updating your sources list, then prompts you, by category, if you would like to install that category, or [s]kip. It's an interactive method for running a bunch of predefined apt-get install commands, this includes printer support, Libre Office, development tools, the Liquorix kernel, and some more. Nothing fancy yet simplicity rules.

Essentially it is is Debian + Openbox, albeit with some preconfigured, sane, defaults that runs tint, conky and compositing. Under the hood you can reliably use all the Debian tools you love.

I believe #!'s target audience is the person who already knows what they want, who enjoys or wants to learn how to tinker with the system, and who wants to help others do the same. And the forum certainly reflects this, brightly I might add :)

about a year ago



Amazon causes much concern for Goodreads users after acquisition

pinkushun pinkushun writes  |  about a year ago

pinkushun (1467193) writes "Goodreads announced at the end of March Amazon's acquisition of the social network for book lovers and reviewer. This raised major concern with Goodreads users, as is evident by the 50-page comments of the announcement thread, which is still going. From first post the users are worried about ownership of their comments, particularly in the way Amazon deleted user reviews, and how authors can't review other books within the same genre. As user Chris commented:

"After all the hours put in by librarians and staff to cut the database sourcing with Amazon, now they'll own it again? Does that mean that all our work will go away and then Amazon info will be downloaded back to GR?"

Goodreads addressed these concerns in this FAQ which leaves you unsatisfied."
Link to Original Source


Humble Indie Bundle #3

pinkushun pinkushun writes  |  more than 2 years ago

pinkushun (1467193) writes "The third Humble Bundle features: Crayon Physics Deluxe, Cogs (3D puzzle game), VVVVVV (retro style platformer with a chiptunes soundtrack), Hammerfight (physics puzzle game) and "And yet it moves" (physics platformer where you rotate the world).

The Humble Bundle includes DRM free, cross platform games where you can decide how much to pay.

(Note the last bundle, even though the third bundle, was the Frozenbyte edition. This new bundle is the officially labeled #3)"

Link to Original Source

How unique and trackable is your browser?

pinkushun pinkushun writes  |  more than 3 years ago

pinkushun (1467193) writes "Is your browser configuration rare or unique? If so, web sites may be able to track you, even if you limit or disable cookies.

Panopticlick tests your browser to see how unique it is based on the information it will share with sites it visits. Click below and you will be given a uniqueness score, letting you see how easily identifiable you might be as you surf the web.

Only anonymous data will be collected by this site."

Link to Original Source

Egypt's cyber crack-down aided by US company

pinkushun pinkushun writes  |  more than 3 years ago

pinkushun (1467193) writes " news reports that a US company, Narus, provided Telecom Egypt deep packet inspection tools, to track and target content from users of the Internet and mobile phones, as it passes through routers on the information superhighway.

The Huffingtonpost tells us who else is using this technology, and that when commercial network operators use DPI, the privacy of Internet users is compromised. But in government hands it can crush dissent and lead to human rights violations."

Link to Original Source

Assange named "un-Australian of the Year"

pinkushun pinkushun writes  |  more than 3 years ago

pinkushun (1467193) writes "Julian Assange was named "un-Australian of the Year" by a Australian men's magazine Zoo. Runners up include God, after he "flooded two-thirds of Queensland", and Denmark's royal daughter in third place for her newfound Danish accent. It's ironic that a "mens" mag lacks the balls to admit what Julian did, was a ballsy move to begin with."
Link to Original Source

Egypt protests against President Hosni Mubarak

pinkushun pinkushun writes  |  more than 3 years ago

pinkushun (1467193) writes "On January 25, a national holiday to commemorate the police forces, Egyptians gathered to protest against grinding poverty, government oppression and police brutality. Using Twitter and Facebook, the people instigated a series of fast-moving, rapidly shifting demos across half a dozen or more Egyptian cities. The police could not keep up – and predictably, resorted to violence. Sadly this has led to three known deaths thus far."
Link to Original Source

ADSL user accounts stolen from MWEB

pinkushun pinkushun writes  |  more than 3 years ago

pinkushun (1467193) writes "Earlier this week a hacker named "Louis McCarty" posted a message on "Another day another pwn". He then briefly lists the "ISP sekuritY" (sic) issues followed by a list of ~2000 ADSL account passwords, all of which are uncapped business accounts. The accounts in question have single sign-on enabled for now. It seems like people are getting tired of expensive bandwidth in South Africa and the crippling monopoly Telkom had until last year, despite uncapped ADSL made available in March 2010."
Link to Original Source

Open Sarcasm fighting copyrighted punctuation

pinkushun pinkushun writes  |  more than 3 years ago

pinkushun (1467193) writes "SarcMark is a copyrighted punctuation mark, that claims "It's time that sarcasm is treated equally!", pretty damn cheeky while they're charging for their software, which only inserts their punctuation through a hotkey. Open Sarcasm is destroying SarcMark by advocating a new punctuation mark (not displaying here properly — alt+U0161) as the new open and free sarcasm symbol.
Either way, this will be one interesting turnout. With bad unicode support across the web, displaying the characters properly might be an issue. PS Left out sarcastic end sentence as /. doesn't display the U0161 character."

Link to Original Source

TSQL bug returns wrong row ID's

pinkushun pinkushun writes  |  more than 4 years ago

pinkushun (1467193) writes "A TSQL bug causes SCOPE_IDENTITY() and @@IDENTITY to return incorrect values when a parallel query plan is generated. The original report, filed Feb 2008, includes a script to recreate this behaviour. After confirming this bug a month later, users became quite upset that Microsoft reported that "we can't fix this for SQL 2008." (and not in 2005 either). Two years later and there is still no resolution. I'm worried since client-server systems is my bread and butter."
Link to Original Source

Misa Digital MIDI Guitar

pinkushun pinkushun writes  |  more than 4 years ago

pinkushun (1467193) writes "The Misa digital MIDI guitar, created by a software engineer, Michael, replaces the strings with 144 keycaps to control the notes, and a touch screen LCD controls up to 4 MIDI parameters. It runs Linux kernel 2.6.31 with a stripped down version of Gentoo. See the site for more details, and a demo video of it in action."
Link to Original Source

RICA turns South Africa into Orwellian society

pinkushun pinkushun writes  |  about 5 years ago

pinkushun (1467193) writes "The RICA ACT came into effect on July 1 2009 in South Africa, which will allow your voice calls, 3G data transmission, text & MMS messages to be monitored & recorded, without a court order! This is obviously a faux legal act to be used and abused by the corrupt government, and living in this country does give you a real perspective of what is possible. The official statement mentions that "both prepaid and contract would be required to show proof of identity to be registered". With the majority of prepaid users being teens between 13 and 21, registering will be problematic, to say the least. Read more of the local opinions here"



My Slashdot design wishlist

pinkushun pinkushun writes  |  more than 3 years ago


[11/05/10] Password remembrance and in-page comment scroll search fixed. Thanks Slashdot!

[10/03/2011] It prompts to remember password if I log in via - fine. Searching comments seems fixed now: collapsed comments scroll while the expand link stays fixed.

[15/02/2011] Nothing new to report, just posting to show these items annoy me every time I log in
[28/01/2011] Added a bug list: When it breaks or hampers site experience


- searching for a word in a page (Ctrl+F) breaks collapsed comments layout, if the searched word is in a multi-line comment. The comment link to expand, disappears. [fixed]

- Previewing journal entries shows the old copy, not the edited copy.

- Chrome prompt to save password broken [fixed]


- login controls on the front page [fixed]

- see the comment poster, without having to expand the comment

- compact/slimline collapsed comments more (looks like when you zoom the page out, ctrl+-)

- Show children of a collapsed comment without having to expand it -- Qzukk

- cid = link expands all ancestors up to the linked comment so you can actually see it (optional if the first suggestion is done) -- Qzukk


Commit to Unix & Linux Stack Exchange Q&A Site

pinkushun pinkushun writes  |  more than 3 years ago

Update: The site has made it and is now in Private Beta :)

Full disclosure: The Stack Exchange Q&A site staging zone, Area51, has a Unix & Linux proposal I'm committed to. I'm promoting this proposal to get referral points, and to see this Q&A site succeed.
If you'd like to see this Q&A site succeed too, please commit using this link below, which will use me as a referrer.

Many Thanks :)

SE Proposal link with my referral code

PS: Want more info about the SE staging zone before committing? See the site FAQ

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