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Old-School Coding Techniques You May Not Miss

pruneau Re:radio in the computer case: the music of... (731 comments)

I did this with my first "programming" love, a Texas Instrument Ti-57.

Since I was doing "undercover" programming (i.e. programming at night when I was supposed to sleep ;-), I discovered pretty quickly that the beast was making noise, a lot of different ones. I quickly learned the sound of a running program, the noise of an error, and the sound of a few number being displayed as well.

I then kept this habit since, learning the sound of a properly running computer, and being able to tell when the beast is trashing, and so on.

Of course, with all those new-fangled virtual hosts, I'm missing a lot of cue about the system I'm working with. This is sad, my friend, really sad.

more than 5 years ago

Hackable Microcontroller-Powered Valentine's Card

pruneau Skills... (133 comments)

  • The programming skill of a grown man...
  • The electronic skill of a teenager...
  • The cardboard-cutting skill of kindergarten

Hmmmm, I'm wondering: will she find this cute, or plain too much geeky ?!?

more than 5 years ago

Would You Add Easter Eggs To Software Produced At Work?

pruneau You're Fired !!! (747 comments)

Teh Boss.

more than 6 years ago



Three-strike "Hadopi" law thrown out in Fr

pruneau pruneau writes  |  more than 5 years ago

pruneau writes "Breaking new on the French legal scene: the french constitutional council just throw the three-strike "Hadopi" law out. The gist of the rejection of the law is that having an administrative entity (the infamous HADOPI council) making legal decision, like banning someone from using the internet, is unconstitutional in France. The french official opposition is of course gloating about the big setback this represents for the French president, whose team has been pushing hard to get this law through."

Who needs Google, when you have 'Knowledge In'

pruneau pruneau writes  |  more than 7 years ago

pruneau writes ""No matter how powerful Google's search engine may be, it doesn't have enough Korean-language data to trawl to satisfy South Korean customers," said Wayne Lee, an analyst at Woori Investment and Securities.

Naver's success surprised many. When NHN, an online gaming company, set up the search portal in 1999, the site looked like a grocery store where most of the shelves were empty. Like Google, Naver found that with few people other than Koreans using the language, there simply was not enough Korean text in cyberspace to make a Korean search engine a viable business.

"So we began creating Korean-language text," said Lee Kyung Ryul, an NHN spokesman. "At Google, users basically look for data that already exists on the Internet. In South Korea, if you want to be a search engine, you have to create your own database.""

Link to Original Source

pruneau pruneau writes  |  more than 8 years ago

pruneau writes "Sorry to report that Montreal here is in an uproar around a shooting that just took place at Dawson College, downtown montreal.
The news feed here are reporting that the whole area has been locked, and the nearby buildings have been evacuated. Apparently, one of the shooters has committed suicide, and another has been shot, and they are still student and teachers locked in the school.



The mood...

pruneau pruneau writes  |  more than 13 years ago

Well, very sad moment to start a journal entry, but...

Just wanted to say : I'm very happy that the highly moderated comments in the various WTS /. stories are generally showing a sense of humanity, instead of praising revenge and hatred. This is _so_ conforting in such nightmarish times. Alas, I'm not sure that whole US nation will go this way.

Something especially scary is that the main US army decision-makers probably have had their colleagues and familities hit as well into the pentagon crash.

But the worst of it is the poeple able to plan and implement such things. Because they know that what they did _will_ probably trigger a masssive response with enormous consequences. They are just working on putting momentum into the already bad enough violence/retaliation circle.

For me this is the one true definition of a monster.

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