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PS3 Apparently A Computer

r_glen You had me at 'apparently' (440 comments)

A computer, huh? Sold! And here I was afriad my $600 machine was only gonna be able to play games.

Seriously, is there any distinction anymore? Does being easily upgradeable magically make it a "computer"? I still consider my original NES - having a processor, input interface, and the ability to read instructions on ROMs and provide output - "basically a computer".
This sounds more like a change in marketing strategy than anything else (compare "hey, the PS3 is twice the cost of these other consoles" to "hey, this PS3-computer-thingy is only half the cost of my desktop computer!") Either way, I wouldn't be pleased knowing that after shelling out $600 I will have the option to pay more next year to keep the thing updated.

Disclaimer: I'm a Nintendo fanboy and have never had any interest in PlayStation consoles.

more than 8 years ago


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