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Senate Passes 4-Year Re-Up of Patriot Act Provisions

praedor it goes beyond mere roving wiretaps (422 comments)

And goes into a 4 year extension of Big Brother spying on what books you read or buy, what your emails contain, etc. It allows Big Brother to collect information on you sans any justification whatsoever - you don't even need to have ANY connection to a so-called "terrorist" or "terrorist organization" (like environmental groups, worker's rights groups, anti-corporate groups, know, horrific "terrorists").

It is not a "yawn". It is yet another shiv into the heart of so-called "liberty" and "freedom".

Land of the free, home of the brave MY ASS. Land of the chattle, home of pansy candyasses is more accurate.

more than 3 years ago

Does Quantum Theory Explain Consciousness?

praedor First things first (729 comments)

First, define consciousness or, better yet, prove it matters. Explain fMRI studies that indicate that one actually makes decisions PRE-consciously yet still makes consciousness relevant. That's right, fMRI studies indicate that you make a decision to take an action BEFORE you are actually consciously aware of it. Turns the entire idea of consciousness on its head so that it is merely becoming conscious of what your brain/mind has already decided microseconds BEFORE you are conscious of making the decision.

Once we get past the above, THEN we can get into explaining what it is and how it comes about. It is way premature to assign quantum anything as an explanation before we really know what we are explaining or even if it needs explaining.

more than 3 years ago

Denials Aside, Feds Storing Body Scan Images

praedor Re:What's the big deal? (560 comments)

Not just grey blobs. The quality/nature of the image is purely dependent on how the pervs and jackboot thugs that set it up configure the software:

Go for the pat-down and give the f*cktard a nice smelly fart as he is feeling up your ass and crotch.

more than 4 years ago

Denials Aside, Feds Storing Body Scan Images

praedor EMF-blocking undergarments (560 comments)

I suggest purchasing these. Would also block RFID reading by passer's by though you can get EMF-blocking wallets and passport wallets for that too. I suspect these might block the TSA scanners:

more than 4 years ago

Dell Selling Dual-Boot Laptops

praedor Re:Everyone's gettng the wrong idea here (289 comments)

Hmpf. What a waste of linux hardcore capability. Just a means to use virus files, err, Outlook pifs?

What is needed is dump the windows from the HDD and use the ARM version of linux to run a tor node and even act as a firewall or what have you, and then use linux on the main processor for real work.

more than 5 years ago

Dell Selling Dual-Boot Laptops

praedor They got this 180 bassackwards (289 comments)

They goofed. For heavy lifting, you want linux, for light tasks, you use windows. That is how they work and how they are designed.

LINUX does heavy sh*t, windows does games and recipes, etc.

more than 5 years ago


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