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Bill Gates Wants To Remake the Way History Is Taught. Should We Let Him?

porky_pig_jr Instead of B:C and AC ... (363 comments)

we're gonna have BG and AG. Or may be BM and AM.

about two weeks ago

Perl Is Undead

porky_pig_jr Perl isn't dead, it just smells funny. (283 comments)

Just my personal experiences. Back in 90s I was working for BBN Planet, in a group monitoring network traffic within AS1 (which is *us*). I have inherited a set of tools written in Perl which I had to maintain. Prior to that I had some moderate experience with Perl. So, when I started going through the code, I've found it sufficiently obfuscated to give me a head ache. I guess my predecessor was one of those "Perl kids who like to have fun", not understanding that production environment means, among other things, readability and maintainability. OK, fine. Roughly at the same time the administrator of multiple machines running that code (I think it was Solaris) decided to move from Perl 4 to Perl 5. That broke lots of scripts. So I decided to save time, found out what the functional specs were (from those who actually used those tools) and rewrote lots of the code just from the scratch. Because I was under some serious time pressure, I didn't care too much about either readability and maintainability either. Just to get something out of the doors, and - let my successor suffer just as I did.

Well, BBN Planet, as we all know, is a history, but Perl, unfortunately, isn't. At least it is steadily loosing ground to Python and for reason. Cheers.

about 3 months ago

Teaching Creationism As Science Now Banned In Britain's Schools

porky_pig_jr And here, in USA, it's a quite different story :-( (649 comments)

What makes me always amazed about USA: in some respect it is a highly developed country, its science and technology researches are often on a bleeding edge. Yet, at the same time, with all this crap like creationism, televangelists, in general attitude about religion, about sex, and so forth, it is SOOOOO provincial.

about 3 months ago

NSA Hacked Huawei, Stole Source Code

porky_pig_jr China vs NSA. (287 comments)

Repeat after me: China = bad! NSA = good!

about 6 months ago

Ask Slashdot: What Does Edward Snowden Deserve?

porky_pig_jr What did Snowden deserve? (822 comments)

Presidential medal of freedom (which for some unknown reasons went to Oprah).

about 8 months ago

MenuetOS, an OS Written Entirely In Assembly Language, Inches Towards 1.0

porky_pig_jr IBM OS for mainframes was 100% assembly language . (372 comments)

for a long time, till they came up with PL/S. The typical mainframe environment was COBOL or PL/I for application programming, assembly language for system and utilities.

about 10 months ago

Prison Is For Dangerous Criminals, Not Hacktivists

porky_pig_jr "Hackers are not dangerous people ..." (337 comments)

"Hackers are not dangerous people, they are misunderstood."

So are the serial killers.

about 10 months ago

Class-action Suit Filed Against Microsoft Over Surface Write Off

porky_pig_jr if you invested in Microsoft ... (212 comments)

hoping RT will be flying off the shelves --- well, you got what you've deserved.

about a year ago

Hybrid Hard Drives Just Need 8GB of NAND

porky_pig_jr hybrid drive as good as SSD? (373 comments)

Virtually every test performed on hybrid drive so far shows that for all practical purposes it performs about the same as a regular hard drive. Research, my arse ...

about a year ago

Microsoft Is Sitting On Six Million Unsold Surface Tablets

porky_pig_jr what to do with unsold Surfaces (550 comments)

Me thinks Apple should purchase all those 6 million Surfaces, for, say 1 cent a piece and have a huge party where every Apple employee can smash at least one Surface with a large iron mallet.. Or more than one, depending on rank. Something like what Vogons did to crabs.

about a year ago

NSA Admits Searching "3 Hops" From Suspects

porky_pig_jr Peter Rabbit joins NSA. (322 comments)

hoppity hop, hoppity hop, hoppity hop. Peek-a-boo!

about a year ago

Apple Devices To Outsell Windows For First Time Ever In 2013

porky_pig_jr Thanks to S. Balmer ... (391 comments)

and Windows 8, no doubt.

about a year and a half ago

Automated System Developed To Grade Student Essays

porky_pig_jr A possible problem ... (253 comments)

A nd then - oh horror - you'll find out that your grader used a different software to grade your essay. *Quite* different.

about a year and a half ago

Getting a Literature Ph.D. Will Make You Into a Horrible Person

porky_pig_jr Nobody outside the academia will understand why. (489 comments)

> You will believe this so strongly that when you do not land a job, it will destroy you, and nobody outside of academia will understand why.

That is, nobody except Josef K.

about a year and a half ago

Five Internet Founders Share First £1 Million Engineering 'Nobel' Prize

porky_pig_jr Re:I take it the honorees must be living (55 comments)

Yes, P. Baran is the first person I was thinking of. The whole idea of packet switching (as an opposite to leased lines) became the foundation of both DARPA and X.25 networks (and many others like Frame Relay). If I remember correctly, he wrote the paper as some kind of research project.

about a year ago

European Parliament Decides Not To Ban Internet Porn

porky_pig_jr In Soviet Europe ... (397 comments)

porn bans YOU!

about a year and a half ago

NASA Wants New Space Net To Sustain Big Data Dumps; Moon and Mars Trips

porky_pig_jr Universe-wide network? Is IPv6 sufficient? (63 comments)

Clearly not, if the Universe is infinite. So seems like there is no point to migrating to IPv6. Time to start working on IPv8 or whatever.

about a year and a half ago


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