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Study: Multimedia Multitasking May Be Shrinking Human Brains

pmotuja Re:Not a new concern (87 comments)

By that rational ant hills don't exist in nature because the ants created them.

No. Ant hills are organized dirt. Computers come from the human brain. There's a difference.

about three weeks ago

Study: Multimedia Multitasking May Be Shrinking Human Brains

pmotuja Re:Not a new concern (87 comments)

I think it would be more intelligent to realize that these computers don't exist in nature. Humans created them. If you can't understand this fact then maybe there is a self esteem issue. Also, then maybe working the devices would be more common than the devices 'working' humans. And brains would be getting bigger. Geocaching is not nature.

about a month ago

George Zimmerman Acquitted In Death of Trayvon Martin

pmotuja Re:Is this a hopeless request? (1737 comments)

If they would of kept your request in mind, they would not have created another polarity (amongst countless other ones 24/7), by whipping up angst and fury on both sides, and then showing a poll and offering the chance to vote yes or no.

about a year ago

Developers Begin Hunt For a Killer App For Google Glass

pmotuja Re:Privacy and etiquette (155 comments)

Based on observation of the mobile device phenomena, the devices work people more than the people work the devices. So I predict you may need to alter your identity akin to something out of minority report in order to get your restaurant/public places privacy. Maybe this could be a new market of sorts even?

about a year and a half ago


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