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Mysterious Martian Gouges Carved By Sand-surfing Dry Ice

pupsocket Re:Yawn. (26 comments)

In what sense does a camera on wheels even remotely count as human?


5 days ago

Gigabit Cellular Networks Could Happen, With 24GHz Spectrum

pupsocket the cable-box replay (52 comments)

Actually, this is a move by Big Telecom to claim ownership of the next-generation wireless router and fortify its control over television, Internet, and voice transmissions.

about 2 months ago

Commerce Secretary: US Wants Multi-Stakeholder Process To Preserve Internet

pupsocket Re:Don't like it? (57 comments)

Build you're own internet.

Now we're talking stakeholders.

Build your own Internet. This one's already been claimed by stakeholders. Isn't that what they called in the Gold Rush -- staking a claim?

Gather a big financial package and give stuff away to change the direction of traffic in your favor. Don't appear to be evil, but only long enough to command big fees for wasting attention and hijacking browsers.

It is odd that Secretary Pritzger struts with the Internet overseas at a time when stateside the Federal Communications Commission has so much contempt for humans that it is considering allowing service providers to demand payment from content providers.

The international Telecommunications Union, the audience for this grandstanding, is like the FCC, in that it governs the used of electromagnetic spectrum, but in its case for purposes that exceed the sovereignty of any individual nation.

We don't have a Department of Individual Rights in the United States, but by gum we have a Secretary of Commerce.

So from the looks of it, Secretary Pritzger is just greasing the rest of world so those stakeholders can do whatever they plan to do with their stakes.

about 2 months ago

Z Machine Makes Progress Toward Nuclear Fusion

pupsocket But that's not what they are saying. (151 comments)

The article implies a steep logarithmic gain on energy invested into the initial pulses. If Sandia are right, holding the experiment together for a single-digit multiple of the input energy should break even.

about 2 months ago

Z Machine Makes Progress Toward Nuclear Fusion

pupsocket okay, but... (151 comments)

Also from the article:

Simulations suggest that the Z machine’s maximum current of 27 million amps should be enough to reach breakeven. But the researchers are already setting their sights much higher. A hoped-for upgrade to 60 million amps, they say, would boost the power output into a “high gain” realm of 1000 times input—a giant step toward commercial viability.

about 2 months ago

Scientists Seen As Competent But Not Trusted By Americans

pupsocket Which scenario applies? (460 comments)

Scenario 1:

You keep a webcam focused on a dam to monitor whether it fails. You see cracks. You watch as the dam washes out, but you warn no one. You are a scientist. You have broken no laws.

Scenario 2:

You are paid to monitor the dam and to issue warnings when appropriate. You see cracks. You watch as the dam washes out, but you warn no one. You are an element of the public safety system and you willfully and criminally left people unprotected. It doesn't matter if you were a scientist under contract.

about 3 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Software Issue Tracking Transparency - Good Or Bad?

pupsocket what sales ought to know (159 comments)

Strategic sales usually involve an internal champion who has the confidence of senior managers and is betting three to five years of career advancement on the adoption of your product and its strategic importance to your firm. Sales is the process of helping that person acquire endorsements up the chain of command.

The best way to locate an internal champion is to meet with managers who appreciate the need but lack the time to immerse themselves in the decision. They will hand you off.

Incidentally: since you are already publishing your buglist, you personally have very little more to do to gain the trust of an internal champion and your appearance at one or two critical meetings will help senior managers understand that a sale is an alliance. Go to learn, not to teach. You'll do well.

about 3 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Software Issue Tracking Transparency - Good Or Bad?

pupsocket Well. (159 comments)

Thank you for showing us the problem.

Your firm is being undermined by a lazy and uncommitted sales force

with little appreciation for the kind of transparency that is involuntary

and with weak relationship-development skills

and with zero tact

and insufficient fear of the bullshit-detection abilities of a technical audience.

Your lead developer is a genius. Look what just happened.

about 3 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Software Issue Tracking Transparency - Good Or Bad?

pupsocket Are you selling airliners or drones? (159 comments)

This is not a decision for you and the sales force to negotiate, because there is a large diversity among potential customers and it is the single greatest responsibility of senior management to decide what market segment to invest in.

Publication of the bug list does not look like "disclosure" to the larger and more capable customers. It is a feature that expands the customer's planning, development, and decision ranges. To a smaller customer or one with a shallower requirement, it looks like an apology in advance for everything that could go wrong.

It could be that because ERP software adoption is hard to undo, your competitors are just trying to haul in market share and let the customers discover the truth when it is too late. In that case, your competitors should be forced to lose sales for their lack of transparency.

In the end, I think you can't stop publishing the list for two reasons:

First, because transparency signals the kind of bold and capable team you are, so ceasing the publication would signal that you are not that team any more.

Second, because competitors whose sales proposition is anchored on "the other guys have imperfections that we don't" will always find negatives. A bug list is a way to manage the negatives, because as the negatives evaporate, what's left is transparency.

about 3 months ago

The Odd Effects of Being Struck By Lightning

pupsocket Re:Pretty bad example of a radical change. (191 comments)

You are absolutely correct.

Successful investment bankers usually have smooth manners and a gift for softspoken vagueness that makes their duplicity harder to spot.

The mean ornery dogchild is just a midlevel henchmen for the really dangerous types.

And I've paid with for the right to say so.

about 3 months ago

State of Iowa Tells Tesla To Cancel Its Scheduled Test Drives

pupsocket Car dealer: money-media nexus in local politics (335 comments)

Advertising revenues from local news is the largest source of income for most local television network affiliates and local car dealerships are the foundation of their revenues. (TV stations get little or nothing for carrying national programming, just the right to borrow the audience for a couple of hours.)

Local television economics is a political protection racket with car dealers as the collection point for funds, precisely as kings and shahs and sultans handed out exclusive franchises for cloths and dyes and wines and every manner of goods.

Car dealers fund a local-news system that ensures that Congressional representatives and state governments are rarely reported on.

Threaten laws protecting car dealers, and get you a lot of enemies who don't want to show their faces.

about 3 months ago

Nearly 2,000 Chicago Flights Canceled After Worker Sets Fire At Radar Center

pupsocket Re:Let's see whether they actually prosecute, firs (223 comments)

Will the person who modded my comment down please read it?

He did not set the whole facility on fire. He tore up the floorboards and set fire to whatever was underneath his basement workplace.

He was cutting his own throat with a knife when emergency crew got there.

He wrote that for the first time in a long time he gave a shit.

This is not the profile of a disgruntled worker. It sounds more like a story about a repentant member of some secret police -- domestic surveillance squad.

The reassignment to Hawaii sounds like a promotion, as it was for Snowden.

We'll know more if the government actually brings this guy to trial. That's why I think they won't.

about 3 months ago

NSF Awards $10 Million To Protect America's Processors

pupsocket Re:Where's the rest of the money coming from? (48 comments)

and the simpler the design, the less its capabilities, the less the security risks


Is it mad optimism to suspect that some tiny fraction of the motivation here might not be military but a concern for the integrity of electronic elections?

about 3 months ago

Nearly 2,000 Chicago Flights Canceled After Worker Sets Fire At Radar Center

pupsocket Let's see whether they actually prosecute, first. (223 comments)

This guy was a telecommunications specialist working in the basement. Are you familiar with the type?

He is a contractor whose direct employer is specified as Company A in the affadavit.

Apparently he looked in the mirror and did not like what he saw in himself or in his employer.

He was being transferred from Chicago to Hawaii. Disgruntlement?

He claims it's a crisis of conscience.

about 3 months ago

The Secret Goldman Sachs Tapes

pupsocket The Fed is the national bank (201 comments)

Goldman Sachs has captured something much much bigger than a regulatory agency. The Federal Reserve is a massive financial operation with a charter from the people of United States to maintain the monetary conditions for a stable and robust market economy.

Goldman got the General Counsel of the New York Fed to force the dismissal of an investigator who was brought in specifically to stop the kowtowing. She was fired for asking follow-up questions and telling her superiors to change her reports themselves if they wanted them changed.

In the background of this scandal, Goldman Sachs was engaged in a transaction with the sole purpose of allowing a European bank to pretend that it was not overextended and so avoid recapitalizing to meet European-Union capital requirements. In other words, a European bank was risking an economic catastrophe that would have forced the EU to conduct a too-big-to-fail rescue, and Goldman Sachs enabled that bank to circumvent European banking authorities.

Every investment in securities involves risk, and risk reduces the price at which paper trades. The Fed is now a guarantor of financial investments, making them more valuable than they might be if true risks were incorporated into the pricing. And the Fed is just one of the sovereign assets controlled by Goldman's posse of financial institutions.

Meanwhile, we have neither a stable nor a robust economy. We just have incredible liquidity for investors in securities.

about 3 months ago

Breakthrough In LED Construction Increases Efficiency By 57 Percent

pupsocket Less battery drain and clearer screens (182 comments)

The immediate commercial demand is in the displays of portable electronics, where this technology will decrease power consumption and deliver better contrast, especially in daylight.

about 3 months ago

NSF Awards $10 Million To Protect America's Processors

pupsocket Where's the rest of the money coming from? (48 comments)

Does four million get even one item on this list?

(from the article)
Combating integrated circuit counterfeiting using secure chip odometers--Carnegie Mellon University
Intellectual Property (IP) Trust-A comprehensive framework for IP integrity validation--Case Western Reserve University and University of Florida
Design of low-cost, memory-based security primitives and techniques for high-volume products--University of Connecticut
Trojan detection and diagnosis in mixed-signal systems using on-the-fly learned, pre-computed and side channel tests--Georgia Institute of Technology
Metric and CAD for differential power analysis (DPA) resistance--Iowa State University
Design of secure and anti-counterfeit integrated circuits--University of Minnesota
Hardware authentication through high-capacity, physical unclonable functions (PUF)-based secret key generation and lattice coding--University of Texas at Austin
Fault-attack awareness using microprocessor enhancements--Virginia Tec
Invariant carrying machine for hardware assurance--Northwestern University

So of course this whole project will need to attract international support from all those other governments grateful that the US role protects the integrity of critical hardware worldwide.

After all, those same governments will probably send their very brightest and most dedicated graduate students and post-docs to the institutions conducting the research.

Maybe they're already supporting it and working on it.

about 3 months ago

Australian Senate Introduces Laws To Allow Total Internet Surveillance

pupsocket their secrecy is a bigger problem than our privacy (212 comments)

The real danger is the secrecy with which these privacy-violators operate. Even if they were miraculously staffed with Spock-like analysts pure of all malevolence, they would drive the country off a cliff by avoiding the corrective of public accountability.

Suppose Australia outlawed all clothing and curtains, put every square centimeter under public surveillance with open online access, published all bank statements online, restricted the use of passwords only to verify authority for transactions, and recorded all conversations, whether in person or electronic, for public review. It would be a different village, and individual liberites would need to be protected from taboo rather than intrusion, but it would still be a society, susceptible to being changed by its inhabitants.

Instead, Australia's One-Way Mirror of Control will reduce Australians to a slave population controlled by a paranoid elite. The pyramids and monuments will be magnificent and the leaders all superhuman geniuses concerned only for the welfare of all, and you'd better agree if you hope to eat another meal.

about 3 months ago

Octopus-Inspired Robot Matches Real Octopus For Speed

pupsocket Re:Underwater? Yes. Robot? NO (71 comments)

Wikipedia is not always authoritative, alas

Oxford English Dictionary: "A machine capable of carrying out a complex series of actions automatically, especially one programmable by a computer:"

I'd add that it is not a robot unless it has sensors. A self-winding moon-phase watch is not a robot.

Nor is a badminton birdie.

about 3 months ago

Why You Can't Manufacture Like Apple

pupsocket Re:That's backwards. (408 comments)

First of all, that humans with one possession in common are not clones.

Second, that people can think even if they don't think like you.

As an aside, people don't line up as illustrated because someone is herding them with a rod. They do so because they are eager to repeat a good experience.

about 3 months ago



NSA Declares War on President

pupsocket pupsocket writes  |  about a year ago

pupsocket (2853647) writes "U. S. citizens can stop pretending that their secret agencies exist to provide deniability to the President. Yesterday the German newspaper of record, Frankfurter Allgemeine, reported that the President told German Chancellor Merkel that he would have stopped the tap on her phone had he known about it. Today, another German paper, Bild am Sonntag, quoted U. S. Intelligence sources that the President had been briefed in 2010. This violation of secrecy should end the myth that the White House tells the secret agencies what they can and cannot do. Sounds like blackmail, the endgame."
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House GOP Asks McAfee to Critique HealthCare.Gov -- But Stay Away from Them

pupsocket pupsocket writes  |  about a year ago

pupsocket (2853647) writes "The House Energy and Commerce Committee invited John McAfee to guide them in investigating the flaws of the new government online facility for obtaining health insurance, HealthCare.Gov. If they were hoping for a like-minded maniac who left treasure and unsolved murders in the Caribbean to now monopolize the cameras with rants against the hopelessness of ever succeeding with ObamaCare, they must have been disappointed to discover a guy with an eye for the main chance, confident of his ability to recommend a successful rebuild. It turned out they didn't have the funds to let him report in person and therefore he decided they weren't serious and declined."
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