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Any "Pretty" Code Out There?

r.jimenezz Re:The best piece of code I have seen so far (658 comments)

It's a good thing the VM has been GPLed recently - I for one had never dared reading its code, just in case I later decided to contribute to some clean-room implementation.

more than 7 years ago



r.jimenezz r.jimenezz writes  |  more than 8 years ago

r.jimenezz writes "Recently I've been trying to find a good project that makes use of embedded hardware. For instance, after realizing that Gumstix computers can run ssh, I thought they could make for spiffy remote access appliances: for a bit less than the cost of a cheap clone, one gets a very power- and space-efficient device that can be plugged to a DSL router and power supply and provide secure access to a network (coupled with e.g. NoIP) via tunneling. Another choice I can think of is tinkering with the router's firmware to add remotely accessible ssh to it, which sounds feasible given that almost all major brands are using Linux today. What do you think about these uses? Is it worthy to try and consolidate functionality, and overall shrink the footprint of remote access equipment? What about more complex scenarios involving firewalls, VPNs and the like?"


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