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P vs. NP Problem Linked To the Quantum Nature of the Universe

postmortem Re:Computable? Simulatable? (199 comments)

Maybe Heaven is just a better simulation...

about two weeks ago

US Intelligence Officials To Monitor Federal Employees With Security Clearances

postmortem just like DRM (186 comments)

so baddies have been warned, they have plenty of time to apply corrective actions. And employees with nothing to hide will be only ones affected by this.

about a month ago

Hacker Says He Could Access 70,000 Healthcare.Gov Records In 4 Minutes

postmortem Re:Before they patch the hole (351 comments)

they just changed it to password2

about 3 months ago

LLVM and Clang 3.4 Are Out

postmortem Re:pretty quick on the C++14 support (118 comments)

Huh? QCreator, Netbeans and Eclipse C/C++ IDEs are fully integrated with GCC, including both debugging and compilation.

about 3 months ago

U.S. Waived Laws To Keep F-35 On Track With China-made Parts

postmortem Re:Don't imagine it stops there. (348 comments)

You get them made from your own designs in Taiwan, which is not exactly PRC.

about 3 months ago

Encrypted PIN Data Taken In Target Breach

postmortem Can encyption experts chime in? (213 comments)

How hard it would be to decrypt, knowing that each pin is exactly 4 digits?

I would think if salting was not using, it is just a matter of the time.

about 4 months ago

Developing Games On and For Linux/SteamOS

postmortem misses to mention popular IDE (145 comments)

Netbeans - although their focus is Java, C/C++ support is great.

about 4 months ago

Code.org: More Money For CS Instructors Who Teach More Girls

postmortem which one of big 4 is a girl (381 comments)

Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer, Eric Schmidt
none? ;)

about 5 months ago

Researcher Shows How GPUs Make Terrific Network Monitors

postmortem not new (67 comments)

NSA already does this, how else you think they process all that data?

about 5 months ago

CyanogenMod 10.2 M1 Released

postmortem CM - a way to extend short life of the devices (65 comments)

Verizon and others would love you to upgrade your device so often. Usually if you want latest and greatest, that would be only way.

For example, device I bought in late 2011, came with Android 2.3 and had only one upgrade - to 4.0. Yet I'm still on the contract, and there were 4 Android releases.
Thanks to mods and CM, I got very stable version of Android 4.3, and I intend to keep my device for a while.
Thanks to Verizon and HTC, I got not much for my money.

This is one area where Apple excels, their device commonly have up to 3 yrs of updates.

about 6 months ago

Dell Is Now a Private Company Again

postmortem Not bad (151 comments)

Dell has one less thing to worry about: quarterly profits and revenue. This is right thing for struggling or declining companies. "analysts" won't bug them every moth how their market is shrinking and sales declining. Bet employees will feel safer too without threats of layoffs every time they don't meet "expectations"

about 6 months ago

Anti-Poaching Lawsuit Against Apple, Google and Others Given the Green Light

postmortem Wellcome to corporate captialism (172 comments)

...you get to see the tip of the iceberg

about 6 months ago

NSA Intercepted French Telephone Calls "On a Massive Scale"

postmortem at this point (330 comments)

It is easier to find who NSA doesn't spy... so far that list is []

about 6 months ago

Using Java In Low Latency Environments

postmortem Re:Huh? (371 comments)

Good points, and C++ has one thing going for it. Qt framework. Java-like interfaces for fast development, with C++ performance, and a minimal memory management.

about 9 months ago

Nokia: Microsoft Must Evolve To Make Windows Phone a Success

postmortem yeah you liked that short term cash you got (230 comments)

with the "Deal"
now we are on long term consequences, and everybody told you it is not a good idea to stick with !Win phone and nothing else.

about 9 months ago

Visual Studio vs. Eclipse: a Programmer's Comparison

postmortem From C++ perspective (543 comments)

Eclipse's gcc code parser integration is better than IntelliSense. It actually understand OO code. VS struggles badly with understanding OO code. for example, if every class re-implements one virtual function, VS cannot figure out usage of one particular implementation; even if there are object declared with that class.

Thus VS is good for debugging, for everything else in C++... not much so.

about 9 months ago

Confirmed: Water Once Flowed On Mars

postmortem In other words... (113 comments)

Martian Republican party once ruled on Mars ;)

about a year ago



postmortem postmortem writes  |  more than 7 years ago

postmortem (906676) writes "It was only a matter of time before Microsft decides to do same thing with Office 2003 (and upcoming 2007), as it was done with windows XP: in order to get add-ins (such as save as PDF for upcoming Office 2007), user is advised to run ActiveX validation tool. More at here: http://www.microsoft.com/genuine/office/offers.asp x?displaylang=en"



Office Genuine Advantage

postmortem postmortem writes  |  more than 7 years ago It was only a matter of time before Microsft decides to do same thing with Office 2003 (and upcoming 2007), as it was done with windows XP: in order to get add-ins (such as save as PDF for upcoming Office 2007), user is advised to run ActiveX validation tool. More at here: http://www.microsoft.com/genuine/office/offers.aspx?displaylang=en

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