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Why Not Every New "Like the Brain" System Will Prove Important

presspass Nothing is like the brain (47 comments)

Because nothing is "like the brain"

about 8 months ago

Chernobyl's Sarcophagus, Redux

presspass How effective is effective? (121 comments)

Can we build something that will shield the reactor that is more effective that just leaving it open?

Serious question...

about 9 months ago

Report: 99 Percent of New Mobile Threats Target Android

presspass Market Share (269 comments)

When Apple gets the market share that Android has, you'll see that Apple gets as many attacks as Android does.

about 8 months ago

Why Speed-Reading Apps Don't Work

presspass Re:Simple (92 comments)

What if you're reading AND juggling?

about 9 months ago

Jesse Jackson To Take On Silicon Valley's Lack of Diversity

presspass Re:Fuck that guy. (397 comments)

PS before the trolls chime in with their 'fuh fuh dur yer a racist fuh fuh" nonsense, I will have you know that I own not one, but three color TVs.

You mean: "TVs of color".

about 10 months ago

House Committee Approves Bill Banning In-Flight Phone Calls

presspass Re:What are they going to ban next? (366 comments)

The skeptical part of me figures it's just grandstanding on the part of the politicians pushing it through.

Yeah, "look, we're listening to the common people".

Our legislators are too ignorant to know what should be a law and what shouldn't.

about a year ago

Cops With Google Glass: Horrible Idea, Or Good One?

presspass "Why so many 'malfunctions"? (192 comments)

I think Google will hate this since there will be massive reports from the cops that the Google Glass malfunctioned.

about a year ago

Russia's Dyatlov Pass Incident May Have Been Explained By Modern Science

presspass Easy! (110 comments)

Don't know why it took so long to figure this out...
They were all in the same tent no?

One of the girls yelled "Spider!" or "Mouse!" and panicked, knocking down the tent. Someone cuts the tent open to get out. They all flee, but it's dark and everyone gets turned around, not able to find there way back to the tent
Seriously, once you have some kind of panic event the rest of the events seem to be quite ordinary.

about a year ago

US Issues 30-Year Eagle-Killing Permits To Wind Industry

presspass Re:Something has to give, buddy (466 comments)

You don't need to breathe as much as you do. FACT.

Reduce your breathing for the benefit of all...

about a year ago

ATF Tests Show 3D Printed Guns Can Explode

presspass Re:Point being (233 comments)

"With taxes I buy oppression".

about a year ago

Gunman Opens Fire At LAX

presspass Re:Great... (520 comments)

This ^ is what I'd like to explore.
Why does the media and the general populace get this so wrong?
It's not an arcane distinction. It's basic mechanics. One trigger pull, one shot.

about a year ago

Largest US Power Storing Solar Array Goes Live

presspass WTF (377 comments)

I was wondering why my solar panels suddenly went dark.


about a year ago

A Teletherapy Startup Removes Barriers To Mental Health Care

presspass This is somewhat obvious. (102 comments)

I will postulate that online therapy is less intimidating then face to face therapy and therefore, more productive. In the future I will try to post something that is more controversial, I promise.

about a year ago

Tesla Working On Autonomous Cars: Musk Wants Teslas With Auto-Pilot

presspass Infrastructure (287 comments)

I think there will be lots of infrastructure required before we'll see autonomous cars.
Not an engineer, so go nuts...

about a year ago

NYC Is Tracking RFID Toll Collection Tags All Over the City

presspass Re:Still pissed (314 comments)

The number of skeletons in [most famous person]'s closet is usually directly proportional to how sanctimonious or pious they act in public.

"The more the preacher preached, the faster we counted the silverware"

about a year ago

Microsoft Is Working On a Cloud Operating System For the US Government

presspass Oh Dear... (171 comments)

Ha hahahahahahahahaha.....

about a year and a half ago

Omni Magazine To Reboot

presspass Re:Reboot reboot REBOOT (95 comments)

No, you're wrong. Anything that can be 'booted' can be 'rebooted'.

about a year and a half ago

Talking On the Phone While Driving Not So Dangerous After All

presspass Define "driving" (418 comments)

Part of the problem is we're using a term like "driving" to include everything from 80 mph bumper to bumper madness to "miles from nowhere" endless, flat, straight, deserted, try to stay awake land.
Like everything else, let's be precise about what we're talking about.

about a year and a half ago



Patent trolls the subject of advertising campaign

presspass presspass writes  |  about a year ago

presspass (1770650) writes ""A group of technology and retail groups is beginning a national ad campaign targeting so-called patent trolls.

The Internet Association, National Restaurant Association, National Retail Federation and Food Marketing Institute
Patent trolls — a term known more among geeks than the general public — are about to be the target of a national ad campaign. Beginning Friday, a group of retail trade organizations is launching a radio and print campaign in 17 states.

They want to raise awareness of a problem they say is draining resources from business and raising prices for consumers."

Is the general public about to get more informed about patent trolls?"

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