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Justice Department: Default Encryption Has Created a 'Zone of Lawlessness'

pr0t0 Re:Fifth amendment zone of lawlessness (423 comments)

The DOJ made their bed.

They continue to hoover-up massive amounts of data on everything from telecommunications to, as recently reported, vehicle movements, on everyone within and outside US borders. We are meant to trust that this data will not be abused by those who collect it, and that it cannot be hacked/modified/stolen by anyone else.

We have no choice but to encrypt our data. We seemingly have no way to stop it's collection, and those who collect it have repeatedly shown themselves to be poor stewards of that data (lack of protection, accessed without warrant, etc.). They've transitioned their methodologies based on that data being available and unencrypted, and failed to prepare for the inevitable fact that data encryption would eventually become commonplace...with or without Snowden...because there are lots of bad actors in the world.

3 days ago

Kepler Discovers Solar System's Ancient 'Twin'

pr0t0 Peanut Butter (67 comments)

And upon one of those rocky worlds is an ancient and advanced civilization. They will be able to give us the secrets of the universe; from interstellar travel and zero-point energy to a smoother, creamier peanut butter.

I for one welcome our ancient alien overlords.

4 days ago

Ask Slashdot: Has the Time Passed For Coding Website from Scratch?

pr0t0 Google Sites (302 comments)

If all your client wants is a simple/stupid brochure site that they can maintain, just build it in Google Sites with a Google account they can own. You can do a whole site in 1-3 hours depending on how much custom graphics you have to build. You can reasonably charge $250-1000 depending on your time, and spend an hour training them on how to maintain it so you don't have to in perpetuity.

I've done this just a few times now (twice for free), and every time I'm glad I did. The more you dig into it, the more you realize it actually does allow for *some* customization. If you get into the scripting, you can do even more. I see tech-challenged people starting their small (1-20 people) brick & mortar businesses and being totally lost on things like document sharing, company email, web sites, cloud storage, etc. I just hook them up with the Google Business apps...$50/person/year. It's cheap and works.

about two weeks ago

Bitcoin Volatility Puts Miners Under Pressure

pr0t0 Re:Nothing has been lost! (290 comments)

Agreed. Also, I don't ever recall return on investment as being one of the selling points of BitCoin in the first place. It was meant as an alternative to currency, not an investment vehicle. Even if the value dropped to parity with the US Dollar or below, it would still retain its initial utility. So again, nothing lost.

about two weeks ago

Chevrolet Unveils 200-Mile Bolt EV At Detroit Auto Show

pr0t0 Concept vs. Reality (426 comments)

Given the original Chevy Volt concept looked like this and the production looked like this. I fully expect the Bolt to go from this to this.

about three weeks ago

Project Ryptide Drone Flies Life-Rings To Distressed Swimmers

pr0t0 Better with GPS? (62 comments)

While not addressing all concerns, I wonder if it would be more effective to automate it through the use of a swimmer-worn panic button. I envision a situation where the swimmer hits the button, and the Ryptide copter flies to the swimmer automatically. Not sure if GPS is accurate enough for that though. A life-ring dropped four feet away from a swimmer in panic is probably useless.

about a month ago

Russia Plans To Build World First DNA Databank of All Living Things

pr0t0 Already in process? (83 comments)

Aren't there already several DNA library initiatives underway? I think one is called LifeTechnologies, and then there's the seed vault in Norway (I think it's Norway). There was also talks a long time ago about putting a DNA library on the moon, which obviously has not happened yet.

about a month ago

Once Again, Baltimore Police Arrest a Person For Recording Them

pr0t0 Pay with the pension fund! (515 comments)

I have friends who are cops. It's a shitty, thankless job where you get to enjoy the worst of human behavior. Oh, and occasionally your life is on the line; risking widowing your wife and leaving your kids without a father. Many of them were soldiers who enlisted, had a gun put in their hand at 18 years old, and taught to kill other people. It's easy to see how cops can become jaded and not give a crap about rights. A lot of them are pretty nice work-a-day randos just trying to get through life like the rest of us.

That said, I think in this instance the best way to police cops is to let them police themselves by hitting them where it really hurts: personal finances. So for example, the resulting remuneration from a lawsuit where cop takes your phone and erases a video is paid for from the police pension fund. Further, that officer's personal pension is reset to zero, or halved or some other appropriate consequence. That's a pretty powerful motivator, and there will be huge pressure from within the ranks to keep their shit wired tight. I also think it would need to be very narrowly defined. The last thing we want is officers afraid to do anything for fear of losing their pension.

about a month and a half ago

How Astronomers Will Take the "Image of the Century": a Black Hole

pr0t0 Re:It's already been proven. (129 comments)

Unless those stars are orbiting outside the galactic plane, then I don't believe that is "actual imagery". Maybe it's a representation (based on the data) of what it would look like if you could hover above the galactic plane and look down at the black hole.

This is why this project seems strange to me. Why image our own galactic center? There's roughly 25,000 light years of dust and stars to see through. Why not image the center of a galaxy that's plane is perpendicular to us?

about 2 months ago

Every Weapon, Armored Truck, and Plane the Pentagon Gave To Local Police

pr0t0 John Oliver! (191 comments)

John Oliver did a funny yet sad piece on Fergusson, MO and police militarization. My favorite part is the two stoners in Saginaw, MI filming the sheriff's armored truck; particularly when one has a moment of clarity and wonders how bad their city really is.


about 2 months ago

'Moneyball' Approach Reduces Crime In New York City

pr0t0 Results? (218 comments)

I glossed through the lengthy article and didn't see if the DA's "Moneyball" approach is working, and to what extent if it is.

about 2 months ago

Republicans Block Latest Attempt At Curbing NSA Power

pr0t0 Re:Bill Rejected with Bi-Partisan agreeemnt (445 comments)

I'll start this off by stating I'm non-partisan and have no particular party affiliation. That said, the AC above is being disingenuous at best.

Domestic surveillance of the American populace by the NSA as almost certainly been in place since its inception, but it didn't really come into full-force until Bush signed the order to begin domestic spying on Oct.4, 2001. (see https://www.eff.org/nsa-spying... say that its reached "new and unimagined levels" under the current administration is true, but only because the program has grown and expanded steadily since 2001.

But all of that is history to be rewritten by those with the motivation to do so, and relearned by those with short memories. As Americans, our forefathers built a nation upon the idea that we could create and maintain a country free of political tyranny; that those with power could not subjugate those without; that as humans, we have the unalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; that its laws will provide justice and protection for all its citizenry; and that those citizens will be brave in the face of those who would try to take those ideas from us, and fight to preserve what we have built.

The Senate had the chance to take a stand to honor the sacrifices made by so many, and everything that we've fought and bled for 238 years; but they did not. Perhaps that is fine. Perhaps ISIS, and Al-Qaeda before them, have shown us that the idea of America is a false one. That all it takes to shake our country to its foundation is to sneak in and blow up some buildings. Maybe we were delusional in thinking that we could really ever be free? Maybe it's all been romanticized through movies, literature, and rewritten history books; and that we never really were a "land of the free and home of the brave". Maybe that's just song lyrics. Maybe it is the best form of government on the planet, or maybe that doesn't matter because it's government of and by an animal driven by greed and fear. And maybe it's always been that way since we came out of the caves.

That's what I take away from this vote, and all the other votes on all the other measures that either erode our freedoms, or prevent that erosion from happening. That it doesn't matter what we do, no form of government can overcome our failings as species.

about 2 months ago

Amazon Goes After Oracle (Again) With New Aurora Database

pr0t0 Re:"which after typically" (102 comments)

No, WAT is "which after typically". WTF is something else entirely.

about 3 months ago

President Obama Backs Regulation of Broadband As a Utility

pr0t0 He's Lying (706 comments)

I know he's lying because he's a politician, and his lips are moving. This isn't a dems/reps thing...they're all liars, crooks, and cheats. I'm not exactly sure what he's lying about; intentions, outcomes, agenda are all possibilities/probabilities. I'm just pretty sure he's lying about something.

about 3 months ago

"Car Talk" Co-Host Tom Magliozzi Dies At Age 77

pr0t0 Favorites from Click & Clack (82 comments)

One of mine was when a kid called to ask how he can make washing his parents' cars easier. Tom joked and replied, mix sand and iron filings into the bucket with the wash water...they'll never ask you to wash their cars again.

about 3 months ago

Statisticians Study Who Was Helped Most By Obamacare

pr0t0 Re:how many small businesses has Obama killed? (739 comments)

I disagree with the premise that "ObamaCare" and the ACA are the same thing. When Obama introduced his framework for health care reform, it included, among other things, a single-payer system. Controversial to be sure, but a key part of the plan. The republicans focused on that and the individual mandate as their two key talking points of opposition. The former was framed as a government takeover of healthcare, and the latter as unconstitutional. The democrats dropped the former to make it more palatable, presumably thinking something is better than nothing and perhaps it will be added in time. The republicans were quick to jump on board with that probably thinking without the single-payer element, the whole thing was dead. The latter was deemed constitutional by the supreme court, breathing new life into the legislation.

While the republicans termed the whole notion of healthcare reform as "ObamaCare" as a pejorative, in my mind the ACA is actually more of an inadvertent compromise between the democrats and the republicans. It wasn't the intention of the republicans to add things in and take things out as a means of compromise. What they did, they did to kill the legislation; but it didn't work out that way. In the end, the ACA is a democrat-led effort for healthcare reform with many compromises made to please, and at the behest of, republicans.

While the republicans didn't vote for the legislation; the legislation that passed has their fingerprints all over it.

But all of this is just political theater and bullshit. If any of you think your party is "right" or fighting for and representing your interests, you are deluded and probably of only average intelligence.

about 3 months ago

20 More Cities Want To Join the Fight Against Big Telecom's Broadband Monopolies

pr0t0 Re:Meaningful Competition? (97 comments)

I don't see how a government takeover will...

Sorry, I think you mistook slashdot for some Fox News forum?

I expect we'll probably see and hear the phrase "government takeover" quite a bit from the Fox News crowd on this issue. It's obviously incendiary; designed to spread fear and disinformation to the public. It's also totally baseless. As if municipal broadband is some kind of coup? As if the "gobmint" is going to prevent ISPs from doing business in this country? As if they are going to seize the assets of ISPs in order to control the information sent to the masses? As if they needed to and haven't already been doing that since the invention of the printing press?

Oh yeah, it's a government takeover. It couldn't possibly be people fed up with high rates, poor service, and no market forces present to correct this; willing to spend their tax dollars for a different system, possibly a better system, or simply to light a fire under those in control of the current system.

about 3 months ago

Michigan About To Ban Tesla Sales

pr0t0 Re:Let me FTFY (294 comments)


Money != speech. In fact, the United States was formed, in part, as a means of getting away from rule by monarchy/aristocracy. Our founders went to war to prevent it. But I suppose that's where we are. Maybe it's an inevitable failing of humanity that greed, not love, conquers all. After all, you get as much justice as you can afford, why should speech be any different?

But you did say "the public doesn't like what they have to say", and as we know from the article summary "The bill was modified without any opportunity for public comment." It's not like that was an accident, you know. They know full-well what the public comment would be. From the auto dealers, those they employ, and their lobbyists; we'd get: "This is bad for America!", "Think of the children!", and "This is pro-ebola!" From everyone else we'd hear "Please don't tell me how I can buy the products I want to use."

Really, this is just furthering the nail in Michigan's coffin. If Michigan residents can't buy Tesla's in their home state, they'll buy them in another. Purchasing a Tesla is statement, and a lifestyle choice. It's not a purchase of convenience. I'd fly to California and drive a Tesla back if I had to and was in the market for one. That's me taking the money I earn in Michigan and giving the sales tax on a high-dollar item to CA.

about 3 months ago



Best web framework or CMS for task automation

pr0t0 pr0t0 writes  |  about 3 years ago

pr0t0 (216378) writes "I've been asked by a local non-profit organization to help with a web project they are planning that will provide a curriculum to teachers for conservation education. They have little in the way of manpower or technical capability, and need a site that can automate tasks like sub-site creation and management. The thinking is that the teacher can sign up and a sub site will be created to house their calendar, documents, and activities that the teacher would adminstrate. The students would also need to be able to sign in and upload project information, results and photos. The main site would need to be able to aggregate some of the data from the sub sites so that the schools can compare their progress against each other. I've worked with SquareSpace and Google Sites in the past. I'm a SharePoint admin in my real job and could possibly use SharePoint Online. I'm also aware of CMS packages like Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress, Concrete5, etc., but haven't used them personally. I don't mind volunteering the hours it will take to create the site, the sub-site templates, and all of the custom coding necessary; but I don't want to be a slave to the site's ongoing use. Does anyone have any recommendations for creating a turn-key package for users of varying technical abilities that you can walk away from when finished?"


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