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Scientists Offer 'Overwhelming' Evidence Terran Life Began in Space

plunge Re:What People Mean by 'Evolution' (556 comments)

Nonsense. The problem with origin of life research is precisely the opposite: not that there is no plausible scenario, but instead that there are far far too many possibilities that we do not know enough about to rule out this or that one. Legitimate science lies in trying to learn more and nail down information that can help us figure out what is and isn't plausible. But simply declaring that its impossible isn't based on anything: it's an empty, pragmatically unprovable claim.

Darwin speculated about "warm ponds" in a private letter, not in his major published works. If you knew anything about his actual work, its scope, and so forth, you'd see that any claim that his theory rested on or required abiogenesis is pure nonsense. The origin of a hereditary metabolism is a very different sort of thing than the evolution of a hereditary metabolism, involving very different sorts of processes.

more than 7 years ago


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