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Reproducing an Ancient New World Beer

psychosis Re:Want to buy (175 comments)

Theobroma hit retail availability two years ago, and is pretty widely carried. When in season, it's not hard to find - ask your retailer to ask their distributor to get some stock. Follow @dogfishbeer on twitter to know when they're brewing which recipe.

more than 4 years ago

Reproducing an Ancient New World Beer

psychosis Re:Want to buy (175 comments)

... retail locations, all in Delaware.

Their products are available (almost*) nationwide, and in some international locations.

* Except for a small number of states that do not permit distribution of regular-ABV beers.

more than 4 years ago

Coping With 1 Million SSH Authentication Failures?

psychosis BlockHosts (497 comments)

We started using BlockHosts to feed iptables rules, and our failure logs went from 30-50k per day to 100. Basically, with more than 'x' failed logins within 'y' time frame, the source IP is blocked for 'z' time period. Since it uses iptables, you could block it from just the ssh port, or the entire system (we do the latter).
All three variables are configurable, and we also have whitelisted a few select standby IPs for contingency use. (As another poster said, you **will** lock yourself out eventually.)

more than 4 years ago

Recourse For Poor Customer Service?

psychosis Two must-do moves (593 comments)

1) Dispute charge with your credit card issuer (as others have recommended)
2) Check out the consumerist blog ( and use their guidelines to get consumer satisfaction.

Don't let them BS you - put the beef out in public and you're more likely to get results. Dell and other large companies don't care about you, an individual consumer - make it public and affect thousands of buying decisions and you'll likely fare better.

Note: If they resolve this to your satisfaction, also post/email/whatever a follow-up showing that they made good on a bad situation. If they do not, of course you should let everyone know that as well.

Good luck!

more than 5 years ago



Report: 7 Years of Advanced Persistent Threat

psychosis psychosis writes  |  more than 4 years ago

psychosis (2579) writes "Mandiant's "M-Trends" report highlights more than seven years of lessons learned while conducting computer and network intrusion investigations for the U.S. government, the defense industrial base, and commercial organizations. Recently, a number of device vendors and "security" shops have been attempting to surf the "APT PR wave," but Mandiant has been actively engaged in responding to the APT for longer than most in the industry have even acknowledged such a pervasive threat exists.
This report offers a comprehensive, FIRST HAND account, and includes several case studies.
Bottom line: if you run a computer network that is now or may someday be of interest to foreign governments or criminal organizations you should request and read this report.
Free registration required, but worth the 5sec of effort..."

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