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Facebook Shuts Down @Facebook Email System

plik It never worked? Functionally, really, never... (149 comments)

When they launched this feature I was very curious how the integration would work, so I sent myself test emails from a few accounts. I never got them. I tried maybe a year (?) later? I also never got them. So I would consider that to be somewhat of a patent failure.

about 8 months ago

Cooking For Geeks

plik Great book (312 comments)

I met this guy at HOPE, and he was actually really interesting. I wish he would up some demos of some of his recipes online. He can make jello shots that you can nail to a wall!! What?!?! The book is actually quite interesting.

more than 4 years ago

1 Million Firefoxes in 4 Days

plik Anyone read CERT? (602 comments)

I'm really surprised I haven't seen many comments relating to this. ht ml

Two days ago, CERT accounced that there were multiple vulnerabilities in Mozilla products. The only unaffected version of Firefox is PR1.0. It is doubtless that this caused a number of downloads of existing installs who would have chosen to not run the Preview Release.

Them hitting their 1mil marker isn't neccesarily a good thing.

more than 10 years ago


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