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Behind the Scenes of Wii U Software Development

psavo Re:People actually liked the controller? (92 comments)

I like the controller. Much better having menus/maps on hands than going to menu and dig there. And then there's the asymmetric play (from common games seen in LEGO Marvel where other player can wander off and see his things on pad controller instead of splitscreen).

1 year,14 days

Electric Cars: Drivers Love 'Em, So Why Are Sales Still Low?

psavo Re:2 Words (810 comments)

Most of the mileage change comes from different speeds used winter/summertime. I have absolutely the same mileage when I switch to studded tyres but still drive summertime limits (100km/h). When the wintertime speed limits (80km/h) come and I drive them, I get better mileage. Summetime range is ~900km/80l and wintertime is 1000km/80l on my volvo s80 (this is what computer says and I'm never actually close to emptying the tank, it usually only takes 55l at 700-800km mark)

about a year ago

The Shortage of Women In IT

psavo Re:Bullshit. (697 comments)

Yes IT is hurting for women. Like it or not, but women do approach things in different way than men do, and this lack of diversity in approaches hurts industry as a whole. It's the "have hammer, looking at nails" thing all over again.

more than 2 years ago

Linux Kernel Moves To Github

psavo Re:Windows didn't lose it (142 comments)

I'll have to metoo on that. No luck moving installations were it 2k/XP or Win7. But I've moved same linux installation (originally installed debian/potato(?), then repo-shifted to ubuntu/warty) from a HP Vectra (PPro 200) to self-built AMD 1800MP then to current Intel Q6600. And every single time, even though all underlying devices changed, linux just booted up. Sure I did copying from HD to HD to move from older media, but system itself didn't need major hear surgery.

more than 3 years ago

New Red Dwarf Series Threatened By the Twitter Era

psavo duh (228 comments)

How far into retardoland can these fucks get? It's like "oh no, artists can't do tours anymore since anyone can post their performance online".

about 4 years ago

Grad Student Looking To Contribute To Open Source

psavo Forget the fame (283 comments)

You know what? Forget this "contributing". fuck em all. Do what's interesting and the easiest thing for you. Find a project that does things you're interested in, look it through and find what will drive your own interests and make it better. Then when they update, update along. Notice that your changes tend to get lost. Learn making patches and send them to that project. They'll integrate them and your changes will not get lost when you get latest changes from that project. That's the laziest and easiest thing to do and have any fun at all.

Screw duty and selfless contributing, it'll only earn you ulcers. Do the fun and laziest thing and get integrated into community.

more than 4 years ago

First GNOME Census Results

psavo Re:doesn't seem that scandalous (175 comments)

I still remember time when all of fedora & RedHat said a big FUCK YOU to any user wanting reasonably working 3D on desktop. That's user friendly for sure.

more than 4 years ago

The Hell Known As Internet Screening Services

psavo Re:Thats a dumb assumption. (557 comments)

Well in reality you might get images/text that is in some way emotionally moving for you. For me personally if I'd see some abused kid I'd be interested in knowing what happened and if it worked out. It'd fucking haunt me, like a book left unread.

more than 4 years ago

The State of iPad Satisfaction

psavo Early adopters (443 comments)

FFS. These people are _early adopters_. They'll eat shit, thank you and grin happily.

more than 4 years ago

Cross With the Platform

psavo Re:UIKit != AppKit (307 comments)

I just looked up it from the clock, and the year seems to be 2010 and these fuckers are still making the same mistakes that Symbian did in 1995. They still think about mobiles like they'll always be different from desktops. Well guess what, they have nearly same capasity now that desktops have and *most* of their capabilities are in the same ballpark. But *noooooo* the fucktards need to have their own unique type of a fucking color.

Fuck you, symbian & iphonetardos designers.

more than 4 years ago

First Look At Latest Ion-Infused Asus Eee PC

psavo Re:More power is nice, but has everyone forgotten. (323 comments)

I have a HP5101 netbook here, mouse buttons are below trackpad. Some reviews bashed the extremely smooth trackpad, but IMO it's excellent.

more than 5 years ago

Google Chrome For Linux Goes 64-bit

psavo Re:Chromium Not Chrome (168 comments)

I run Chromium on Ubuntu (9.04 and recent 9.10) x64 and it works well for youtube. Most annoying flash-ads worked too, but scrolling became slow & choppy on flash-laden pages (not so on windows/32 bit).

more than 5 years ago

When Does Powering Down Servers Make Sense?

psavo Re:PSU failures (301 comments)

I've had several fail on me. It's all anecdotal when talking small samples.

more than 6 years ago


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