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Original Cast On Board For Ghostbusters 3

prator Re:I'm putting on my psychic hat (444 comments)

Maybe some of the older Seinfelds are slow, but they have plenty of gems. I think they managed to run a subplot for each character in a lot of shows.

For instance, Kramer getting the old Merv Griffin set, Jerry playing with his girlfriend's father's antique toys, George running over the squirrel, and Elaine dealing with the "sidler" at work are all in the same episode.


more than 5 years ago

Baby Monitors Killing Urban Wi-Fi

prator Re:My personal experience. (348 comments)

Disturbing acronym collision detected!

At first, I thought you were referring to SIDS.

more than 5 years ago

Circuit City Closes Its Doors For Good

prator Re:With Circuit City and CompUSA all but gone... (587 comments)

I had the same kind of experience. A couple of years ago, I was jumping through hoops to get Circuit City to match Fry's on a 40" Sony LCD, and, ultimately, they wouldn't do it.

I called a local shop told them what I was looking for and how much I was willing to pay for it. They agreed right away (I probably should have gone lower). Then later, they swapped it for another unit after I let the unattainable perfectionism at AVS Forum lead me to believe that my unit was faulty.

I'll definitely be visiting the next time I'm looking for a TV.

about 6 years ago

The Google Navy

prator Re:No, William Gibson (259 comments)

Google is just weird sometimes. Somehow, your comment shows up at #6 for "wikipedia maas neotek".

Anyway, I'm kinda hazy on how Maas-Neotek relates to a conglomeration of boats tied together out somewhere in the ocean. I don't recall it from the Gibson books I've read, and Google doesn't seem to be helping.

more than 6 years ago


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