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US Forgets How To Make Trident Missiles

pmancini Re:NOTA BENE: This is not possible. (922 comments)

I wonder what media they were using to store the information. If there are a lot of computer files for this then the question I have is did they consider constantly upgrading the storage media? NASA has lost 20% of the Viking Lander data, I read recently, and I suspect it is simply a case of either the media going bad or not having the ability to decode the format.

It would be unlikely the data on Fogbank was not maintained. It may have been mislabled but that would be by accident and not design. I imagine there is the possibility of espionage having happened in this case.

more than 5 years ago

The Man Who Went Through 11 Xbox 360s

pmancini Re:User Error (428 comments)

Exactly. I think it is either a hoax or fraud. I have a 360 and yes my first one bricked. I am in a group of Halo 2 players and of the couple of dozen people on the mailing list I think I am the only one that had that issue. The new machine has been going strong for a year now. I changed where I placed it. I think they are probably sensitive to heat buildup.

Justin is probably wrapping it in fire retardent and sticking it in the back of his plywood entertainment center where all the exhaust fans of his other equipment radiate! But that is just mere speculation.

more than 7 years ago



pmancini pmancini writes  |  more than 8 years ago

pmancini writes "This article outlines a trick as old as ancient history. The best way to hack something is NOT to conduct some scientific analysis of the defense but to simply see if you can get a manual. From there just count on human laziness to give you access to whatever system you are interested in. Apparently the manuals for ATMs are online and also apparently the passwords are sometimes kept at their defaults...

I was worried about posting this but since no one RTFA here I am not worried about anyone gaining knowlege on how to conduct a criminal enterprise!"


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