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Google To Block Local Chrome Extensions On Windows Starting In January

pongo000 Re:Walled Garden: One brick at a time.... (260 comments)

then of course that fruit company

Adafruit? What the hell are you talking about?

about 10 months ago

Gunman Opens Fire At LAX

pongo000 Re:Great... (520 comments)

or we could have a rational discussion about gun control...Nah

Looks like gun control in CA, one of the most anti-2A states in the union, is working great. Bring the discussion on.

about 10 months ago

Google Updates ReCAPTCHA With Easier CAPTCHAs For Humans

pongo000 Google uses "advanced risk analysis techniques"... (81 comments) doubt the same techniques used in their excellent spam filter setup on gmail. You know, the one that will repeatedly mark incoming mail as spam even though you have already marked it over and over as "not spam". Or the classic: Google marks as spam incoming mail with a sent-from address that matches an already verified alias in your own account.

Yeah, I know, there's no way I can be right in light of the thousands of PhD's employed by Google. The collective brainpower is staggering, so Google will always be right in everything they do.

about a year ago

How Safe Is Cycling?

pongo000 Re:An important distinction (947 comments)

Whether or not some kid on an off-road course injured himself is of little importance.

Which is why this "kid" sticks to off-road biking. Only a fool rides a bike on a major roadway and expects motorists to be patient and accommodating.

And I wouldn't brag about "only" having hip and collarbone fractures over a 4-decade cycling habit. I've driven cars for about that long and have never broken a bone. So no thanks, you can have your broken hips and collarbones....I'll stick with my car for transportation, and my off-road bike for exercise.

Oh, and and don't worry. I'll always yield to bikers on the roadway. We all have to stick together don't we?

about a year ago
top Compromised

pongo000 So it wasn't hacked, and Google fucked up... (189 comments)


It turned out that by combing through the access logs for it was periodically serving up userprefs.js with the wrong content length and then reverting back to the right size after a few minutes. This is due to an rsync cron job. So the file was being modified locally and reverted. Google's crawler caught one of these small windows where the wrong file was being served, but of course, when we looked at it manually it looked fine. So more confusion.

I'm idly curious if Google even bothers to offer an apology.

about a year ago

Gravity: Can Film Ever Get the Science Right?

pongo000 Was the size scale of the shuttle and ISS off? (438 comments)


I've seen the shuttle in person (piggybacked on a 747). It is fucking huge. I've not seen the ISS up close, but I understand the solar arrays are massive. Given that, was it just me or was the size scale off on the shuttle/ISS renderings in this movie? Especially when they were working near the bay of the shuttle just as the swarm of debris approached, as well as when they were in front of the ship peering in at the destruction and the dead crew. It all just seemed so small to me.

I'm thinking maybe this was a device used by the director in order to provide some sort of balance on-screen: Had actual scale been used, all you'd ever see was shuttle or ISS, with no space in the background.

about a year ago

Nest Protect: Trojan Horse For 'The Internet of Things'?

pongo000 Re:Considered it (177 comments)

So did I, and I rejected the Nest for the same reason you did. Instead, I purchased two of the CT-30s. Cloud is optional; I set up some perl scripts that do all the controlling via REST, as well as some cool logging that graphs my usage.

about a year ago

Passenger Lands Plane After Pilot Collapses and Dies At the Controls

pongo000 Re:Good stuff (249 comments)

My flight instructor (F-86 combat pilot in Korea) taught me very well: My training led to a successful dead-stick landing after my C172 sucked up a rivet from the carb heat door and wedged itself in a valve. Among the many things I learned from that crusty ex-USAF jet jockey was this one:

When the shit hits the fan, FLY THE AIRPLANE. You FLY THE AIRPLANE until it's no longer moving. Never stop FLYING THE AIRPLANE or you'll surely die.

Panic has no place in the cockpit when the shit is hitting the fan. He drilled this into me with endless engine-out drills, stalls, windows opening in flight, simulated flap jams, and even a spin recovery. He assured me that if I FLY THE AIRPLANE when things start to go downhill, there's a very good chance I'll survive.

Indeed he was right. I was his last student before he passed away from cancer. RIP, Red...

about a year ago

New York Turns Rest Stops Into 'Texting Zones'

pongo000 New York: The new police state (165 comments)

Actually, the *old* police state, just catching up with technology. I can't imagine a more awful place to live, where your every move is subject to surveillance and unlawful searches. What's worse is that New Yorkers actually vote these fascists in office.

Guess you get to lie in the bed you make after all. No sympathies here.

about a year ago

Myst Was Supposed To Change the Face of Gaming. What Is Its Legacy?

pongo000 I know why (374 comments)

No explosions. No strippers. No guns.

Not that I don't like my GTA fix. But I also thoroughly enjoyed the Myst series as well. Just making an observation.

about a year ago

Emotional Attachment To Robots Could Affect Battlefield Outcome

pongo000 Here's a test (194 comments)

Watch this video of DARPA's Big Dog. Pay attention around the 0:33 mark where the guy walks over and kicks the hell out of the robot, which makes a nice recovery.

Raise your hand if, for an instant, you thought to yourself "Damn, that was fucked up, kicking it like that."

(Raises hand)

about a year ago

Engineers Aim To Make Cleaner-Burning Cookstoves For Developing World

pongo000 Not to sound antiegalitarian... (147 comments)

...but isn't man's disruption of the natural processes that keep the population in check a direct contributor to the world overpopulation problem? From a strictly scientific point of view, drastically altering the mortality rate of the world's population by decreasing it (and increasing the birth/death ration) can't be a good thing. Many of these people have lived generations in their current environment, so why does a first world country believe they have the right to disrupt nature in such a drastic way?

So a first world country solves the woodstove problem, thereby decreasing mortality rates. Are they prepared to then step in and deal with inadequate water supplies, increases in loss of arable lands, higher rates of infant mortality, and other side effects of overpopulation?

1 year,20 hours

Australia Elects Libertarian-Leaning Senator (By Accident)

pongo000 Compulsory voting in AU (343 comments)

It's my understanding that voting is compulsory in AU. When you vote, must you mark your ballot?

Given that not everyone is interested in voting, would it not make sense to simply mark the ballot the easiest way possible (i.e., from the top)?

1 year,7 days

Indiana Man Gets 8 Months For Teaching How To Beat Polygraph Tests

pongo000 Re:Some FA (356 comments)

IANAL, but I believe this is the Supreme Court decision that later case law was established upon that basically permits any LEO to lie (not in court though). So basically case law carves out an exemption specifically for law enforcement.

Also, this article demonstrates how easy it is to get ensnared by the feds on a lying charge. Scary stuff.

1 year,8 days

Indiana Man Gets 8 Months For Teaching How To Beat Polygraph Tests

pongo000 Re:Irony (356 comments)

On the other hand the US Supreme Court has ruled that the government is not constitutionally required to tell the truth.

Right on! This is why dealing with the feds is so dangerous: They can lie to you with impunity, and your answers to their lies are still admissible in court.

1 year,8 days

Indiana Man Gets 8 Months For Teaching How To Beat Polygraph Tests

pongo000 Re:Some FA (356 comments)

Lying itself can't be a crime

Actually, 18 USC section 1001 does, in fact, make lying to a federal official a crime. Feds often use this law to convict people in lieu of having any evidence that a crime was committed. If you're questioned about an alleged crime, and it later turns out that you didn't commit the crime but you earlier statements don't sync up with later statements, there's a good chance you'll see jail time.

This is why you never talk to law enforcement officers without competent legal representation present. And especially the Feds.

1 year,8 days

Most Tor Keys May Be Vulnerable To NSA Cracking

pongo000 Re:well (236 comments)

Bruce Schneier himself advises avoiding elliptic-curve, as being intellectually tainted by the spooks. []

I didn't see any such recommendation in the linked article. However, there is a comment in this article in which he does make such a statement. Schneier seems to have reversed himself on advocating the use of elliptic-curve ciphers.

1 year,9 days

Man Killed By His Own Radio-Controlled Helicopter In Brooklyn

pongo000 Re:OUCH (479 comments)

Holy shit! That is just plain crazy. That must be some strong velcro holding the back of his suit together...

1 year,9 days



Anatomy of an Internet Scam

pongo000 pongo000 writes  |  more than 6 years ago

pongo000 (97357) writes "Here's a fascinating and rare look at the endgame of an Internet scam as it unfolds. What makes this account so compelling is how the scammer continues to draw in victims despite the clear warning signs of a scam in progress. It's all here: Greed, avarice, risk, regret, fear. The technique used by the scammer (exposed as the scam collapses) is especially chilling in its simplicity, and explains a great deal why legitimate Internet e-commerce sites are reluctant to ship to alternate addresses."

An update on the alternative DNS roots movement

pongo000 pongo000 writes  |  more than 7 years ago

pongo000 (97357) writes "Salvia has written a concise update addressing the alternative DNS movement, where it's been and where it's currently headed. Of note is the demise of many of the altroots such as AlternNIC, the rise of FreeNIC from the ashes, and an attempt to merge both FreeNIC and OpenNIC in a renewed effort to provide the world with an alternative to the ICANN hegemony."
Link to Original Source

pongo000 pongo000 writes  |  more than 7 years ago

pongo000 (97357) writes "Over the past few weeks, there has been a proliferation of software engineering ads in the Sunday Dallas Morning News classifieds. Page after page of supposedly legitimate software positions, almost all posted under the "Employment & Training Administration, Division of Foreign Labor Certification." Typical wages are on the order of $80-100K/year. One would think the IT economy is really picking up in Dallas! But who are these "mystery employers"? None other than our own US Dept. of Labor, host to the Office of Foreign Labor Certification, an organization with the mission of providing "guidance" to those companies who want to hire foreign workers. But in order to do this, said companies must demonstrate there are "insufficient qualified U.S. workers available and willing to perform the work at wages that meet or exceed the prevailing wage paid for the occupation in the area of intended employment." So in an effort to assist employers in their quest to hire foreign help, the DoL has established "Backlog Elimination Centers" (BECs), one conveniently located in Dallas (and the source of the aforementioned job ads).

Is this a fair use of taxpayer dollars? As members of the IT community, should we not be sending message to the government that importing foreign labor to fulfill IT jobs despite the fact that the number of IT jobs today is merely equal to the number of jobs that existed prior to the dot-com bust is simply wrong? What if the IT community banded together and flooded these BECs with resumes...would it be enough to put a dent in this abhorrent practice?"


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