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Longhorn Server Scrapped

q-soe Re:Who Needs a Whole NEW Microsoft OS? (471 comments)

Mine stay up 24 and 7 365 but i can afford to accept five 9 uptime and still not worry about downtime

I worked half my career in banking systems and I can tell you that having seen mainfames and unix and windows in all of them that none of them are better than the other - there is this desire to quote uptime like a god but the simple fact is that most of the server uptimes i see quoted are webservers - hardly demanding

Those of us who have to run app servers and file print know that nothing is perfect - we build our systems carefully no matter what OS we use but we are also aware that there will be times when we need to reboot a box no matter what it is (SCO and memory leaks is much more fun than Windows NT4 anywday btw and if you want to see real issues try RS series mainframes running Hogan...)

As i said uptime is like penis size - irrelevant - ive never ever met a system admin in a corporate environment who even knew what their uptime was in days months or otherwise - they knew how long that server had been up without unplanned outages and frankly the number of major financial and other instituions who reboot servers weekly no matter what would make your eyes boggle - then again most of these are clustered servers if they are windows anyway thus uptime is protected even if a reboot is needed

Frankly you wouldnt know what was being rebooted where and when in most cases these days....

more than 12 years ago


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