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The Security of Popular Programming Languages

preaction Re:On the Other Hand (188 comments)

I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE ... but not for ColdFusion, ew.

4 days ago

More On the Disposable Tech Worker

preaction Re:Old dogs, huh? (323 comments)

Dr. Townshend: What the hell's this all about?
Dr. Kelso: Nothing! I was, uh, just looking over your files and, um... well... your osteoporotic patients aren't on Bisphosphonate; your diabetics aren't on ACE inhibitors. Doug, a lot of your treatments are pretty out of date.
Dr. Townshend: Come on, Bob, I'm-guys like us, we're set in our ways.
Dr. Kelso: Well, this is not an age thing, Doug. Hell, these days if you've been out of med school five years, half of what you learned is obsolete. Why do you think I spend every other weekend at a seminar in some two-star hotel ballroom that still stinks of last night's prom vomit? I do it because I have to keep up.

about a month ago

Can Science Ever Be "Settled?"

preaction Re:i interpret it to mean (497 comments)

The people who do that have conflated proof with faith. We absolutely should not have faith in science, we should demand proof. Science is Faith's eternal enemy!

about a month and a half ago

Study: Half of In-App Purchases Come From Only 0.15% of Players

preaction Re:$10,000?!? (144 comments)

You weren't giving them any money, so why does it matter if you do or do not play their game in protest?

about 2 months ago

How To Take Apart Fukushima's 3 Melted-Down Reactors

preaction Re:Wait for better robots (167 comments)

They're inventing and improving the robots as they clean up the site. "Necessity is the mother of invention" and all that. Without a site to clean up, there's no way to build better robots to clean up nuclear sites.

about 2 months ago

Portal 2 Beta Released For Linux

preaction Re:Linux.. (99 comments)

Ratman was pretty confident that the cake was, indeed, a lie.

about 2 months ago

Supreme Court Ruling Relaxes Warrant Requirements For Home Searches

preaction Re:Complete Bullshit (500 comments)

It's not only people who live there, but if my estranged cousin from Sri Lanka (who are well-known for their ignorance of US law) is visiting and invites the cops in, they can come in and there's no longer any legal grounds to fight the resulting arrest on the basis of illegal search.

Any occupant at all. I wonder if my dog could consent...

about 2 months ago

Controversial Execution In Ohio Uses New Lethal Drug Combination

preaction Re:I don't get it either. (1038 comments)

And is it really for the greater good that we actually kill them? We sink more money into killing a person than we do keeping them alive, incarcerated.

The only real result of the death penalty seems to be deterrence and revenge catharsis.

about 3 months ago

Programmer Privilege

preaction Re:How long would that last... (353 comments)

Sometimes it's getting tasked to do something that teaches you how to do it. If you appear incompetent to the eyes of the taskmaster, you won't get the chance to even try.

In an old retail job, a boss of mine told me he got where he was by saying "Yes, I know how to do that" to everything that was ever asked of him, and basically learning how to do it on the spot (driving a forklift, for example).

If you can do a passable job while learning, you can do it better next time.

about 3 months ago

Afraid Someone Will Steal Your Game Design Idea?

preaction Re:Video games (140 comments)

Agreed. I wish I had a nickle for every "idea person" who applied to my indie video game company. Then I could actually afford more coders and get more work done...

about 8 months ago

ICANN Approves First Set of New gTLDs

preaction Re:How do I type this? (106 comments)

That's rather Amero-centric of you. Would you go to an Arabic language website? If so, you probably have a way to type Arabic characters. Would you go to a Japanese language website? If so, you probably have a way to type Japanese characters. These characters have been allowed in certain parts of the URL for a long time, but never the TLD. What, largely, has changed?

This is a step towards more globalization, which is a good thing for everyone except the people who are on top but unable to take full advantage of being on top (the American middle and lower classes).

about 9 months ago

UN Debates Rules Surrounding Killer Robots

preaction Re:Kill limit (215 comments)

I'll be ready with waves and waves of my own men!

about a year ago

Equipment Failure May Cut Kepler Mission Short

preaction Re:so much for... (76 comments)

So we, as a species, should stop looking towards the stars and keep our noses to the ground and dig, dig until we build utopia on planet Earth? Somehow I do not think that is a long-term survival prospect for our species.

[insert link to graph showing NASA's budget as compared to DoD budget and other government agencies' budgets].

about a year ago

DARPA Wants Huge Holy Grail of Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

preaction Re:Give Pirate Bay some money (61 comments)

I think the Gnutella network (Limewire), Kazaa, or Skype are more appropriate. They're more decentralized than BitTorrent (though BitTorrent has some redundancy).

about a year ago

President Obama To Nominate Cable and Wireless Lobbyist To Head FCC

preaction Re:mmmm (304 comments)

I vote to put a bell on him! Who's with me?!

about a year ago

From 'Quantified Self' To 'Quantified Car'

preaction The Monitored Life Is Worth Buying (173 comments)

"The unexamined life is not worth living", so I'm going to thoroughly examine every aspect of my own life! How much time can one really spend on things like this? I've tried keeping calorie counts every day, but now I just weigh myself every morning and approximate calories on every new meal I add to the repertoire. If I spend too much time trying to optimize everything in my life, what time do I have left to live it?

about a year ago

ZTE Joins Long List of Android Device-Makers Licensing Microsoft Patents

preaction Re:Against copyright and patents (112 comments)

No, the only reason I believe that patents and copyrights are "immoral" is because I've never had an idea worth stealing.

about a year ago

Most Projects On GitHub Aren't Open Source Licensed

preaction Re:Open Source License (630 comments)

This is the best comparison I have ever read between the two philosophies. Invisible mod points to you, sir!

1 year,1 day

Wordpress Sites Under Wide-Scale Brute Force Attack

preaction Re:limit login attempts (110 comments)

Because it increases the number of support requests dramatically.

1 year,7 days


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