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Smart Software Development on Impossible Schedules

platos_beard Re:Why do people buy into this nonsense? (225 comments)

Ok, I'll admit to having drunk some of the Scrum koolaid, but I don't think 'maturity' is the issue. Programming is a qualitatively different kind of endeavor than bridge-building. Project management methodologies that try to define everything up front are doomed to failure. Once you build a bridge or a skyscraper, it's going to remain the same for it's lifetime. Not so for software.

TFA sounds like scrum in some regards -- the setup of the feature list, the short implementation horizon. Especially the idea that you define features that will not be included, which suggests that the immediate development is only part of a process that will be repeated in the future to add more features. Repeat what's described in TFA every month and you're even closer to scrum.

more than 8 years ago


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