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Too Much Privacy: Finnish Police Want Big Euro Notes Taken Out of Circulation

radio4fan Re:Eurozone... (314 comments)

Many? I thought it was only Holland and Finland.

And 1 and 2 cent coins are still legal tender in those two countries, they just don't issue them (or have prices which are not divisible by 5 cents).

about a week ago

Brits Must Trade Digital Freedoms For Safety, Says Crime Agency Boss

radio4fan Re:Hey Britons! (264 comments)

Yes, Britain should be more like the US, where there is no mass snooping of email and call data.

about two weeks ago

Hundreds of Thousands Turn Out For People's Climate March In New York City

radio4fan Re:No trends to be scared of ! (200 comments)

Phew! I can now relax, knowing that AGW is not real, and that they vast, vast majority of climatologists are just lying for some unknown reason.

And all thanks to an anonymous person on the internet who makes a bunch of assertions without citations.

about a month ago

New HTML Picture Element To Make Future Web Faster

radio4fan Re:Doesn't CSS Already Solve This? (161 comments)

The problem here is the separation of content and style.

Sometimes images are style (replace an H1 with an image), sometimes they're content ('Granny feeding the ducks at the park').

The first example should be in the CSS, the second in the HTML.

Putting content in the stylesheet is as bad as putting styles in the markup.

about a month and a half ago

Duolingo is a Free, Crowdsourced Language Learning App (Video)

radio4fan Re:Wife (75 comments)

The thing is that that's not the most effective way to learn the basics of a second or third language.

Second-language acquisition is a well-studied field, and at least some teaching in the learner's own language (or a language that they know well) is more effective than immersion.

As an example, I can quickly teach you that almost all words that end in 'tion' in English are the same in French (pronunciation differs, of course), and they are all feminine, with the notable exception of 'translation'. And now you have hundreds of French words. Similarly for Spanish, except the endings are spelt 'ción' and there are a few more exceptions. Repeat with the suffix 'able'. It's the power of language transfer.

information -> information -> información
administration -> administration -> administración
education -> éducation -> educación
masturbation -> masturbation -> masturbación

The reason language schools promote teaching solely in the target language is because it's easier for them: they can teach students with many native languages in the same class.

about 4 months ago
top Domain Name Suspended

radio4fan Re:Criminal scum (226 comments)

The City of London Police are abusing their power to enforce civil matters and shut down legitimate search engines.

And what's really odd is that this domain is blocked in the UK by the big ISPs anyway. It was blocked along with a bunch of others back in October 2013.

If I try to access it on my current ISP, I get redirected here:

So the City Police are trying to take down a domain that you can't even access directly in the UK.

about 5 months ago

Teachers Union: Computers Can Negatively Impact Children's Ability To Learn

radio4fan Re:what is really important.... (310 comments)

I'm just aware that the teacher's union really doesn't know much about teaching. They protect teachers and they do that regardless of what a teacher might have done. At the same time they spend the majority of their high dues on nice salaries for far too many administrators. This is a statement to try to support teachers, done badly, as I would expect from them.

Really? You know all this about the ATL, a small teachers' union in the UK? Impressive.

Do you have personal experience of the ATL, or are you just speculating wildly?

about 5 months ago

The US Vs. Europe: Freedom of Expression Vs. Privacy

radio4fan Re:I want to become an American and move out of Eu (278 comments)

Photography has become illegal in Europe due to misguided "privacy" laws. It's just ridiculous that I cannot do street photography in Europe because the European governments have decided that we photographers should ask people before we take their photo or publish it!

While this is true in certain countries in certain circumstances (France and Spain come to mind) it is certainly not true in the UK.

So this isn't a Europe-wide problem, and definitely isn't the fault of the EU.

about 5 months ago

UK Bans Sending Books To Prisoners

radio4fan Re:They are still allowed 12 books in their cell (220 comments)

Given the comment below about Islamic gangs it is probably about restricting the materials read. If this counts as some kind of censorship, then it seems to me to be an acceptable form, provided it is limited to prisons.

The new ban includes underwear and stationery. It's not about restricting what inmates read, it's about enforcing the new 'earned privileges' regime.

Books and magazines sent into UK prisons are already censored. For example, porn is now banned.

about 7 months ago

Gmail's 'Unsubscribe' Tool Comes Out of the Weeds

radio4fan Re:Google: Still being evil. (129 comments)

Google does have a way to report spam;

Other than the bloody huge 'Report spam' button, the same size and right next to the 'delete' button, that is.

about 8 months ago

British Spies To Be Allowed To Break Speed Limit

radio4fan Re: Sirens? (278 comments)

no-one wears a bowler hat

[citation needed]

Ask, and you shall receive! ;-)

about 9 months ago

How Weather Influences Global Warming Opinions

radio4fan Re:Egocentrism (517 comments)

Just two off the top of my head:

Tamil Tigers (yes, atheist suicide bombers, no less!)


I'm sure there are plenty of other (pretty much by definition atheist) Marxist-Leninist terrorist groups.

about 9 months ago

British Spies To Be Allowed To Break Speed Limit

radio4fan Re: Sirens? (278 comments)

British citizens are citizens, not subjects. It says so right on the passport.

In other British news, it's not foggy in London all the time, and no-one wears a bowler hat.

about 9 months ago

TSA Airport Screenings Now Start Before You Arrive At the Airport

radio4fan Re:Really? (437 comments)

I think he was more pointing out that that huge crowd of people that can't evacuate the area easily or quickly is actually a pretty prime target for terrorist mayhem.

Absolutely. If I was a suicide bomber, this is exactly where I'd explode my bomb. I reckon I could get a devastating quantity of explosive in a carry-on bag and detonate it in the snake-line. Also get an accomplice to do the same in a check-in line with a full-size suitcase packed with HE.

While it might not have the glamour of bringing down an aircraft, no matter where the TSA or local equivalent move the security line to (pre-security security, pre-security security security...), passengers are still vulnerable to this attack. I can't see a practical defence against it.

It's truly chilling that they could do this trivially, tomorrow.

about a year ago

Inside the Guardian and the Snowden Leaks

radio4fan Re:Don't be naive. (239 comments)

The Guardian is a hard-left medium that has proven itself to be anti-American over the decades.

The Guardian supported the Iraq war, which doesn't seem very hard-left or anti-American.

Perhaps the world is not black and white.

1 year,9 days

Amazon Launches Kindle Fire HDX Tablets

radio4fan Re:Paperwhite? (88 comments)

The new Paperwhite starts shipping on September 30th.

Says it right there on

1 year,25 days

FAA May Let You Use Electronic Devices During Airplane Takeoff and Landing Soon

radio4fan Re:Test Team (166 comments)

By the time the plane is out of the airport zone, it is too high for the phone to have any contact with cell towers - whose antenna don't point up in the sky.

How do you explain the many calls made from United Airlines Flight 93?

1 year,26 days

EFF Wins Release of Secret Court Opinion: NSA Surveillance Unconstitutional

radio4fan Re:Farce royale (524 comments)

In the UK, there are legally sanctioned surveillance cameras (with a great deal of public support) in public places and on public transport -- where you have no reasonable expectation of privacy.

In the US, the government illegally bug everyone as though the constitution doesn't apply to them.

And illegally holding David Miranda for nine hours and demanding that the Guardian smash a few laptops is hardly on the same level as what the US government is up to.

about a year ago

Info Leak Wars To Get Messier

radio4fan Re:Idiots (350 comments)

However he was _required_ to answer all questions, no matter how irrelevant to a case, asked by the police.

While this has been widely reported to be the case, it's not technically true.

From the statute:

2 (1) An examining officer may question a person to whom this paragraph applies for the purpose of determining whether he appears to be a person falling within section 40(1)(b).

40(1)(b) says:

40 Terrorist: interpretation.

(1) In this Part “terrorist” means a person who—
(a) has committed an offence under any of sections 11, 12, 15 to 18, 54 and 56 to 63, or
(b) is or has been concerned in the commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism.

So the officer is allowed to ask any questions in order to determine if the detainee is a terrorist, and the detainee is compelled to answer those questions.

But the officer isn't given the power to ask any questions on any matter he likes, and the detainee is therefore not required to answer them.

Obviously, the schedule 7 powers are ripe for abuse, and have been abused in abused in this case. MIranda claims he wasn't asked any questions about terrorism at all.

Miranda says he's going to sue, and he has a good case.

about a year ago

Joining Lavabit Et Al, Groklaw Shuts Down Because of NSA Dragnet

radio4fan Re:It was a myth (986 comments)

Yeah, Scotland isn't known at all for having any nationalist pride.

It's not like they made a fucking movie about it or anything.....

Oh yeah! I've seen that one:

TOMMY: Doesn't it make you proud to be Scottish?

RENTON: I hate being Scottish. We're the lowest of the fucking low, the scum of the earth, the most wretched, servile, miserable, pathetic trash that was ever shat into civilization. Some people hate the English, but I don't. They're just wankers. We, on the other hand, are colonized by wankers. We can't even pick a decent culture to be colonized by. We are ruled by effete arseholes. It's a shite state of affairs and all the fresh air in the world will not make any fucking difference.


about a year ago


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