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Open Source Killing Commercial Developer Tools

quakeaddict The Reality Is... (742 comments)

There are just a couple of IDE's that are considered best of breed, and most other ide's have a niche capability that eventually get built into one or the other.

The real issue is that open source does not innovate, it copies. There is no financial incentive for a developer to spend countless hours on a new niche capability when there is no reward at the end.

Socialist/marxist utopian dreams aside, the reality is there is no reward that puts food on the table, or pays off a student loan.

So innovation suffers.

For example, Intellisense that Microsoft introduced in 1996, was a real innovation. All others are just copies. Someone was paid (handsomely) to produce intellisense.

more than 6 years ago



quakeaddict quakeaddict writes  |  more than 8 years ago

quakeaddict (94195) writes "It appears the SVGViewer is now officially dead at Adobe.

There seems to be more info at

Besides the fact that they will stop support for the plugin on 1/1/07, and pull it from their download page on 1/1/08, they say there are some features of the plugin that don't function under Windows Vista.

A relevant blog posting on the issue: re_art_thou_svg.html,"


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