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How Google's High Speed Book Scanner De-Warps Pages

radiumhahn Butt what about... (209 comments)

Imagine what this technology could do for coworkers who like to photocopy their butts!

more than 5 years ago



Is HDMI truely this pointless?

radiumhahn radiumhahn writes  |  more than 6 years ago

radiumhahn (631215) writes "I just bought a Sony Bravia HD television. The TV itself is pretty good except for the ports on the back. I admit I am a little behind the times on this HDMI stuff. I saw that some people love it and some people hate it. The TV has 2 HDMI ports on it. I have a Blu-Ray DVD Player that takes HDMI and an HD Tivo that takes HDMI and a 6 point Surround Sound System that takes HDMI. 3 devices and two ports on the TV. The sound system has an HDMI In and Out port... "It must be like MIDI" I assume. Learned real fast what HDMI does. The DVD video was horrible. Lesson Learned. Don't daisy chain HDMI devices. I contected the Blu-Ray player to the TV's composite ports and have the Tivo and Sound System still going through the HDMI ports. The problem is that I can no longer get audio through the sound system. After messing with every setting on every device I turn to the last resort. I read the manual, which I have never had to do for consumer electronics in my life. Sure, I've read them to master the finer details, but never just to get the device to function at its most simple purpose. Finally in the small print on the sound system manual I find a blurb stating that if you have a cable box or a dish receiver on the HDMI chain that audio system isn't allow to play audio and that the only way to get audio in that case is to use a digital optical cable from the television to the sound system and to disconnect the HDMI cable.

Honestly, what is the point? Why would anyone use this except as a last resort? The cables cost more than twice as much. What if I had a game console or a second Tivo? Only 2 usable HDMI ports on the TV??? Can't daisy chain??? Devices refuse to function if you have cable or satellite??? I think this technology was engineered to fail in the marketplace. Is there an upside?"


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