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Y Combinator Wants To Kill Hollywood

rajeevrk Re:Follow The Money.... (424 comments)


Sadly, i dont have any hope that such a scenario will ever come to pass, especially when most tech firms behaving more like a pot of lobsters...


When = With -- blame it on a keyboard spasm...;-)

more than 2 years ago

Y Combinator Wants To Kill Hollywood

rajeevrk Follow The Money.... (424 comments)

Why dont the top 100 odd tech firms just get their boards together and buy out the entertainment industry, Fire all the old chaff, then figure out what do do with whats left. Even if they end up writing off the entire investment, the savings in reduced interference from a dying industry(Lawsuits, Trusted Computing, SOPA/PIPA etc.) will justify the few hundred billion. Plus, the innovation it will unleash when all those rent-seeking collaboration-killing laws become irrelevant will bring soo much new life into the dying(yes DYING!!) economies of the developed world.

Sadly, i dont have any hope that such a scenario will ever come to pass, especially when most tech firms behaving more like a pot of lobsters...


more than 2 years ago

Lodsys Expands Patent Lawsuit to 10 More Companies

rajeevrk Tweak the tiger by the tail, Only to find a mouse! (75 comments)

Call it vain hope, but i keep expecting some company to finally get pissed with the army of gnats(i.e. NPE IP Trolls) and throw some serious cash behind reforming the system, making it better for everyone. But i guess they're more like a bunch of crabs, with all of the companies making sure that no-one climbs out of the cooking pot, getting communally boiled!

Seriously, does it need a economics professor to figure out that the patent system has not given any significant incentive to innovate for quite a while, and scrapping the whole system might be just the thing to kickstart the economy. Remember, the intent is to make the *Entire Economy* grow, not protect the future profits of the incumbents. If they want more money, let them innovate and then grow their riches. They're anyway starting with the advantage of piles of cash to spend on researching the Next-Big-Thing(tm).

All in all, most of the big companies appear so scared to take a stand on such lawsuits, they actually look like elephants running like mice :)

P.S. : It should tell you how crazy the situation has gotten when i can use such outlandish language, and still have it fit reality perfectly ;)


more than 3 years ago

Major Outage At the Amazon Web Services

rajeevrk Re:bean counts screw us again! (247 comments)

Cheesus Xist! Backup generators taken out again?!! After Chernobyl and Fukashima, I'm starting to thing these " nuclear engineers " aren't rocket surgeons .

Rocket Surgeons!!! Now they are real men... Nothing compares with having to run up to the launch platform at T-2mins with a blowtorch and wire cutters to *nurse* a sputtering fuel nozzle back to white-hot health. Be a real man, operate on your first rocket today, at the NASA Rocket Surgeons Training Institute, The only institute in the world with a 50% passing rate and only a 35% fatality rate! Contact your nearest Space cowboy recruiter TODAY!!!!

Seriously even :D

more than 3 years ago

Key Music Industry Lawyer Named EU Copyright Chief

rajeevrk Re:Regulatory Capture at Work (74 comments)

Yet another example of regulatory capture at work.

Isnt it so much fun when the Industry shills get into policy positions? They make a lot of noise, and formulate some of the most arcane policies that just happen to fall right into the lap of the same industry groups that the policies are supposed to police :P can there be no end to the constant churn of people between lobbying groups and the lobbied groups?

P.S. - HTTPS on a wikipedia link! dont think i've seen that too often ;)


more than 3 years ago

Android 3.0 Is Trickling In, But Are the Apps?

rajeevrk Re:Breaking news! (231 comments)

You'll need to nack and see how many iPad-specific apps were ready when the iPad 1 launched, a fair few, I seem to recall, including Apple's iWork stuff.

Hmmm.... now i wonder, if apple gets to count the apple provided and or sponsored apps at launch time, why dont we do the same for google? Obviously, outside apps wont be ready as fast as the google apps. Also, correct me if i am wrong, but isnt honeycomb still in the final stages before official release, and most manufacturers are able to get it onto devices only because the development is happening out in the open?

Just my 2 cents here....


more than 3 years ago

Voice of America Site Forced Offline By 'Iranian Cyber Army'

rajeevrk Re:Good! (93 comments)

US propaganda abroad -- subverting legitimate political movements to produce US puppets since WWII.

Looks like the propaganda machine got a sore throat and lost it's voice... :)

more than 3 years ago

Science Channel Buys Rights To Firefly

rajeevrk Reavers Ahoy.... (380 comments)

Seriously, i think i'm mostly interested in finally seeing in detail what those "skyscraper" class capital ships are like :) That show focussed waay too much on the single firefly class ship. Or maybe that was it's charm.....

My turn.....

more than 3 years ago

IRS Nails CPA For Copying Steve Jobs, Google Execs

rajeevrk The Joys of employeehood.... (509 comments)

Remember all, when you are an employee, the government always has the first share of your pay-pie.... if the cpa was smart, he'd have set up a proper LLC shell, and worked through it. I'm sure he has the skills to do so. and the appeals verdict on this should be interesting...... Also, yaaahooo, my first first-post!!!

more than 3 years ago

Can Windows, OS X and Fedora All Work Together?

rajeevrk Re:Why? (375 comments)

Have you ever looked at Zimbra? It's open sorce, and runs fine on linux, both as a client an as a server....

I have to be devil's advocate here, but for what Exchange does, it does well:

Need secure connections between you and a client over the Internet at the TLS level? Done.

Zimbra does that... check.

Need antispam protection? Exchange is decent at stomping spam, and the rules are often updated by MS.

Zimbra does that too, with regularly updated spamassassin rules and training capable bayesian filters... check.

Need support for the devices the PHB use? Built in and far cheaper than BES.

An AJAX Mobile Web Client, an iphone app, Windows Mobile, and in the advanced version, even BlackBerry support if you want it.... check.

Need support for the PHBs to send meetings, tasks, status reports, IRM [1], etc.? Exchange is the only thing out there.

Full mail integrated calendering support, tasks and documents etc... check.

Need support for large amounts of mailboxes? Exchange is the only game in town.

Multi gigabyte mailbox storage needs, easy to do, even in the opensource edition, including special search and filtering optimizations... check.

Need support for hub/edge configurations? Nothing else out there that can handle this scaling.

Yep, scale out your auth servers, your MTA Agents and Mailbox storage servers onto separate boxes, cluster them together, flexibility and scalability galore... check.

[1]: Yes, DRM sucks, but if it comes to a choice between using Microsoft's document protection versus having personal data leaked, I'll take IRM versus the bad press.

Well, it's quite likely that sometime in the future, with all the strong single-office-suite lock in, IRM will be the bad press. As for it protecting against leaks, have a look at this.

I have to be devil's advocate here, but for what Exchange does, it does well:

It does it barely well enough to survive, and sometimes not even so, while hogging resources like nobody's business. If it weren't for the ecosystem being so popular, it would have been left in the dust long ago....

Note : I am not a zimbra dev, just an admin who has managed to stay clear of exchange while still providing the features that my users want.

more than 3 years ago

MIPS targets Arm, Intel in tablet, phone markets

rajeevrk Wishlist for Android tabs.... (1 comments)

Now, if only this leads to some spiffy, low-cost android tabs that can beat the pants off the iPad(ouch), i 'm sure it would be most welcome.

Seriously, when are the 64 bit cpu's for smart devices coming....

--- A debugged program is one for which you have not yet found the conditions that make it fail.
-- Jerry Ogdin

more than 3 years ago

US Says Genes Should Not Be Patentable

rajeevrk A Missed opportunity..... (127 comments)

Awww, now i cannot patent my own genome, and sue the world for infringing on my *Original* genetic composition.....

Seriously, It is so welcome to see a wee bit of sanity returning to this madhouse that is the current IPR regime....


more than 3 years ago

Hands-On Test With the Dirt-Cheap CherryPad Tablet

rajeevrk Re:resistive? (168 comments)

Hmmm... I've been using the with a81E for a month now, and it's been reasonably good. Decent build quality, for a Chinese device. Andeoid 2.2 works like a charm, pretty responsive on the ARM Cortex-A8 cpu. Stability and battery life is still an issue, they cant seem to figure out how to get even the battery-level meter working. IMHO, it's a firmware version or two away from being ready for primetime. Also, on it's resistive touchscreens, i have to say it's emminently usable, IF you calibrate it properly. I once messed up the calibration so bad, i had to re-flash :)

more than 3 years ago

FAA Reports Heat In Cargo Holds Can Ignite Laptop Batteries

rajeevrk Re:Sir, You cant carry those on..... (103 comments)

Spare batteries? Yes, I could see them not letting you bring them along. But the laptop itself? Never had a problem. Even have a laptop bag that doubles as a purse and is both big enough to actually carry useful stuff, but small enough to pass carry-on rules, and never had issues with it.

Yep, It's the spare batteries they object to, each time, not the laptop :( That's a bummer when i'm on a 1 stop flight from Patna to Mumbai, and can use the lappy only for the first leg.

Come to think of it, I've never had an airline count my laptop bag in the carry-on, specifically because they didn't want to take responsibility for it if it was checked. And yes, I have flown recently.

In India, You are allowed 1 Carry on Case, 1 other piece of luggage, including a coat-bag, valise or briefcase OR laptop bag, and in addition, a reasonable amount of reading material. I usually travel with my hands full :)

more than 3 years ago

FAA Reports Heat In Cargo Holds Can Ignite Laptop Batteries

rajeevrk Sir, You cant carry those on..... (103 comments)

How many times have i heard that when carry my spare laptop batteries(yes, i used to catty a laptop with 2 spares, back in the days of power hungry P-4 Laptops:).

Just goes to show you that security while flying is about 75% blind luck, 24% the bad guys incompetence, and 1% current airport security(At least here in india).

more than 3 years ago

US Negotiators Cave On Internet Provisions To ACTA

rajeevrk Re:still need to kill it (80 comments)

The French brought HADOPI into force, I could see them supporting ACTA.

Ooh, and that is going really well round there, isnt it :)

/me thinks the world is somehow becoming a wee bit more sane :D

more than 3 years ago



The Copyright Overlord Bots Strike again, and this time it's political....

rajeevrk rajeevrk writes  |  about 2 years ago

rajeevrk writes "I would say it was only a matter of time, but it has finally happened. The Official live stream of the Democratic Party's national convention has been killed, curtesy of youtube's copytight bots purpoorting to enforce the copytrights of the usual gang of copyright trolls(though the name Dow Jones is a new one for me inthis context).

As i quote from the aticle —

If Google can work with copyright holders to produce content matching software, it seems like it might be possible to designate certain accounts or entities as "off limits" from the wandering killbots. If the stream is authorized by, I don't know, the party of the current President of the United States, maybe, just fucking maybe, everything's "above board.

For the copyright regime all i can say is "The vultures are circling, It wont be long now...""
Link to Original Source


Obama in a town hall meeting - What would you ask?

rajeevrk rajeevrk writes  |  more than 3 years ago

rajeevrk (1278022) writes "In a few days time, President Barak Obama will be addressing a town hall style meeting at St. Xaviers College, in Mumbai India.. 300 students from diverse backgrounds will have a chance to post questions to him, on an open forum, and i do believe we may have some bouncers tossed at him. Speculation is already rife about the kinds of questions being prepared.

Now, if ever such a meeting was held with 300 Slashdotters, what would the questions be like? Let the grilling begin......"

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