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Are National ID Cards a Good Idea?

quinkin Re:A terrible idea. (746 comments)

"As a fellow Australian" - Australian? Hence the Tokelau webhost (A south pacific island group's registrar, with New Zealand administration, and Dutch technical support).

"Please understand the issue before commenting on it." - Good advice, I suggest you take it.

"Just like the drivers licemce(sic), passport, credicard(sic), and Club membership card you currently hold in your wallet." - I (intentionally) have only a drivers license as it is a legal prerequisite for driving, for very obviously sensible safety reasons. I see no such compelling reason for a National (not)ID Card.

"If the government was going to infringe on our civil liberties, they would pass legislation applying to everyone, if they wanted to know who we are, they would look at our drivers licence, or other numorous forms of identification. So those aguments cannot be used in this discussion. If the government wants something about a person, or wants to restrict a person, they will do it, reguardless of the notion of a national ID." - As far as I can see this is the government passing legislation applying only to the lower classes. I think I would prefer an all-inclusive approach as this smacks of the divisionist tactics that worked so well in France recently.
As far as the government doing what it wants there are several checks and balances to limit the effectiveness of a draconian government: elections, no-confidence votes, direct and indirect public action being just a few. This is why we are discussing this issue, otherwise we would not worry our guilt free heads and leave our well intentioned politicians to look after our interests for us.

"I'll say this, it is much harder for your inexperienced ID theif(sic) to steal your identity when he does not have the same finger prints, iris and dna as you as used on national ID cards." - The card (hey I thought you said it wasn't a national ID card...) will not contain any of the biometric data you have listed above, and even if it did even the highest quality biometric scanners have to be supervised and still perform at levels far below acceptable in terms of both false negatives and positive identifications. The only positive note to come from this sentence is your credibilty has reached zero. "The card would contain a photograph and a computer chip containing the person's Medicare number, concession status and immunisation data. It would not include a tax file number or identity card information such as a fingerprint..." - http://www.abc.net.au/worldtoday/content/2006/s162 4266.htm

"So lets stop looking at the negatives..." - Or you could look at the balance of positives to negatives?

Your list of positives is a complete fabrication with no grounding in reality. I have noted the information the card does carry, but this is still not the same as "providing proof", I predict even if introduced it will generally be used in conjunction with existing identification - effectively making it yet another card to add to your earlier list...

"Becase(sic) if you have nothing to hide, then yu(sic) have nothing to worry about, and if you do have something to hide, then you should turn yourself in." - Wow, the philosophy of a child. How sweet...


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