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Is Your Mood a Result of Where You Live?

prell Minnesota (364 comments)

I live in Minnesota, and I will say that in the spring and summer, especially when I'm outside, my mood is lifted considerably. There's nothing like summer in Minnesota; it's heavenly. The winters can be brutal, though.

more than 5 years ago

Justice Dept. Approves XM/Sirius Merger

prell Re:Umm... what other Satellite Radio is there? (232 comments)

Cable TV is different than satellite radio.

Usually, in cable markets, there's only one choice. Cable never competes, regardless of the provider -- from local to national.

Satellite radio is more similar to HBO, Showtime, et al. People pay extra money and go out of their way to get these premium stations. If there were just HBShowtime (or Shomeboxoffice), would it hurt many people?

Now, if XM+Sirius used their monopoly to crush any new satellite competitors, that would be illegal.

more than 6 years ago


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