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Server Based Slots of the Future

posternutbaguk More fair...? (190 comments)

Maybe this will make some slots more fair. I used to work as an engineer in the uk fixing fruit machines (as slots are known over here) and the scams involved are pretty nasty. We were always asked to set the lowest % win rate possible on all machines, regardless of what was printed on the legal notice on the front of the machine.

We also used to put the machines in a mode that payed out big consistenly, spin the reels for 5 minutes or so, and then put the cash back in the chutes. This meant the machine thought it had paid out a ton in the recent past, further reducing the odds.

I lasted 1 year in that job - boy, the kickbacks were good (I got paid 1g of cocaine for fixing some machines in an illegal gambling den one time), but the karma was seriously negative.

more than 9 years ago


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