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First Release of LibreSSL Portable Is Available

prat393 Re:Other OS's (101 comments)

Why IRIX? Used at your job?

about 6 months ago

Amazon's 3D Smartphone As a (Useful) Gimmick

prat393 Re:My phone is already 3D (68 comments)

Well, I have a bunch of monofilament phones I could bond together... sounds like we're on to something here.

about 7 months ago

Large-Scale Mac Deployment?

prat393 Re:JAMF Casper (460 comments)

Also used for Mac remote imaging / package management et al at our fortune 200 company.

more than 5 years ago

Air Force To Re-Open Pursuit of Cyber Command

prat393 Government mindset (142 comments)

"Better we open Pandora's box than some other guy beating us to it."

more than 6 years ago


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