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Android Needs a Simulator, Not an Emulator

psionski Re:Desktop integration (167 comments)

Integrate the Android support in Debian (which is free from corporate interests) and it will flow downstream. Easy-peasy :)

about 3 months ago

Android Needs a Simulator, Not an Emulator

psionski Re:Desktop integration (167 comments)

What does Canonical have to do with anything?

about 3 months ago

$3000 GeForce GTX TITAN Z Tested, Less Performance Than $1500 R9 295X2

psionski ATI Catalyst (151 comments)

Working Linux drivers cost $1500 and your soul, apparently...

about 3 months ago

Bitcoin Inventor Satoshi Nakamoto Outed By Newsweek

psionski Re:"It's been turned over to other people" ? (390 comments)

Write code, fix bugs, create promotional material and documentation. It's a software project, what else would they be doing?

about 6 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Should Developers Fix Bugs They Cause On Their Own Time?

psionski Re:Guarantee (716 comments)

And the bottom line is the process of testing depends on luck

"Program testing can be used to show the presence of bugs, but never to show their absence!" - Edsger W. Dijkstra

about 7 months ago

IE Drops To Single-Digit Market Share

psionski Re:More reprsentative stats please (390 comments)

When you visit my site with IE8 and lower, it sets the background color to the foreground color so that you can't read the text. I want my progressive enhancement to be REALLY progressive.

about 8 months ago

I wish my car could...

psionski Re:they missed a big one... (443 comments)

As long as we're dreaming, I'd like mine with a manual override, too :) I don't insist on full-manual, if it's a 1500 hp electrically-powered 4wd beast I don't mind the software protecting me from splitting my head open, but I want to be able to turn the wheel and press the pedals from time to time :)

about a year ago

I wish my car could...

psionski Re:they missed a big one... (443 comments)

A taxi doesn't get you the freedom to just go to some town, see if there's anything interesting there, go someplace else... just explore. I mean, you probably could, but it will be very expensive to travel any significant amount that way. Public transport is better suited, but it fails to provide the privacy and convenience (and often comfort) of a personal car.

about a year ago

To replace Google Reader, I favor ...

psionski Re:Poll talks (166 comments)

I still don't get it why noone is making a smart reader. RSS is semi-structured, which will make programming the AI quite a lot easier, and you'll get cool stuff like news articles you're likely to read on top, garbage on bottom (seriously, it's just a spam filter, nothing new here), suggestions of blogs to follow related to your interests (recommender system that learns from other users' added feeds)... This is exactly what Google should be doing, but for some reason they decide to shut it down?!

about a year ago

New Zealand Set To Prohibit Software Patents

psionski Re:Makes sense (90 comments)

A major break with this tradition came in the 1980s when the fourth Labour and fourth National governments enacted a series of reforms based on free market ideology. This reinforced many New Zealanders' distrust of intellectual theory, as many consider that the reforms increased poverty and inequality in New Zealand.

They're just scared of what's happening to the other "intellectual" nations, that's all.

about a year ago

Desktop Linux Is Dead

psionski Re:So.... (1348 comments)

Mod parent funny, made me LOL (even if true).

more than 3 years ago

Take This GUI and Shove It

psionski Re:And the whole GUI overhead (617 comments)

Yeah, they recommend that you have a normal GUI server somewhere in your network, so that you can manage the Core servers through the MMC (it supports remote servers).

more than 3 years ago

Canonical Designer Demos Ubuntu Context-Aware UI

psionski Re:Not an OS (237 comments)

So what the hell is Windows and OSX?

Exactly the question I've been asking myself my whole life...

about 4 years ago

Running Old Desktops Headless?

psionski USB thumb drive and udev (347 comments)

I was in a similar situation a while ago, and maybe my experience can help you.
My home server (P4, by the way) was running headless and I was afraid I can lock myself out (wrong iptables rule or something) or the IP address settings could get screwed up, etc. etc. I don't even have a monitor, so inserting the graphics card back in isn't an option.
The solution was a USB thumb drive I had, and a modified udev script for mass storage, so it would execute a shell script with a particular name from the root folder of the drive. If something did get screwed up, you just open your text editor, write the commands to be executed, and save it on your flash drive. You even can redirect standard output to a file on the drive.
It kept me safe for years, although if udev can't start, you may have a problem :)

about 5 years ago

Using AI With GCC to Speed Up Mobile Design

psionski Re:How does the magic happen? (173 comments)

It's all about fast and efficient information exchange. As you can see, Nimzovichy understood me pretty well, and was kind enough to answer my question, so - JOB DONE! Thanks, Nimzovichy, your reply helped a lot!

more than 6 years ago


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