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Spamhaus Calls for Fining Operators of Insecure Servers

rabbit994 Wouldn't it make more sense? (170 comments)

For ISPs to simply drop UDP packets that are outbound where source address is not inside their network. Is there some legit use for sending forged UDP packets?

about 5 months ago

Apache Web Server Share Falls Below 50 Percent For First Time Since 2009

rabbit994 Re:Hmm (303 comments)

Apache runs like dogshit on Windows and has worse security problems then IIS on Windows.

about 8 months ago

AMD/ATI Drops Windows XP Support

rabbit994 Re:Except that is not hapening yet (251 comments)

It's not going to be pushed back. It's already been pushed back once as it should have ended in 2011 (10 years after release date) and it's less then 12 months till April 2014 so yes, less then year.

XP is finished and Microsoft is determined to take it out back and shoot it. At this point, I can't really blame them. Which happened first, 9/11 or XP GA date? XP GA. Mainstream Linux Kernel was 2.2 branch. If you tried to get support for an application on Linux 2.2 these days, everyone would laugh you out of support channel and Red Hat would require a crap ton of money. Yet people expect drivers manf, software developers and Microsoft to support it Windows XP.

about 10 months ago

Internet Explorer 0-day Attacks On US Nuke Workers Hit 9 Other Sites

rabbit994 Re:Somebody in the government... (157 comments)

I want whatever you are smoking. No one will lose their job over this because A) It's a government worker B) MIcrosoft is like IBM in government, no one gets fired for picking it.

about a year ago

Boeing 787 Dreamliner Grounded In US and EU

rabbit994 Re:share movement causality questionable (301 comments)

All new aircraft have issues. A380 discovered cracks in the wings and engine problem when it first came out. Just like software, you try and test but some stuff is just not detected until it's deployed into the real world.

about a year ago

ITU To Choose Emergency Line For Mobiles: 911, or 112?

rabbit994 Re:Why not both? (354 comments)

Both AT&T and T-Mobile route 112 to 911 for European people who happen to be roaming onto their network. I'm not sure what Verizon and Sprint do but they are much less likely to have foreigners on their systems.

951 is already assigned Area code in United States.

about a year ago

ACLU Questions Privacy of License Plate Scanners

rabbit994 Re:Where is the line? (246 comments)

I think it's automation and efficiency. Just like LE used to follow people around all the time watching where they went and such. Thing about that though is it's time consuming and if you were watching for it, you could start to detect it. Now they can attach GPS to your car and now it will just call in where it is at all times. It makes decision "Should we pay someone to following around potential bad guy X?" to extremely easy. "X might be bad guy but hell, GPS is only 2000 dollars and 50 bucks a month we pay to Verizon for cellular data plan, go ahead and put it on his car. We will figure out soon enough"

Same thing with License plate readers. While someone could sit somewhere and write them all down, that person could have messed up, it's expensive, they may not get them all. Now, point cameras everywhere, much cheaper, much more efficient and database storage is cheap, keep all the data forever.

about a year and a half ago

Comptroller Accuses HP of Overcharging NYC $163m On 911 System

rabbit994 Re:How do I get in on the action? (92 comments)

You are obviously not spending enough on money on bribery, I mean "Sales and Entertainment Expenses"

about 2 years ago

The Shortage of Women In IT

rabbit994 Re:Slashdot... (697 comments)

I can. On average, women work less then men and take time off for a family. So in most cases, they are paid less then men because they don't work as much as men. There are many studies that show that women who work the same as men, same hours and experience because they haven't taken any time off work for family, they make same as men.

about 2 years ago

The Shortage of Women In IT

rabbit994 Not surprised (697 comments)

Actually, reason there are not more woman owned businesses is because women don't want to be in IT because it's truth is, IT is horrible for family people and women tend to be more family oriented then men.

I would imagine this issue is same for IT Business owners. The late night upgrade failures, the weekend crashes, all that contributes to horrible family life. Until that is solved which I'm not sure is possible, then IT will mostly be men or females with no family.

about 2 years ago

Complaint Challenges Univ. of Hawaii Email Partnership Wth Google

rabbit994 Re:My old Uni did this. (172 comments)

HIPPA does not require that data be passed in encrypted form. It only requires that reasonable effort be made secure it. However, that can be patient data can be transmitted via internal email because it's all Exchange and therefore encrypted over the wire, then in most cases, HIPPA is satisfied.

Email Encryption still has long way to go before it's completely transparent to user.

about 2 years ago

Complaint Challenges Univ. of Hawaii Email Partnership Wth Google

rabbit994 Re:My old Uni did this. (172 comments)

Because in most cases, Google is mining all those accounts for data and showing ads. In some cases, students may be involved with research that includes confidential data. Google does not provide guarantees that they won't mine/archive or protect that data in accordance with laws/regulations surrounding that data.

That's generally been beef I've seen with Google.

about 2 years ago

After Complaints, AT&T Solidifies, Increases Data Limit

rabbit994 Re:As a spoiled sprint user (211 comments)

WTF are you downloading that is huge? Biggest game on my iPad is 150MB. My iPhone is about 70MB.

more than 2 years ago

LightSquared Hires Lawyers To Prep For GPS Battle

rabbit994 Re:What an arrogant ass... (195 comments)

5 Years, try more 15. I know many GPS installations that are 10-15 years old. When I was school in 2002, a friend studying Geology went out into Rockies to install GPS units in mountains to measure drift of tectonic plates. They were replacing GPS Units that had been in place since 1993 and units they were installing had planned service lifetime of 10 years. Many Aircraft GPS Recievers are 10 years old as well and many might remain in place for another couple of years if they are working. In more expensive systems, GPS receiver part is separate from navigation system which generally more modular.

about 2 years ago

Journalist Arrested For Tweet Deported to Saudi Arabia

rabbit994 Re:Why does Interpol even acknowledge this?! (604 comments)

Because you obviously don't understand how Interpol works. Interpol is basically a big forum where various police agencies around the world share warrants, police investigations and the like. When one member country says they have warrants for joe smith, Interpol simply distributes the warrant and information to all other members nations. Interpol doesn't check the warrant or see why it's being issued, they just make a note in Joe Smith record and when it's pulled up by another country custom officers, they just see, so and so has warrant against them issued by another country and details of warrant. It's up to individual country to make determination if they are going to follow the warrant or not. 99.99% of the time, warrants are for stuff that all members countries that are consider illegal. Murder, rape, child related charges, drug traffic offenses.

more than 2 years ago

Journalist Arrested For Tweet Deported to Saudi Arabia

rabbit994 Re:A second just Justice.... Please (604 comments)

Because Malaysia is mostly Muslim and they think it's totally cool that Saudi Arabia wants to execute this guy over bashing "the prophet".

Note, when you are fleeing a country for religious reasons, don't flee to another country that is same religion as one you are fleeing from. Double if it's the same state religion. Pick a place that doesn't care like Netherlands or Belgium.

more than 2 years ago

Big Internet Players Propose DMARC Anti-Phishing Protocol

rabbit994 Re:Why a new protocol? (92 comments)

Because average users have issues with it and they are people this proposal are trying to protect.

If any security is going to happen for average user, it must be forced upon them. Otherwise, "it's too hard"

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Tools For Teaching High School Kids How To Make Games?

rabbit994 Re:No good ideas - (237 comments)

Actually, there is nothing in Visual Studio Express licenses that forbid programs being developed in it being released using any license, open source/free/commercial.

more than 2 years ago

Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab Won't Get Android 4.0

rabbit994 Re:No *official* port. (333 comments)

Because you obviously don't understand the point of Android. Only reason Android was developed was Google was deathly afraid that Apple would cut them out of iOS and therefore, cut them out of big mobile space share. Google is about selling ads to consumers and generating data on said consumers to generate better targeted Ads so they can charge advertising premium. As long as hardware manf continue to put Google Services on their phones and not HORRIBLY screw up the experience, Google could care less about TouchWiz/Sense/Motoblur. They will start to care when users start to leave Android and point to poor user experience as reason for doing so. That doesn't appear to be happening looking at market share numbers.

more than 2 years ago


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