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Finally, Hi-Def Streaming Video of the ISS's View of Earth

programmerar Expectations of today (97 comments)

I laughed at myself when I realized how meh I was when the video was just grey. "I came here to see live video of Earth from space, can you guys get this working, gah! I'm here now, giving you my precious 10 seconds of attention."

After thinking for a second, I give them some slack. I think we might be getting a little blazé at the technical wonders of today. This live feed "doesn't just happen".

about 3 months ago
top Hosts Massive Collection of MAME ROMs

programmerar Re: 42.8GB ZIP (193 comments)

It's like offering Slashdot as a compiled zip of all articles ever published. Download the whole lot and then see if there's an article you might want to read. Simple eh? No?

about 7 months ago

Apple Now the World's Most Valuable Brand, Knocks Off Coca-Cola

programmerar Re:Obligatory Steve Jobs quote (208 comments)

meant to mod "insightful", modded redundant..... :(
commenting to undo...

about 10 months ago

Colliding, Exploding Stars May Have Created All the Gold On Earth

programmerar Dejection (133 comments)

And alchemists all over the world draw a sigh of dejection.

1 year,8 days

DARPA Tackles Machine Learning

programmerar Re:ROLLOVER AD (95 comments)

That ad is super annoying. But as an answer to parent, I actually leave ads *on* for slashdot - only for their gesture to let me turn them off. You know the setting up in the corner on slashdot. This alone made me keep them on, to support them.

about a year ago

Revealed: Chrome Really Was Exploited At Pwnium 2013

programmerar Re:OSX/Safari (102 comments)

Yea, call it what you want AC but Safari was apparently the most secure among the bunch. Like it or not.

Sent from my iPhone

about a year ago

Revealed: Chrome Really Was Exploited At Pwnium 2013

programmerar OSX/Safari (102 comments)

So OSX/Safari was the only one standing?

about a year ago

Chrome OS Remains Undefeated At Pwnium 3

programmerar Re: OS that doesn't do anything isn't cracked.. (178 comments)

No, the average user should not have to understand what an administrative user is. No one outside of geekdom cares about different types of users. Compare it to a VCR, would you expect average users to log in as admin to. VCR? No. And computers are going the same route, thet are expected to just work, no fuss.

about a year ago

State Rep. Says Biking Is Not Earth Friendly Because Breathing Produces CO2

programmerar Re:I sighed (976 comments)

I'm holding my breath to compensate, hoping the thought of all of this goes away as well.

about a year ago

State Rep. Says Biking Is Not Earth Friendly Because Breathing Produces CO2

programmerar I sighed (976 comments)

I sighed while reading this, fatigued by the comments of the congressman. Sorry for the extra CO2 guys.

about a year ago
top Suffers Outage: Nearly $5M Down the Drain?

programmerar I'd hate to be... (173 comments)

I'd hate to be the one developer responsible for that bug...

about a year and a half ago

Apple Has a New Porn Problem

programmerar Re:Just more wanna-be "mommy" behavior (136 comments)

That's up for debate, but I'm sure you and most other people would agree that there is some social shame in porn - right or wrong.

about a year and a half ago

Apple Has a New Porn Problem

programmerar Re:Just more wanna-be "mommy" behavior (136 comments)

Maybe Apple just takes pride and a stance not to profit from porn. Maybe they want to be able to not have newspapers label them as "pornkings" after suddenly becoming the top porn retailer (if that would happen).

about a year and a half ago

New Phishing Toolkit Uses Whitelisting To 'Bounce' Non-Victims

programmerar Re:Need better security (71 comments)

As far as I can tell the OTP calculators are only issued for business accounts, normal "end user" accounts have minimal provisions.

Most, if not all, banks in Sweden have keypads that generate one-time codes - for "normal" end-users, not just business users. This has ben the case for years. Some have different methods for logging in vs signing transactions. Some require an ATM/VISA/etc card with a chip on it.

about a year and a half ago

German Laser Destroys Targets More Than 1Km Away

programmerar Three words (338 comments)


about a year and a half ago

DVDs, Blu-Rays To Show 20-Second Unskippable Govt. Warnings

programmerar There they go again... (587 comments)

There they go again, degrading the quality of their product, where the competitor already had a greater quality product, at a lower price.

more than 2 years ago

Face Recognition Maps History Via Art

programmerar Facebook (36 comments)

Waiting for Facebook to auto enroll them, give them a timeline and a social graph.

more than 2 years ago

Portugal Is Considering a "Terabyte Tax"

programmerar Shelf tax (353 comments)

Good, they should put a tax on shelves too. People put stolen goods on shelves as well. Hit 'em where it hurts.

more than 2 years ago

Santorum Suspends Presidential Campaign

programmerar Hoping for the best (577 comments)

As much as I detest Santorums politics I feel for him and his family. Hoping for the best for his daughter.

more than 2 years ago

Woz Fears Stifling of Startups Due to Patent Wars

programmerar Re:Creative energy gone from Apple (300 comments)

My wife saw me print a document the other day by typing "lpr name.pdf" and she made me show her how to do it, because it is way faster than starting an application and clicking your way through a bunch of dialogs.

Not trying to take away from your point, but wouldn't you have to start the Terminal application first, then type in the path to the file, then type "lpr name.pdf" to print it?

more than 2 years ago


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programmerar programmerar writes  |  more than 8 years ago

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