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Device Stops Speeders From Inside Car

polished look 2 solution: slow down (781 comments)

Speeding is a problem and while I have no statistical evidence to support my thesis, I believe that speeding a contributing factor in most auto wrecks; even if a drunk is behind the wheel, the propensity of a dangerous collision is reduced as the speed itself is reduced.

What is there to gain from people voluntairly slowing down? Better fuel prices (people will use less of it), lower insurance rates (less speeding tickets, less property/bodily damage), police can spend more time pursuing those involved in more serious crimes so there will be a reduction in those. And, if people regularly drove below the speed limit, the municipalities can increase the speed limit because right now they are forced to make them artificially low since so many people are regularly and habitually ignoring them.

more than 9 years ago


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i heard the sound of rustling against bushes

polished look 2 polished look 2 writes  |  more than 11 years ago

While sitting on the patio around 11:40 pm tonight (Wed May 28), I heard the rustling of folage, as if someone or something was in some bushes or rubbed up against them. The noise was coming from the northeast, as if in the neighbor's yard or perhaps in our own yard right around the garage. It was quite loud and I assumed it was either a person or a cat. I have heard this in the past and it was due to a cat.

Within about two minutes, I heard various mechanical noises normally attributed to a car or truck from nearby. One sound I heard was the hiss normally assaciated with hydraulic brakes as most large, commercial trucks have. Soon after that, though, I heard the sound of a car's tire spin against the pavement and the associated vehicle speeding away.

Soon thereafter, I visually inspected the area and nothing was found amiss.

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