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People Who Claim To Worry About Climate Change Don't Cut Energy Use

r0kk3rz Re:No real surprise (710 comments)

Ozone depletion, which is probably the most relevant example

about a month and a half ago

The First Person Ever To Die In a Tesla Is a Guy Who Stole One

r0kk3rz OTA Update Time (443 comments)

Queue an over the air update from Tesla requiring the drivers seat belt to be engaged for the car to run.

about a month and a half ago

Foxconn Replacing Workers With Robots

r0kk3rz Re:If everyone loses their jobs... (530 comments)

Amazon's Mechanical Turk
Netflix Tagger

There's a couple that didn't exist a few decades ago, which are currently in the 'too hard to automate' category. They might not remain there forever, but these are arguably not skilled jobs, just normal information processing jobs that most desk jockeys would do well at.

about 1 month ago

Fracking Is Draining Water From Areas In US Suffering Major Shortages

r0kk3rz Slashdot is already dead (268 comments)

Many people come here for the comments and intelligent discussion, but as of late the only comments are whining about the Slashdot Beta.

about 7 months ago

The Bitcoin Death Star: KnC Plans 10 Megawatt Data Center In Sweden

r0kk3rz Re:Why sell mining rigs? (250 comments)

This one puzzles me somewhat. If one can make money by mining with ASIC rigs, why would anyone sell or rent them, wouldn't they make more money by mining? If they make more money by selling or renting, then wouldn't that mean that mining is silly?

Because they don't have the captial to manufacture the mining equipment without pre-orders, and once people pay for pre-orders they are obliged to sell the completed device

However if I were them, I would run each completed device for a week or so for "Quality Testing", then package and ship the device to the customer.

about 7 months ago

US Wary of Allowing Russian Electronic Monitoring Stations Inside US

r0kk3rz Re:Easily dealt with. (232 comments)

It's a bit of a silly statement really, additional monitoring towers that bolster the accuracy of GLONASS also increase the accuracy of weapon systems that rely on GLONASS

about 9 months ago

Concern Mounts Over Self-Driving Cars Taking Away Freedom

r0kk3rz Motorcycles (662 comments)

Whilst I can imagine the utillity of autonomous cars, I take solace in the fact that nobody would ever buy an autonomous motorcycle

1 year,6 days

US Lawmakers Want Sanctions On Any Country Taking In Snowden

r0kk3rz Re:Hey US... (650 comments)

Maybe he should put encrypted copies on bittorrent then.

Good luck to the CIA trying to track down millions of copies all over the world

about a year ago

Cisco and iRobot Create Sheldonbot-Like Telepresence System

r0kk3rz Re:A solution looking for a problem (123 comments)

You could take a facility tour or do a video conference with someone holding a smartphone for a LOT less money.

There are excellent uses for telerobotic systems. This is not one of them. This is a solution looking for a problem.

You're missing the point, a person holding a smartphone controls what the viewer sees, a robotic system gives the viewer control of what they see which adds to the immersion.

Done right the experience from the viewer should be akin to a first person videogame, and combined with the likes of the Occulus Rift headset it could be a game changer.

about a year ago

Eric Schmidt: Teens' Mistakes Will Never Go Away

r0kk3rz Re:Schmidt Borg needed (335 comments)

Schmidt with Google Glass?

about a year ago

EA Is the Game Company Disney Was Looking For

r0kk3rz Bioware (254 comments)

The only good news out of all of this is the possibillity of new Bioware KOTOR games

about a year ago

How Facebook Built Natural Language Into Graph Search

r0kk3rz Taken for granted (39 comments)

Although human beings think nothing of speaking in 'natural' language, a machine must not only learn all the grammatical building-blocks we take for granted—it needs to compensate for the quirks and errors that inevitably pop up in the course of speech.

Excuse me? Humans spend years learning 'natural-language', and even then it is frequently misinterpreted or used incorrectly. Natural language is difficult to say the least.

about a year ago

Fast-Food Logos Burned Into Pleasure Center of Children's Brains

r0kk3rz Nothing New (322 comments)

It's already a well known fact that the reward centres of people brains can be manipulated into firing in anticipation of a reward

about 2 years ago

Tesla Signs $60 Million Contract With Toyota

r0kk3rz Re:might i say (233 comments)

Sorry about that, it was simply a case of sudden accelleration.

more than 3 years ago

Recently Discovered Habitable World May Not Exist

r0kk3rz Alderaan (231 comments)

I swear it was there a minute ago.

more than 3 years ago

Should Sony Team With Google On a PlayStation Phone?

r0kk3rz Nokia NGage (182 comments)

Pretty sure they've tried this idea before and it failed miserably

more than 3 years ago

Mystery of the Dying Bees Solved

r0kk3rz Re:Now to bring them back (347 comments)

The only real way to test is to trace the origins of both virus and fungus, to first validate that they were indeed in seperate regions to start with.

Then of course to then understand how these things propegated to each other.

more than 3 years ago

The New Difficulties In Making a 3D Game

r0kk3rz Re:If you can turn it off (190 comments)

Don't use the Lord's name in vain, man.

If Indiana Jones taught me anything, its that the Lord's name is Iehova

more than 3 years ago


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