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New Single Board Computer Lets You Swap Out the CPU and Memory

present_arms Re:Just think of what you can do with this! (122 comments)

we just prefer spending time having sex with our girlfriends

*looks at site name* You Liar

about three weeks ago

Judge Frees "Cannibal Cop" Who Shared His Fantasies Online

present_arms I take it (185 comments)

I take it he just didn't post "I'd love to eat her out" then. Seriously though it's getting rather dangerous when people are being jailed for thinking something bad, who here at one time or another hasn't had "evil" thoughts at one time or another?

about three weeks ago

Protesters Launch a 135-Foot Blimp Over the NSA's Utah Data Center

present_arms Re:federal law (104 comments)

"Unfortuantely, I just lost a lot of respect for the EFF when they aligned themselves with greenpeace. EFF has been, until this point, a consistently ethical organization. Greenpeace has been, to this point, consistently unethical." The enemy of my enemy is my friend

about a month ago

Patent Troll Ordered To Pay For the Costs of Fighting a Bad Patent

present_arms Re:Sounds awesome except.... (191 comments)

Now that sounds just slack :P

about 2 months ago

Pioneering Transplant Surgeon Joseph Murray Dead at 93

present_arms Re:Rest in peace. (24 comments)

Could not said that better myself, R.I.P your work here is done

about a year and a half ago

KDE 4.10 Beta1 Released

present_arms Bored and just wanted to say (73 comments)

To those thinking that 4.10 and 4.1 are the same, I'm on 4.9.2 (Four period nine period two) now to go back to 4.1 (four period one) would be silly as the beta is 4.10 which is (Four period Ten) I hope that clears things up for some :). on a serious note I'll wait for my distro (PCLinuxOS for those interested, not a *buntu fan personally) to have the stable in before I jump in

about a year and a half ago

How To Watch Internet TV Across International Borders

present_arms for those (206 comments)

who do use proxy' to see Iplayer, you can get live feeds for all the free (in the UK) OTA digital channels at

about 2 years ago

Three Arrests In China Over Baidu Post-Deleting Services

present_arms Re:Google+ probably does same (35 comments)

You are in danger of repeating yourself there, I say you are in danger of repeating yourself there :)

about 2 years ago

Demonoid Down For a Week, Serving Malware Laden Ads

present_arms Re:fuck all you (144 comments)

fuck all you pirate assholes anyway. I hope you get a virus that blows up your hard drive, you anti-business pricks.

you forgot to add yours sincerely MPIAA :D

about 2 years ago

Europe Gets Pay-As-You-Go Satellite Broadband

present_arms Re:Conspicuously missing: the actual price (58 comments)

Pay as you go in the UK at least means say you pay £10 for say 1 GB of data for a month, you pay before you use :) I have an unlimited pay as u go data on my phone for 10 GBP /month that includes unlimited txt and 300 mins to any cell network voice mins too, I assume this satellite setup will be similar, sans the sms txt and voice of course.

about 2 years ago

UK ISP Asks Religious Groups To Set Parental Controls

present_arms Re:Hpw about (205 comments)

That is fine that it's just one ISP, but how long before religious groups start targeting the more bigger ISP's here like BT or Virgin. It's the start of a downward spiral, only took one man to start a war, and although that is a very different thing, there are similarities :)

about 2 years ago

UK ISP Asks Religious Groups To Set Parental Controls

present_arms Hpw about (205 comments)

Religious groups can go and fuck themselves, I've had enough of superstitious groups trying to change the world to their liking, really it's too much. if some idiot needs to censor what he sees, install dans guardian or similar. geeze, leave the net alone

about 2 years ago

Windows Phone 8 Officially Unveiled

present_arms Re:Won't work on current phones? (414 comments)

This move reminds me of when Apple stopped supporting PPC devices. The article says WinPh8 won't support single-core devices. I wonder why? That would be equivalent to them releasing Windows 7 and saying, "Won't support Pentium 4 or other single-cores."

That is because Wph8 need more than one core because it's slow and needs more cores to move at a decent pace hahah

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Why Aren't You Running KDE?

present_arms I am (818 comments)

Running KDE and I personally have no issues with it :) does what i need when i need to and it isn't slow as most think it might be.

more than 2 years ago



IBM launches "Microsoft-free" PC initiativ

present_arms present_arms writes  |  more than 6 years ago

present_arms (848116) writes "IBM launches "Microsoft-free" PC initiative IBM is teaming up with partners in Austria and Poland to offer Microsoft-free PCs for the eastern European market. IBM says it is offering the Linux-based PCs together with Red Hat software distributor VDEL of Austria and Polish distributor and services firm LX Polska, in response to demand from Russian IT chiefs."


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